Massage in Orlando, Florida

Hello. I am one of Dr. Dot's assistants here in Orlando, Florida. I  hold an
A.S. degree in Advanced Massage Therapy, and am Nationally  Board Certified. I
hold formal certification is Swedish massage,  Neuromuscular massage (Deep
tissue), Sports Massage, and Aromatherapy.  I am trained in Orthopedic massage
and Trigger Point therapy. I have a  "natural" Shiatsu lilt utilizing the
principles of acupressure and  Chinese Medicine. I have been practicing since
2003. My approach is to  harmonize with the music and conditions your body
presents to me.  Through my advanced knowledge, aroma, ambience, and skill set,
I offer  silent, reverent, skilled therapy to you with an evidential result.  
Leaving you free to enjoy the music of your life.

I have always found peace through music. All art to me is life's best  therapy,
fantasy, and a tried and true way to "Hang On" and enjoy the  journey.

Next time you're in Orlando, give me a shout: (just put "Tina/Orlando" in subject line)

Thanks for reading my  page. Cool