Massage in Chicago, Illinois


My name is Catt,

I was born in California. I've lived in California and Iowa my whole life. I recently moved to Chicago, and I love it here. I love the being in the big cities, I love all the activity and commotion. I love massage as well, I even massage my pets!


When I massage, I feel centered and balanced. I love being in constant motion and knowing that what I am doing is helping the well being of the person under my hands. Massage, to me, is essential. I understand the need for balance and peace in life and massage provides that, not only in a spiritual way, but an entire body mind experience as well.



My modalities include:


Deep tissue

Trigger point




And Pregnant/ Sidelying

I have learned to incorporate deep tissue into a full body Swedish massage, because I feel that just addressing one area is not enough, our body works as one entire whole so just working in just one area doesn't make any sense if you want to fix the whole problem. Please email me if you would like to experience my massage:  (put "CATT/CHICAGO in subject line please)