Massage Delivery service in Billings, MT

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Hello! I’m Sarah, a seasoned massage therapist based near Billings Montana, with 8 years of experience.

 Over the years, I’ve not only honed my skills in deep tissue, neuromuscular, reflexology, Swedish, and stress relief techniques but also successfully ran my own massage business working with local doctors.

 I also specialize in therapeutic cupping. Each massage is uniquely tailored to address individual needs, whether that be relaxation or deep tissue ensuring you leave satisfied and rejuvenated. I look forward to providing you with the personalized care you deserve!

24 hour Chiro in Detroit


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Dr. Kathleen

Available for the Detroit and surrounding areas, including Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Lansing, Flint, Saginaw, and Mt. Pleasant.

Dr. Kathleen has been a chiropractic sports physician since 1986.  She had a successful sports and family practice in Cincinnati, OH but after 23 years, she decided to sell the practice and move back home to Michigan so her young children could be with family.  Her work with professional athletes, has helped shape Dr. Kathleen into the kind of chiropractor who gets lasting results fast, often when all else has failed.

Having consulted for many entertainers, dancers and musicians, Dr. Kathleen understands the effects of busy travel schedules and constant physical exertion, and is familiar with the types of injuries that can affect different performers.

Dr. Kathleen’s focus is to find out what’s causing your pain or limiting your performance and correct it.  Whether your concern is a spinal problem or an extremity injury, whether it’s from an accident or from over-use, Dr. Kathleen has the skills and experience to focus on the causes and address them fast.

Dr. Kathleen’s techniques she incorporates are deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, physical therapy modalities and chiropractic manipulation of the spine and extremities.  Dr. Kathleen utilizes a functional approach to working with the body which incorporates as many as 20 different chiropractic adjustments including Diversified, Thompson, Activator and Cranial Sacral techniques.

If you are looking for a chiropractor who is reliable, professional and experienced at dealing with the injury concerns of entertainers, musicians and dancers, Dr. Kathleen is the right choice.

#TBT Rosenstolz in Berlin

April 12, 2006 I was called to the Columbiahalle to massage a “very famous German duo” called Rosenstolz. I didn’t know who they were but was suprised how super friendly Peter was. Not my type of music but they were very kind, generous and polite. Peter was very grateful and happy about my sports massage to pep him up before his show.

“Rosenstolz was a German pop duo from Berlin that was active between 1991 and 2012 and had chart hits in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The duo consisted of singer AnNa R. and musician Peter Plate, who occasionally provided vocals. “

Jeff Beck by Dr. Dot

The last time I saw and massaged Jeff was 2014 in Berlin. I went down to the ColumbiaHalle which I could have walked. This was the aprartment I got in 2008 and had sublet it in 2010 so I could lived tandemly between NJ and Berlin while my daughter studied in NYC. Then later in 2013, with my Son Desmond, I moved back to Berlin full time thinking I was going to raise him there, Meanwhile my daughter was still in NYC so I was alone in Berlin. ANYHOW, Jeff came to town and I was SUPER happy to see him again. He was very giddy around Me as always. I remember during the massage mentioning that I got a Hendrix tattoo since I saw him last and then our chat turned to Jimi. Then I mentioned how Jimi Hendrix was asked “how does it feel to be the worlds best guitarist?” and He said “I don’t know, you have to ask Jeff Beck” and Jeff said “wot!? WOT!??” He leaped off the massage table blushing and in shock. I said come on Jeff you never heard that? That’s why I adore you mate, you are SO humble. 

He got a massage before AND after the show. We got along so well. You can see how much I made him smile if you google “Jeff Beck on Dr. Dot” Here is the link:

He made a little video for me after the show, joking how he always has to keep one eye on the door in case my massage got too strong for him. I loved him so. Miss him SO much. I sat in my car crying my eyes out when I heard he had passed. Losing Jeff and Charlie Watts has really hurt my heart. 

Press on Dr. Dot

Getting my ducks in a row for my upcoming book…

Bite massage Kimmel:


Dot does karaoke:

and my favorite one so far:  (Dr. Dot on Japanese TV)–Dr–Dot–masseuse-to-the-stars-?instance=more_page

BBC radio:  at 2:13:08

Entertainment Tonight:

Jimmy Kimmel:


Dot and Alice cooper

Massage Delivery service in New York City, NY

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I have studied many Massage Therapy modalities in my 18 years of practice.  I listen to each client’s specific needs and goals for the session and I assess which techniques will best suit providing the most wonderful and effective massage possible.  I may use passive or active stretching for mobility, deep tissue for targeted issues, Swedish massage for relaxing and creating stillness in the mind and body.  I focus on issues such as neck mobility, forward head posture, overworked forearms and hands.  I will find and release tension in your feet you didn’t know existed.  I look forward to curating your favorite massage!

Massage Delivery service in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK

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Though Natalia’s work is best described as neuromuscular release, just like the O.D.B., there’s no father to her style. Informed by many years of teaching alignment based yoga, posture counseling, as well as drawing from her own experiential awareness, she has been successful in facilitating pain relief for clients. If her clients aren’t happy with her work, then she’s not happy.

Massage Delivery service in Toronto, ON

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Hello, I am Natalie.
I started my health care journey in 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia as
a Spa Practitioner and upon moving back to Toronto continued my
studies, earning my Registered Massage Therapy credentials. I am
fascinated by the energetic connections our body holds and structure my
treatments to the individuals’ needs. Using techniques which allow your
body to experience a natural release whether Swedish or Deep Tissue
treatments. I look forward to sharing this experience

Massage Delivery service in Austin, TX

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Meet Olivia, a compassionate healer in Austin, Texas with a profound dedication to helping others through Massage, Reiki, and traditional healing. Olivia has extensive experience with over 13 years of assisting those with injuries, chronic ailments, and emotional suffering. 

She combines healing work with herbal therapies and traditional remedies, bringing profound transformation to countless individuals. At the core of her practice, Olivia offers exceptional service infused with empathy and kindness.

 Olivia, a symbol of resilience and compassion in holistic healing, welcomes you to experience her healing touch and intuitive wisdom that will lead you to self-discovery, reminding you that healing is your birthright.Embark on your journey to well-being and inner harmony with Olivia. Let her guide you toward your transformative potential.

Massage Delivery service in Austin, TX

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I am located in Austin, TX and I have been practicing massage therapy since 2016 specializing in sports and deep tissue massage with a neuromuscular approach. I aim to improve range of motion and mobility while decreasing pain and tension. I achieve this through incorporating a variety of modalities such as myofacial release, assisted stretching, Thai and Shiatsu massage as well as cupping and Gua sha. I am also a certified health coach and passionate about holistic health including the mind, body, and spirit addressing the whole person. 

 I can massage you in Austin and surrounding areas.