Massage Delivery service in San Francisco/Oakland, CA

Book me: email me at and write “Lily/San Francisco ” in the subject line

Warm greetings! 

My name is lily and it is my joy to encourage rest and a stronger mind-body-spirit connection through massage therapy.

I approach massage as working with your nervous system foremost, and offer a feel-good flow of various modalities and pressures based on your body’s needs. i work slowly and intentionally, and my touch has been described as deeply relaxing, caring, and intuitive.

Our bodies can endure and normalise so much discomfort and pain, but they also possess an instinctual will and ability to heal themselves. it’s my desire to provide a safe, empowering space where you can embody that will, with the help of therapeutic guidance and touch. 

I’m based in Oakland/San Francisco, ca. i’m happy to offer table or chair massage at a venues, hotels or recording studios in San Francisco and Oakland. 

looking forward to being in touch!