24 hour massage service Atlanta,Georgia

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 Hello everyone! My name is Tanisha and I would love to be your massage therapist.  Ive recently moved from Oakland to Fayetteville, North Carolina after visiting North Carolina last summer.  I liked it so much I decided to come back to stay!  I grew up in the Central Coast, Monterey area. I later moved to the Oakland Bay Area, and graduated from National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, California in 1997.  I have been practicing as a massage therapist ever since.


I’ve worked throughout the Monterey area, as well as the San Francisco/ Oakland Bay Area. I have a son who struggles with chronic, sometimes extreme pain issues, and I have become fascinated with the field of addressing pain without medication.

My specialty is deep tissue. I can really get into the back/ neck area.  I consider myself a nook and cranny therapist, because I don’t run from “hard to get in” places. I look for them, and get them to open up. I am capable of “off the chart” type of pressure, or if you need a lighter touch, I can deliver either way. I've worked in the “foofy” spa environment, as well as a more rehabilitative environment, and enjoy both.

I use a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Acupressure/ trigger point therapy. I can also use hot stones and other heat therapies at your request. My years of deep tissue training can be included in every massage. When given the time, I can deep tissue your whole body.

Each session starts light, and graduates to as deep as you need it. It becomes more purposeful to release tension layer by layer. I can be effective in short periods of time, but of course, I work best in longer sessions of 75 minutes or longer.

When I heard about Dr. Dot, I thought having a chance to work on entertainers and artists is a wonderful opportunity. I'm glad I qualified for this highly talented team. Nothing better than to give to people that give to the public by providing great entertainment, and memory making music.

I'm available anytime for outcalls, hotels, home, office, or onsite.