Massage Delivery service in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL

Book me: email me at and write “Kathy/Tampa” in the subject line

Kathy has been a Floridian since 1972 and is married to a
musician who plays drums in a metal band. His band mates
gave her the name Metal Massage Therapist. Kathy has been
surrounded by music her entire life starting with the school
chorus and church choir. She loves all genres but is partial to
rock and metal.

She is passionately dedicated to the field of massage therapy,
continually expanding her skills and learning new modalities.
She has worked with several upscale spas in the Tampa Bay

Modalities include Swedish, relaxation, deep pressure, cupping,
aromatherapy, corporate chair massage and lymphatic

In October, she volunteers for the American Foundation for
Suicide Prevention and provides free chair massages to
the walkers. She also volunteers with Veterans Suicide
Prevention and Remember Me NFP paddleboarding for mental

Kathy believes massage, music, art and water therapy can help
with mental health.
Kathy’s work has been featured in two FLA magazine articles and
she has participated in a podcast commercial and interview on Tan Talk radio.

Always furthering her education in the world of massage, her
next step will be getting certified in Reflexology.
Her journey reflects her commitment to providing exceptional
massage therapy services and continually growing both
professionally and personally.
Kathy hopes to see you on her chair or table soon!

Massage Delivery service in New Orleans, LA

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Hi, my name is Victoria and I am happy and grateful to be your Massage Therapist.
I have been a licensed Massage Therapist for the last 24 years specialized in Swedish, Deep Tissue massage, Sports Massage, NeuroMuscular therapy and Tsubo Acupressure On Site Massage.

My career has been a pure bliss as I’ve developed singular, intuitive skills, and massage techniques to relieve your athletic soreness, physical pain, and mental stress due to everyday life.

I have been blessed to work alongside Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Orthopaedic and Neuro Surgeons in Vail, Colorado, and with… the US. Ski Team in Copper Mountain! 

I have an amazing experience in Occupational Therapy to help people relieve daily stress, experience quicker muscle recovery with a renewed mindset to perform at their best.

I look forward to working with you. 

Yours in Relaxation!I speak French and English fluently



Massage Delivery service in Detroit and Ann Arbour, MI

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Hey All, 
I am Stephanie, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist My career is passion. My goal is to give a wow experience for every client every time when they get off of my table. I have been in the biz for 19 years. I am proficient in Swedish, Deep tissue, Stretching, Prenatal Myofascial Release, Sports, Lymphatic. Kinesiology taping is my jam!

 I am certified in taping and know it will have a proactive effect that can last up to 72 hours. I pay close attention to the body and its reaction to my touch. Your problem areas will be address to a Tee and in the process, I have to ability to completely relax you in the process. I have experience in corporate, private, medical, spa and OnDemand massage settings. My claim to fame is being able to release stuck shoulders and low back hip pain. I will always send you away with stretches and helpful tips and tricks if wanted. I look forward to treating you.

Massage Delivery service in Dallas, TX

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Shauna brings over a decade of expertise as a massage therapist, recognised for her exceptional intuitive touch and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. With an innate understanding of individual needs, she tailors each session to address specific areas of tension and discomfort, fostering profound relaxation and rejuvenation. By seamlessly blending a diverse range of massage modalities, Shauna offers a holistic approach to healing, leaving her clients feeling restored and revitalised after every session.

Massage Delivery service in San Francisco/Oakland, CA

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Warm greetings! 

My name is lily and it is my joy to encourage rest and a stronger mind-body-spirit connection through massage therapy.

I approach massage as working with your nervous system foremost, and offer a feel-good flow of various modalities and pressures based on your body’s needs. i work slowly and intentionally, and my touch has been described as deeply relaxing, caring, and intuitive.

Our bodies can endure and normalise so much discomfort and pain, but they also possess an instinctual will and ability to heal themselves. it’s my desire to provide a safe, empowering space where you can embody that will, with the help of therapeutic guidance and touch. 

I’m based in Oakland/San Francisco, ca. i’m happy to offer table or chair massage at a venues, hotels or recording studios in San Francisco and Oakland. 

looking forward to being in touch! 

Massage Delivery service in Los Angeles(Laguna beach/Palm springs) , CA

Book me: email me at and write “Gina/LA” in the subject line

Good Day! I’m Gina, a professional Master Massage Therapist from Scottsdale, Arizona. I have over 20 years of experience (taking continuing education classes every 2 years).

 I prefer Swedish massage and trigger point therapy. My massage techniques are custom tailored to your specific needs at the time. You might need Swedish with a touch of trigger point to get the specific knots out but not need the entire deep tissue massage. 

I have a bubbly warm friendly personality, yet very professional and take my work very serious. Your comfort and relaxation is my goal. Looking forward to working with you!

Massage Delivery service in Washington, D.C and Baltimore , MD

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Hello, my name is Dwayne and I have loved massage since the young age of six years old. My grandmother gave me my first back massage and my fascination for bodywork then took form. I can remember receiving my first chair massage at age 11 at my mother’s take your kids to work day.

 After I woke up from the 10 min chair massage quite astonished, because I was hardly the nap taker, like ever at all. It intrigued me into 11 years and running as a licensed and insured massage therapist. Working with some of the best day spas the DMV has to offer, Elizabeth Arden Red Door DC, Salamander Collection Dc, and Four Seasons Georgetown DC, just to mention a few.

 I also have had my great pleasure to work with some of the best sports talents this area has to offer including WNBA Washington Mystics Professional Basketball Team as a rostered therapist. I’m now even more excited to join Dr.Dot’s team and expand my knowledge for the craft and gift of massage I love so much. Book with me for an amazing experience, and be well!

Massage Delivery service in Amsterdam, NL

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My name is Angela.
Originally from Chile and living in The Netherlands, since 2000.

I’m a passionate and experienced massage therapist dedicated to helping clients achieve
optimal well-being. With a strong foundation in School of Ayurveda & Panchakarma,
Kannur,India. And Thai massage,Wat Poh, Bangkok,Thailand. And 14 years of experience, I
possess a deep understanding of human anatomy and various massage techniques, including
Deep tissue, Foot reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy massage and Watsu, among others.

My approach to massage therapy is:
– Personalized: I tailor each session to your unique needs and goals, focusing on chronic
pain relief, stress reduction, and improved flexibility.
– Client-centered: I believe in clear communication and collaboration to ensure a
comfortable and effective experience.
– Holistic: I consider your overall well-being incorporating relaxation techniques to promote
a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

Beyond massage, I’m endlessly fascinated by exploring new cultures and immersing myself in
different parts of the world.
Since last year, I’ve expanded my skillset to include M.E.R (Myofascial Energetic Release) a
powerful technique for chronic pain and trauma healing.

Massage Delivery service in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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I’m Kim, and I’m a Registered Massage Therapist, member in good standing of the Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association.  I’m from Montreal, but now live & work in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and am thankful for the land-keepers of the Blackfoot Confederacy, Siksika, Tsuut’ina, and Stoney Nakoda First Nations for caring for our home since time immemorial.
I approach healing from a holistic perspective and work deeply with the body. I’ve treated people of all ages and walks of life, who live with predominant conditions such as sports-related or repetitive strain injury, TMJ Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & chronic pain.

I believe that everyone has the ability to regain health in the places where pain & suffering once lived.  I weave together knowledge and techniques gathered over the past 18 years from athletics, Swedish & therapeutic deep tissue massage, TMJD/intra-oral treatment, craniosacral/energetic therapies, myofascial release, and earth-based spiritual practices.

I love music as much as I love massage therapy, so I’m delighted for the opportunity to work with Dr. Dot’s team, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!  


Massage and yoga Delivery service in Copenhagen and Skælskør, Denmark

Book me: email me at and write “Martin/Copenhagen” in the subject line

Meet Martin, the massage therapist, yoga teacher and nature therapist with hands that heal. 
Specializing in men’s health post-life-threatening diseases like cancer, he offers a soothing touch that transcends pain and calming even the most restless souls.
 For touring musicians navigating tight schedules, Martin’s tailored treatments are a sanctuary on the road. Each session with him is a harmonious symphony of rejuvenation, where stress dissipates, and bodies find solace. In his care, they discover not just relief but a renewed vitality to face the world’s demands. Martin, a beacon of wellness amidst the chaos of life on tour.