Massage in Detroit? Gotcha covered.

I am happy to say I now have 2 great Massage Therapist on my team in Detroit. Vicki is the latest to join our staff. Her Massages earn raved reviews every
time and that’s JUST what the Doctor ordered ๐Ÿ˜‰
If you are heading to Detroit (or are already there) I can arrange for you to be pampered and/or hammered, Dr. Dot style. We can even offer you the 4 handed massage
(where two of our Massage assistants massage you at the same time). Read about Vicki and see her picture below.


Dr. Dot 

My name is Vicki and I live just outside Detroit.  Originally from England, I moved to Michigan in 2003.  I spent my teenage years living in Germany, which is where my love of massage, aromatherapy, and music comes from.
I trained in Massage Therapy, Reflexology y, Aromatherapy, and Beauty Therapy at Braintree College, UK and qualified in 1999/2000.  Until I moved to Michigan, I was working at a Spa in my hometown and as a consultant for Virgin cosmetics.
I am very intuitive when it comes to massage, incorporating Swedish, deep tissue and neuromuscular technique with long relaxing strokes.  Reflexology is an amazing treatment and can be as good as a full body massage without taking your clothes off!
Music has always been a very important part of my life, back to listening to Marc Bolan & T Rex as a child.  I have a very eclectic taste in music – anything from pop to punk.  The first record I ever bought was “Heart of Glass” by Blondie.
I first heard about Dr. Dot on TV in England a few years ago and said that she had the job I always wanted, little did I know that she hired assistants and that I would become one of them!  I am honored to be a part of her team.


Amazing Massage in Las Vegas!

Meet Carole, she is one of the rare massage therapists in Vegas that do serious massage therapy. The rest give happy endings and we only give UNHAPPY endings fyi.
Seriously, it is hard to find a great massage in Vegas.. how do I know? Most of the artist I massage tell me so. I am so happy to welcome Carole to our team.
She is dependable, strong and extremely talented. Let me know if you want to escape from it all in Vegas, we are the REAL deal!
x Dr. Dot
  < Carole

I was born in North Africa then moved to France and finally to the States. As a child I used to rub and massage my family and friends and they always wanted more. When I migrated to the States I had to start my life over. I studied to be a Hair Dresser  & Make up artist and I am  quite good at it but from the first time I had a clients head in my hands I had to massage it and all  I could hear was  "Wow! You have great hands, you should be a masseuse" Little did I know then, that was my calling. So through out the years I was giving massages at night and doing hair during the day, but when my second child was born I decided to take on the task of becoming a certified Massage Therapist and never looked back since. I have developed my own style and my intuition is strong. I can read a body like a book (I have fun doing it too). Massage c’est mon kiff (can’t translate) it’s my oxygen and my life I have been at it for the last 20 years and hope to do it for the next 20. I am happy to be part of Dr. Dot’s international Massage team and look forward to treating you when you pass through Las Vegas.

Ask Dr. Dot

After I sucked my boyfriend’s dick, he came on my face and right after I wiped some
 of it with my fingers and put it my vagina. I wonder, could I be pregnant now?
Dumb Ass Dana

You could be pregnant; those little fuckers can and will swim and surf up to their final
destination even from outside of the grand entrance. Word: condom.

I recently had a fight with a young man I used to date.  He dumped me for someone else…
I retaliated by same he had a small penis…I was trying to hurt him as he had hurt him…
How can I get him to forgive me?
Sore Loser Layla

First of all, why would you want some one who "dumped you for someone else"?
I have the feeling you just don’t like losing but you need to let this go, he will never
come back and if he did, it would be out of pity and he will never forget you called
his cock SMALL. He will resent you and treat you worse than he did before..
Just forget the tiny tooled cheater and move on.

 I lost my virginity to my boyfriend about a month ago. Ever since then, we’ve been having sex a lot.
I don’t really have a problem with that because we also do other things together. The thing is,
 every time we have sex he won’t come until I come because of his philosophy that the guy shouldn’t
get pleasure if the girl isn’t pleasured. And I don’t know how to come. He tells me I’m supposed to
feel this really good feeling, something I never felt before. The thing is I’m still not sure. So,
 every time we just end it when we are both tired. I do get really wet but I don’t know if I came.
 Can u help me? 
Young Blood

First of all, congrats on finding a male that insists the female cums first. Bravo. Secondly, you have
to spend some quality time alone, perhaps perched in front of a dirty movie and a tube of KY-Jelly to
find out exactly how to make yourself cum. You can also try a shower head that has strong pressure.
Don’t feel sad or insecure, many women don’t figure out how to cum until they are in their twenties.
 It’s not like your Mom teaches you how, it happens accidentally the first time and then once you figure
 out how to do it on purpose, you have mastered the art of wanking. Then you have you integrate that
into sex with another. The clit is merely a tiny penis, yes, we all start out pretty much the same down
there and it stops growing for females and keeps on growing (God bless it ) for the males. It has to be
rubbed repeatedly with just the right amount of pressure and presto, the big O.
Spread a blanket out on the floor and put two or three pillows vertically on top of each other, forming
 what will be your "man". The floor is best, as it’s hard and stable, for getting up into the hard to
reach spot, also known as your clit. Cover pillows with a towel, as they will get wet. Have some lube and
the remote control within reach. Lube up your favorite hand and lie on your hand and the pillows. No need
to go inside, as the clit is what needs to be stimulated; this can be done easily by having your four
fingers together(loads of lube) and rocking back and forth on top of your fingers (riding on hand which
is between you and pillows). The pillows need to be vertical, as your legs should drape down on each
 side of pillows making more pressure on your hand/clit. Let go of all pointless thoughts, just get selfish
 and make sure you cum. Once you learn to do that, you will know what pressure and frame of mind it takes
 to trip your trigger. Some girls can make themselves cum on a guy much easier than having the guy make her cum.
If you are a slight control freak, you may have to make yourself cum on the guy (you on top for example),
as opposed to having him make you cum. Being on top of the man is the easiest way for most girls to cum,
 it’s best if he grabs your ankles while you are on top and slides you back and forth like a cheese grater:

I drew this to demonstrate what I call the Grate Method ^  ๐Ÿ™‚

 (His dick is the Parmesan and your pussy the grater). The best part of all this, is you haven’t faked it.
 Don’t go there. Just tell him to keep trying and to be patient, it will happen.

I’m really young, but have loads of experienced. I’ve plenty of sex,
with plenty of people. I’m just aggravated with the fact that
I’ve never had an orgasm from a guy. I can do it "manually", but I can’t seem,
no matter how hard I work to get a nut from sex. That’s all I want. It’s about to drive me crazy.
 My current boyfriend, and I have sex a lot, and he always cums, but I don’t. I LOVE sex, but this is really
starting to get annoying. Everyone says, “Oh, just keep trying, you haven’t found the right thing”,
 blah, blah, blah, but all I can see is that I have a very satisfied
boyfriend, and a very unsatisfied coochie. I can’t even nut when I get head, so
I don’t know what to do. And I’ve been in so many different positions, and
angles, and all I am is sore, and "nut less". My boyfriend won’t eat me out
either (the general argument is "Hey, my dick has never bled. Ever."). So if you
have any strategies on how to get him to munch me, let me know. I’ll even try some new positions for what
it’s worth, but this is messed up. One other thing. Since I never get a nut, when he cums it’s a little awkward,
 he’s always tired, so I was wondering what I could do while he’s nutting, or after he’s cum so I’m not just
 sitting there like “come on”, and so I can get some more after he’s done.

Nut Job Jane

Read my answer to that honey above on my advice on how to cum with a guy. What’s all this “Nut” bullshit?
Are you two rabid Squirrels or what? If he isn’t making you cum, and you know how to make yourself cum,
like I said above, take control and ride him. Close your eyes and concentrate on getting there. If you have to,
 wank while he is shooting his load. If that lazy fuck isn’t licking your snatch, quote that tart,  Lil’ Kim and
say “If you ain’t lickin’ it, you ain’t stickin’ it!”. If it’s good enough to fuck, it’s good enough to eat.
 Nuff said.

< Lil’ Kim showing her Beaver

No, I don’t make these questions up, people REALLY do write in on a daily basis. It boggles my mind too.

thanks to my pal Bobby J. for that Stones image ……..

Best Massage in Glasgow

Meet Jean, our new Massage assistant, in Glasgow. She passed our Massage audition with flying colors and I am confident you will love her strong, caring hands. If  you are heading there, let me know and I will arrange for Jean to work on your and/or your entourage..

Read about her and see her picture below.


Dr. Dot


Hi my name is Jean and I am based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been a massage therapist for the past nine years providing treatments in a variety of locations from luxury cruise liners to 5 star health spa’s. I am a qualified clinical aromatherapist specializing in treatments such as deep tissue, hot stones, lymphatic drainage, Japanese scalp, Swedish, pregnancy,baby massage and of course my trademark "top to toe".

I first heard about Dr. Dot while searching the Internet and discovered she was looking for a massage therapist in Glasgow and knew that this was exactly the type of challenge I was looking for. I worked for many years on a voluntary basis as a first aider for St Andrews Ambulance covering all the venues in Glasgow, this is where my love of live music began.

I provide a unique treatment which has to be experienced and still receive correspondence from previous clients both here and from "over the pond".

So next time you’re in Glasgow and life is "daen yer heid in"  get in touch with Dr. Dot and ask for Jean

 Until then, "Sla n Leat".

Best Massage in Dallas…

We are on a roll. Now we have Dallas covered. If you are heading to Dallas and want first class treatment from talented, warm, healing hands, let me know. Meet Amy, our new Massage assistant in Dallas. Thanks Dr. Dot

 "My name is Amy and I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1977.  I’m a Pisces with a flare for fire!  I channel this passion into my work as a massage therapist.  After seven years worth of practice, I feel that my technique is unique, with a signature style involving compassionate touch and full body awareness. Utilizing modalities such as Trigger Point, Deep Tissue Massage, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Reiki in each session, I deliver a synergistic blend that is unique for each client to fit and suit the needs of that person as an individual.  There is no room for cookie cutter therapy on my table, as each person I work with is a new case.  Holding true to this ideal, I explore each person’s needs through careful inquiry and analysis that lead to intuitive therapeutic design for each and every session.


I am currently a student at the University of Texas at Dallas, working on a Bachelors degree in History.  I am also the single mother of a wonderful little boy named Skyler and together we care for and live with our two cats Isis and Molly.  I enjoy painting, poetry, theater, music and dance.  It is important to be involved in my community, I feel and tutoring English for the Plano Public library system is one way that I really enjoy lending a hand.  One day, I would like to be involved in a larger charity that focuses on the growing needs and concerns of African peoples and their governments.  Tying together my desire to make a difference in the world around me and my love of the arts, I am actively pursuing becoming a docent at the Dallas Museum of Art and hope to one day become a curator after finishing my degrees at the University. 


Travel is a passion of mine and I try to get out and see different places as often as possible. This year I have been to Atlanta, San Francisco and New York. Exploring new has opened my awareness of other cultures.  Shamanism has made a very distinct impact on my life and I incorporate as many new age and old way beliefs into all aspects of my work as possible.  While I feel that those who seek my services are primarily coming to me for a massage, I enjoy counseling my clients on new and exciting ways to break through blocks they may be having in any arena.  The removal of creative or dream process blocks is a topic of much interest to me, and work, family or personal life are also discussed.  I am involved in several different aspects of the cultural scene in Dallas.  From patronizing the symphony to being involved in the local dance club scene, I feel I am a well-rounded and balanced person who is open-minded and very diverse in my tastes.  Having such a wide variety of interests has given me the ability to relate to a larger number of potential clients and make my clients feel right at home.  Dedication is the key in any endeavor.  I am very committed to the idea of my clients therapy, understand the needs of those I care for once the professional relationship has begun and will do everything in my power to facilitate a safe, loving environment for healing and growth to occur.


I have trained at Wellness Skills, Inc in Dallas, TX for my first round of massage orientation.  Then I spent time apprenticing in Oklahoma and moved back to Texas to complete my training at the Texas Massage Institute.  With over a thousand hours of training and seven years’ experience, I feel I have come close to mastering the art of massage, but humbly believe there is always more to learn.  I have worked for spas and for Doctors and one-on-one in the privacy of homes. My preference is definitely one-on-one, for I feel that the best healing starts from within and at the center.  I am well-versed in many different styles of massage and modalities and will custom design the scenario and appropriate modality for each client with whom I begin work. I am proud to be part of the Dr. Dot team and I can’t wait to get my hands on you!"

Massage on Long Island

It’s taken ages, but I finally found the right person for the job on Long Island. Meet Katie, my new Massage assistant. Why does it take us so long to
branch out? Because I insist that everyone who wants to join  my team has to be auditioned. They have to prove they have hands of steel, are well educated,
qualified and are honest, trustworthy and dependable because I insist on having the best massage team in the world. Quality, not quantity my friend..
Read more about our new gem below. If you are in or heading to Long Island and want to book
a massage with Katie, just let me know..
Dr. Dot
 Hey everyone,  name is Katie and I am Dr. Dot’s Long Island massage therapist. I have lived in long Island my whole life and currently call Long Beach my home. I graduated from the Swedish Institute of massage therapy in the summer of 2005 have been loving my job ever since. I currently work at an upscale health club and also at a spa and now I am happy to add Dr. Dot and her clients to the list.
     My style of massage is mainly a Swedish or deep tissue massage tailored to each clients specific needs. I am also trained in Thai, medical, shiatsu, tui na, pre-natal, myofacial, chair and reflexology and I infuse each session with a bit of each modality as needed. I can guarantee that I give 100% of myself to each and every client and you will be able to tell how much I love what I do.
     I am excited to work on any client but to add any musicians to my list would be an honor. Music is s o important to me, from the music I use as part of my sessions to what I listen to just to get through each day. I have been to a countless number of concerts from growing up just minutes away from jones beach and the coliseum and just a train ride away from the garden. I have seen everyone from Andrea Bocelli to Aerosmith and I love it all. To work with artists and performers would be awesome.
 Thank you for your interest and I hope to work with you soon. Peace.

Ask Dr. Dot

I am extremely in love with the woman of my dreams that I will be marrying on St. Patrick’s Day. 
We have known each other for about 5 years but only been together for a year. Before she was with
 me she was with a woman. She admits she knew she was in love with me while she was with a woman. 
Now that we are together and engaged I couldn’t be happier and I have accepted her past. I believe
 however she may have an attraction towards women. I have heard that most women have some sort of 
attraction towards other women. Is that true? She admits she loves boobs. I don’t think it bothers me...
 I just don’t know if she still has or will ever have lesbian tendencies. I have noticed on her computer 
(without spying) that she has visited porn sites. I don’t know to what extent because I am not a spy.
I have no doubt her love and sexual attraction towards me, I just don’t know if she thinks about other
 woman as well and if that is normal. What is your take on this?
Suspicious Steve

Could it be you both have a lot in common? We all know men think about other women too, 
have a thing for boobs and watch porn. It’s completely natural that humans lust after more 
than one person and she prefers to lust after other females. Would you prefer she fantasizes about other men?
If she isn’t doing it obviously or slacking as far as you are concerned, Just let it slide until she 
gives you a real reason to freak. 
As far as what she “thinks about other women”, well, you may never know. The one private place in 
the world for everyone is their thoughts; please don’t pry into that private space.
Let’s face it, the female body is a beautiful thing, can you blame her? I love women, have been
with a few and I am sure I am not a lesbian. Just because she’s dabbled with Dikes, doesn’t mean 
she is hooked. Don’t verbalize your concern for her hobby, or it will just drive her more towards
 other women. Ignore it witha smile on your face and perhaps it may even add to your sex life when
 you imagine her licking another women head to toe.


I am a 32 year old guy who is dating a 34 year old woman. We’ve dated for just over a year, and for the most part we have
 a good relationship, except for our sex life. Early in the relationship she found an online blog I kept of a sexual nature that
I created while single, before I was able to tell her about it. She got very upset by it and rather than try to defend it, I got rid of it.
I figured that no online fun was worth ruining a good real life relationship and upsetting her. We seemed to get past it and I hoped
this would be the end of it.
However ever since then our sex life has been inconsistent. I think I was disappointed with her reaction to my naughtiness
(hoping she’d be excited by it rather than offended). Besides that any time she acts upset towards me it always seems to be that
the wrong girl said hello to me in public or that she has gone on my computer and found fault with some web site I was looking at or
pictures I have saved on my computer.
Every time this sort of thing happens I find myself less and less interested in opening up to her sexually. She says if it was just
random porn that’s one thing, but I have maintained friendships with people I used to blog with who were exhibitionists as well.
I saved pictures they shared with me. I almost posed nude for a semi-well known photographer and I have friends who are doms
and nude models. All of which I told her about after the blogging fiasco. So even if I wasn’t out looking for erotic material online
I would probably come across it just by maintaining my friendships with these people
I’ve told her that I am just into porn and that it doesn’t mean I want anyone other than her, but she still takes it very personally. 
 To me it’s just fun, a release and I don’t think it should upset her so much.
I don’t like that she keeps poking around my web history and files and I feel like I should not have to defend what I do in private
as long as I am not cheating on her or doing anything that hurts anyone. She says she trusts me and knows I am not cheating on her,
that she knows men like to look, but she still gets upset that I look at pictures of other women.
I don’t do it in front of her and I have even toned down my usually flirtatious nature to try and be respectful of her, but nothing seems to work.
I don’t want to upset her but as long as I am not cyber sexing anyone or cheating on her I feel I have a right to indulge my wild side.
However she is obviously more reserved than me and I wonder if it’s not just a fundamental difference in our natures that we can’t overcome
Am I being insensitive here or is she being too suspicious? Is she right to enforce limits on who it is I see naked or what porn I look at?
She is extremely loving, supportive and treats me well in every other way but I am tired of defending my right to look at what I want to look at.
I feel this kind of behavior is insecure and is part of the reason for our lackluster sex life, an area I have never had trouble with until this
relationship. I am a good guy. I do not cheat on her or treat her badly. But I do like to look at porn and save pictures on my computer.
Does this make me a bad boyfriend, or just bad for her?
Do you see any solution here or are we just too different in our views?
-          Bewildered Boyfriend
< That shit's gotta stop
Normally I would trim down such a long question, but I think it will do a lot of people good to read the whole thing. I cringed when I read it,
because I had to leave a guy because of the same type of behavior. You would think that Elvis song “Suspicious Minds” would prevent anyone
from smothering their partner with jealousy and snooping, but no, it still happens, sadly. If you start alerting your behavior for someone, l
ike deleting your blog, etc, they will know that you can be pushed around and once you give them an inch, they take a fucking MILE!! I
f you change for her, she will know she can change you and just keep on taking away your freedom.
I say be a man and tell her, “Look, I had cyber fun before I met you. I love you, won’t stray, won’t cheat, but I need my eye candy,
 and if you don’t like it, you can fucking leave!”
From a woman’s point of view, most don’t like their man looking at porn; most hate it, but tolerate it. I said MOST so spare me the
 “I love porn too” emails ladies. This snooping shit has got to stop. I loathe snoopers. Snooping becomes an addiction and it’s a hard one to stop.
In the future, keep your desktop locked with a password and tell the chicks your computer is YOUR computer and they need to back the fuck off.
As long as you aren’t looking at child porn or chicks fucking horses, you are just being a normal guy! Men love porn, PERIOD!
Tell her, perhaps in a letter, that this snooping is turning you off, and if it keeps up, she will be pushing you further away, into a corner where
 one must choose, freedom or “jail”. If you are treating her good, she shouldn’t have a reason to snoop.
You two are in a vicious cycle right now. The more she snoops, the more she turns you off of her and this makes you want to look at more sexy
pics online, making her feel unloved and insecure, so she snoops more... NOT GOOD.
Next time you meet a woman, tell her you dumped your last girlfriend because she
was too jealous and snooped too much. Tell all ladies past and present that
“snooping is another word for stalking” and last but not least, if people don’t
like what they find when they snoop, they shouldn’t fucking snoop.

Hello Dr. Dot,

Thank you so much for your help.  We broke up, I moved, we're friends, and my butt is extremely happy. 
(Remember, the anal craved boyfriend that was hurting my ass?)

But now I have another quandary.  Now that I've moved, a couple upstairs (and not even directly over me)
has sex late at night every night and wakes me the hell up.  She screams like a banshee for about
ten minutes.  I have thus far refrained from requesting that they restrict their amazing theatrical
performance, thinking to myself that the situation is a bit funny, ha ha.  But now I'm sick of being
woken up and have run out of people in other time zones that I can call when suddenly awake.  How can
I let them know that their lovemaking sounds like a cheesy porn movie without embarrassing them (too much)?
Or do you think I should just go ahead and knock on the door and be like, please be quiet, you fuck
ridiculously?  Do some people just have to scream like that when they're doing it?

Not Anal, but annoyed
A practical gift for your moaning neighbors^
Glad your ass can live in peace now, but the neighbors seem to have left off where your anal happy ex-boyfriend
left off.
No matter where you move to, there will usually be one annoying as FUCK neighbor around to test your patients
in one way or another, but this raunchy routine sex they are having must be dealt with. They are probably
doing it to rub it in their neighbor’s faces "we are FUCKING and you're not!” So, you have to give them a
taste of their own tacky medicine.
I am all for loud and wild sex, but come on, every night, the same annoying moans would drive anyone crazy.
If Mr. Big stuff wants to make his woman scream so loud, he should move out to the suburbs and get a secluded
house where no one can hear their concert style shags. The next time they wake you with their sex noises, get
as close to them as
you can, either through the walls or in front of their door if you have the balls and moan obnoxiously loud
like you are being fucked by Tommy Lee in a fit of rage. If their manners don't kick in, you could 
(a) Call the cops as they are indeed disturbing the peace
(b) Type an anonymous letter and photocopy it a few times and post it all over the building
that says "Dear Mr.....apartment 123, we are happy you are getting your leg over on a regular basis,
but give us a fucking break and stick a sock, or your
Cock in her mouth so we can sleep!”
Hi Doctor Dot,
Looking at your picture I am not sure that what appears to be a metal wrench in your hand is likely to
sort my problem, example given: It ain’t worked for about five years and the BOSS is getting fed up.....
oh I am only 70....Surely I should have another year or two.
Cheers,  Floppy Joe  
Arm yourself with a nice warm dildo and give the boss a good poke. Use your mouth to bring her
to the finish line and she won’t mind that your tool has retired.
I've recently heard about orgasm without ejaculation.  Have you heard of this?  This is a practice I'd
love to master.  Have you any info on this?
Lasting Pleasures
Since orgasms and ejaculation are separate, it is possible to have either without the other. Orgasm can
occur without ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation is a condition where the bladder's sphincter does
not close off properly during ejaculation, so semen flows into the bladder.
This is what they mean by "dry cum" in which the man may experience orgasm, but no spunk comes out.
 Not sure if you can “master” this or why you would want to, but be happy it isn’t happening to you
as it usually happens to men who have diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or after some types of prostate surgery.
Another case of the grass is always greener.
My boyfriend of 4 months is almost perfect except he is too clingy. My last one was the opposite, he never
had time and I was always the one longing after him, so at first it was nice to have someone crave me so
much but at this point, I can barely breathe. How can I tactfully get him to ease up a bit?
Goldie Cocks


Most new lovers are like oxygen, you get too much, you feel dizzy, not enough and you feel like you’re going
to faint. Why can’t they just find a nice middle ground and stick with it? This clingy behavior means he
adores you and is afraid of losing you which is quaint but you have to let him know gently that it’s too much.
If you are courageous, next time he has you in a love lock, say “honey, if we want this to last, we have to
give each other a bit of space” and say it with a smile on your face so he knows you mean well. If you don’t
have the nerve to say it to his face, write him a letter. Make sure you make it short and sweet and highlight
the fact that you adore him but are not used to so much body contact and cuddling. Men understand actions
better than words, so you could always just gently squirm out of his arms while talking, all the while smiling.
He should catch on. If not, hammer time.

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The Middleman from Glasgow

Click on banner to see their myspace page

My band, BITCHFEST was due to play at White Trash in Berlin on November 8th, but due to their

snotty fucking attitude and chaotic behavior (they treat bands like SHIT and don’t pay!) we

pulled out. However, my friends, the  Middleman  had already booked their flights and hotel to open for us.

They were going to come all the way from Scotland to be our opening act and I felt so BAD about this that I promised

to show them around Berlin AND massage them all. Even though I have been in bed the last 10 days with a lung infection,

I dragged my sick ass out of bed to keep my promise and I am glad I did.

Wes reminds me a lot of my best male friend in NYC, Jonesy. Great singer, funny as FUCK and can entertain every crowd,

where ever he goes.  I massaged Wes first, he loved it and I think he was too pissed (drunk for you yanks) to feel any pain

from it the next day ๐Ÿ™‚

Shai helped me show the lads around town   ^

The next day we went out to eat for Thai food, it was fucking delish..


And, ended up in an Australian bar called Stretch, were the English speaking folks of Berlin gather to drink cocktails and sing Karaoke..

^  Danielle took a break from painting her new flat to join us

Wes playing "guitar" as PAMMY sings ^

 < Gary is not in the band, but he is best mates with them

< A mysterious vegetable from the Thai restaurant.

NO ONE could figure out what the fuck kind of veggie or squash that thing was, so everyone was stuffing it in their holes.

 < perhaps the bar is called STRETCH because that

is how you look on the side walk out side the place after too many cocktails. Stretched out on the fucking ground lol