Best Massage in Glasgow

Meet Jean, our new Massage assistant, in Glasgow. She passed our Massage audition with flying colors and I am confident you will love her strong, caring hands. If  you are heading there, let me know and I will arrange for Jean to work on your and/or your entourage..

Read about her and see her picture below.


Dr. Dot


Hi my name is Jean and I am based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been a massage therapist for the past nine years providing treatments in a variety of locations from luxury cruise liners to 5 star health spa’s. I am a qualified clinical aromatherapist specializing in treatments such as deep tissue, hot stones, lymphatic drainage, Japanese scalp, Swedish, pregnancy,baby massage and of course my trademark "top to toe".

I first heard about Dr. Dot while searching the Internet and discovered she was looking for a massage therapist in Glasgow and knew that this was exactly the type of challenge I was looking for. I worked for many years on a voluntary basis as a first aider for St Andrews Ambulance covering all the venues in Glasgow, this is where my love of live music began.

I provide a unique treatment which has to be experienced and still receive correspondence from previous clients both here and from "over the pond".

So next time you’re in Glasgow and life is "daen yer heid in"  get in touch with Dr. Dot and ask for Jean

 Until then, "Sla n Leat".