Massage on Long Island

It’s taken ages, but I finally found the right person for the job on Long Island. Meet Katie, my new Massage assistant. Why does it take us so long to
branch out? Because I insist that everyone who wants to join  my team has to be auditioned. They have to prove they have hands of steel, are well educated,
qualified and are honest, trustworthy and dependable because I insist on having the best massage team in the world. Quality, not quantity my friend..
Read more about our new gem below. If you are in or heading to Long Island and want to book
a massage with Katie, just let me know..
Dr. Dot
 Hey everyone,  name is Katie and I am Dr. Dot’s Long Island massage therapist. I have lived in long Island my whole life and currently call Long Beach my home. I graduated from the Swedish Institute of massage therapy in the summer of 2005 have been loving my job ever since. I currently work at an upscale health club and also at a spa and now I am happy to add Dr. Dot and her clients to the list.
     My style of massage is mainly a Swedish or deep tissue massage tailored to each clients specific needs. I am also trained in Thai, medical, shiatsu, tui na, pre-natal, myofacial, chair and reflexology and I infuse each session with a bit of each modality as needed. I can guarantee that I give 100% of myself to each and every client and you will be able to tell how much I love what I do.
     I am excited to work on any client but to add any musicians to my list would be an honor. Music is s o important to me, from the music I use as part of my sessions to what I listen to just to get through each day. I have been to a countless number of concerts from growing up just minutes away from jones beach and the coliseum and just a train ride away from the garden. I have seen everyone from Andrea Bocelli to Aerosmith and I love it all. To work with artists and performers would be awesome.
 Thank you for your interest and I hope to work with you soon. Peace.