Amazing Massage in Las Vegas!

Meet Carole, she is one of the rare massage therapists in Vegas that do serious massage therapy. The rest give happy endings and we only give UNHAPPY endings fyi.
Seriously, it is hard to find a great massage in Vegas.. how do I know? Most of the artist I massage tell me so. I am so happy to welcome Carole to our team.
She is dependable, strong and extremely talented. Let me know if you want to escape from it all in Vegas, we are the REAL deal!
x Dr. Dot
  < Carole

I was born in North Africa then moved to France and finally to the States. As a child I used to rub and massage my family and friends and they always wanted more. When I migrated to the States I had to start my life over. I studied to be a Hair Dresser  & Make up artist and I am  quite good at it but from the first time I had a clients head in my hands I had to massage it and all  I could hear was  "Wow! You have great hands, you should be a masseuse" Little did I know then, that was my calling. So through out the years I was giving massages at night and doing hair during the day, but when my second child was born I decided to take on the task of becoming a certified Massage Therapist and never looked back since. I have developed my own style and my intuition is strong. I can read a body like a book (I have fun doing it too). Massage c’est mon kiff (can’t translate) it’s my oxygen and my life I have been at it for the last 20 years and hope to do it for the next 20. I am happy to be part of Dr. Dot’s international Massage team and look forward to treating you when you pass through Las Vegas.