Ask Dr. Dot

After I sucked my boyfriend’s dick, he came on my face and right after I wiped some
 of it with my fingers and put it my vagina. I wonder, could I be pregnant now?
Dumb Ass Dana

You could be pregnant; those little fuckers can and will swim and surf up to their final
destination even from outside of the grand entrance. Word: condom.

I recently had a fight with a young man I used to date.  He dumped me for someone else…
I retaliated by same he had a small penis…I was trying to hurt him as he had hurt him…
How can I get him to forgive me?
Sore Loser Layla

First of all, why would you want some one who "dumped you for someone else"?
I have the feeling you just don’t like losing but you need to let this go, he will never
come back and if he did, it would be out of pity and he will never forget you called
his cock SMALL. He will resent you and treat you worse than he did before..
Just forget the tiny tooled cheater and move on.

 I lost my virginity to my boyfriend about a month ago. Ever since then, we’ve been having sex a lot.
I don’t really have a problem with that because we also do other things together. The thing is,
 every time we have sex he won’t come until I come because of his philosophy that the guy shouldn’t
get pleasure if the girl isn’t pleasured. And I don’t know how to come. He tells me I’m supposed to
feel this really good feeling, something I never felt before. The thing is I’m still not sure. So,
 every time we just end it when we are both tired. I do get really wet but I don’t know if I came.
 Can u help me? 
Young Blood

First of all, congrats on finding a male that insists the female cums first. Bravo. Secondly, you have
to spend some quality time alone, perhaps perched in front of a dirty movie and a tube of KY-Jelly to
find out exactly how to make yourself cum. You can also try a shower head that has strong pressure.
Don’t feel sad or insecure, many women don’t figure out how to cum until they are in their twenties.
 It’s not like your Mom teaches you how, it happens accidentally the first time and then once you figure
 out how to do it on purpose, you have mastered the art of wanking. Then you have you integrate that
into sex with another. The clit is merely a tiny penis, yes, we all start out pretty much the same down
there and it stops growing for females and keeps on growing (God bless it ) for the males. It has to be
rubbed repeatedly with just the right amount of pressure and presto, the big O.
Spread a blanket out on the floor and put two or three pillows vertically on top of each other, forming
 what will be your "man". The floor is best, as it’s hard and stable, for getting up into the hard to
reach spot, also known as your clit. Cover pillows with a towel, as they will get wet. Have some lube and
the remote control within reach. Lube up your favorite hand and lie on your hand and the pillows. No need
to go inside, as the clit is what needs to be stimulated; this can be done easily by having your four
fingers together(loads of lube) and rocking back and forth on top of your fingers (riding on hand which
is between you and pillows). The pillows need to be vertical, as your legs should drape down on each
 side of pillows making more pressure on your hand/clit. Let go of all pointless thoughts, just get selfish
 and make sure you cum. Once you learn to do that, you will know what pressure and frame of mind it takes
 to trip your trigger. Some girls can make themselves cum on a guy much easier than having the guy make her cum.
If you are a slight control freak, you may have to make yourself cum on the guy (you on top for example),
as opposed to having him make you cum. Being on top of the man is the easiest way for most girls to cum,
 it’s best if he grabs your ankles while you are on top and slides you back and forth like a cheese grater:

I drew this to demonstrate what I call the Grate Method ^  🙂

 (His dick is the Parmesan and your pussy the grater). The best part of all this, is you haven’t faked it.
 Don’t go there. Just tell him to keep trying and to be patient, it will happen.

I’m really young, but have loads of experienced. I’ve plenty of sex,
with plenty of people. I’m just aggravated with the fact that
I’ve never had an orgasm from a guy. I can do it "manually", but I can’t seem,
no matter how hard I work to get a nut from sex. That’s all I want. It’s about to drive me crazy.
 My current boyfriend, and I have sex a lot, and he always cums, but I don’t. I LOVE sex, but this is really
starting to get annoying. Everyone says, “Oh, just keep trying, you haven’t found the right thing”,
 blah, blah, blah, but all I can see is that I have a very satisfied
boyfriend, and a very unsatisfied coochie. I can’t even nut when I get head, so
I don’t know what to do. And I’ve been in so many different positions, and
angles, and all I am is sore, and "nut less". My boyfriend won’t eat me out
either (the general argument is "Hey, my dick has never bled. Ever."). So if you
have any strategies on how to get him to munch me, let me know. I’ll even try some new positions for what
it’s worth, but this is messed up. One other thing. Since I never get a nut, when he cums it’s a little awkward,
 he’s always tired, so I was wondering what I could do while he’s nutting, or after he’s cum so I’m not just
 sitting there like “come on”, and so I can get some more after he’s done.

Nut Job Jane

Read my answer to that honey above on my advice on how to cum with a guy. What’s all this “Nut” bullshit?
Are you two rabid Squirrels or what? If he isn’t making you cum, and you know how to make yourself cum,
like I said above, take control and ride him. Close your eyes and concentrate on getting there. If you have to,
 wank while he is shooting his load. If that lazy fuck isn’t licking your snatch, quote that tart,  Lil’ Kim and
say “If you ain’t lickin’ it, you ain’t stickin’ it!”. If it’s good enough to fuck, it’s good enough to eat.
 Nuff said.

< Lil’ Kim showing her Beaver

No, I don’t make these questions up, people REALLY do write in on a daily basis. It boggles my mind too.

thanks to my pal Bobby J. for that Stones image ……..