The Middleman from Glasgow

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My band, BITCHFEST was due to play at White Trash in Berlin on November 8th, but due to their

snotty fucking attitude and chaotic behavior (they treat bands like SHIT and don’t pay!) we

pulled out. However, my friends, the  Middleman  had already booked their flights and hotel to open for us.

They were going to come all the way from Scotland to be our opening act and I felt so BAD about this that I promised

to show them around Berlin AND massage them all. Even though I have been in bed the last 10 days with a lung infection,

I dragged my sick ass out of bed to keep my promise and I am glad I did.

Wes reminds me a lot of my best male friend in NYC, Jonesy. Great singer, funny as FUCK and can entertain every crowd,

where ever he goes.  I massaged Wes first, he loved it and I think he was too pissed (drunk for you yanks) to feel any pain

from it the next day 🙂

Shai helped me show the lads around town   ^

The next day we went out to eat for Thai food, it was fucking delish..


And, ended up in an Australian bar called Stretch, were the English speaking folks of Berlin gather to drink cocktails and sing Karaoke..

^  Danielle took a break from painting her new flat to join us

Wes playing "guitar" as PAMMY sings ^

 < Gary is not in the band, but he is best mates with them

< A mysterious vegetable from the Thai restaurant.

NO ONE could figure out what the fuck kind of veggie or squash that thing was, so everyone was stuffing it in their holes.

 < perhaps the bar is called STRETCH because that

is how you look on the side walk out side the place after too many cocktails. Stretched out on the fucking ground lol