World Wide Massage (for everyone)

“Someday we will be famous and rich and get a massage from you” 

This is just one version of the silly myths about my massage business. One doesn’t have to be rich OR famous to get a kick-ass, deep tissue and/or relaxing massage to soothe your mind, body and soul.

“Normal person getting massage by Dr. Dot ^

I have massage assistants all over the world and we have good prices. If you come to the Dr. Dot assistant closest to you, it will be cheaper then having them come to you.  Having a massage in your home naturally cost more, this isn’t Domino’s pizza ok?

If you want a rub down,  just let me know. If you happen to live in NYC or NJ I could probably massage you myself, but if not, one of my tried and tested and very much trusted massage assistants will sort you out.

Click HERE to see my assistants and scroll lightly over the flag next to their name to find out their location…

I have them in the following locations:

Helsinki, Hartford, Berlin, NJ. NY, VA, MD, Philly-PA, FLA (Miami and Tampa), Boston, All over CT, Dallas, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zurich, London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Dublin, LA (and OC), Paris, Vancouver, Dallas, Albuquerque, Toronto and the list keeps growing.

“You don’t have to be a star baby”


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