I was just told about Proof (Eminem’s right hand man) being gunned down. I was busy all day massaging a German band called ROSENSTOLZ so I was no where near a TV or decent news paper. I LOATHE guns and I am sad Proof is gone. He was so fun to hang with. He allowed German MTV to film me massaging him which was super cool of him. I showed him around Berlin (with Em and the gang) and did a bit of the Up in Smoke tour massaging Em and his posse. Proof always joked around saying one day he was gonna marry me. He was so sweet, you just can’t imagine… FUCK, what a waste…. here are some of my shots of Proof. May he rest in peace..


^ Proof, me and Eminem’s old DJ "Head"



< Eminem and I out to eat

 I just sent Em’s  manager Paul a message to tell him  I am sad and hoping everyone is coping ok.. boooo, guns suck!