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Marina is a gifted practitioner with a passion for Massage. Friendly and knowledgeable Massage Therapist, esthetician, and yoga teacher with a good background in serving customer needs and educating about long-term care strategies.
 Driven to help clients through the healing benefits of massage. She looks forward to healing you in the NYC area. 

Massage Delivery service in New York City, NY

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I have studied many Massage Therapy modalities in my 18 years of practice.  I listen to each client’s specific needs and goals for the session and I assess which techniques will best suit providing the most wonderful and effective massage possible.  I may use passive or active stretching for mobility, deep tissue for targeted issues, Swedish massage for relaxing and creating stillness in the mind and body.  I focus on issues such as neck mobility, forward head posture, overworked forearms and hands.  I will find and release tension in your feet you didn’t know existed.  I look forward to curating your favorite massage!

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Hi everyone, I’m Daisy.

 I’m a professional massage therapist dedicated to providing customers with a feeling of rest and relaxation; driven to help others through the healing benefits of massage. I like to combine Eastern and Western massage therapies with strengths in customer service, client relationship building. My Expertise encompasses:

*Swedish Massage *Sport Massage *Deep Tissue Massage *Reflexology *Thai Massage *Lymphatic Drainage *stretching.

I have personally massaged Dr. Dot and she will tell you how very strong my hands are.
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Dr. Dot Rock and Roll Masseuse

Ch  22 Blog Posts Greg Allman & Rod Stewart

The Allman Brothers Band in NYC
March 23, 2009:
If it’s REALLY important I can get up at 7am (when I usually go to sleep). Massaging Mr. Gregg Allman is REALLY important. Gregg has had massages from my team now and again, but this is the first time I got to massage him myself. I can’t count the times he told me “this was the BEST massage I have ever had!”. I asked him if he likes Frank Zappa’s version of his song “Whipping Post” and he said “I’ve never heard it”. That is my favorite Allman Brothers Band song fyi. After his two hour massage, he sits up, looks me dead in the eyes and says “what are you doing for the next 30 years Darlin’?” I blushed and said “probably working my ass off as I always do” and we both laughed. He said “you gotta come to Georgia and massage me. I got a nice house down there”. And so our friendship began. He started personally texting me as opposed to his friend and assistant Chank. Gregg would text me at all hours of the night telling me where he was, what he was doing and asked me for my mailing address too. Huh? Why? “gonna send you a little something”. More on that later. He got a massage every day after that and on March 27 (2009) he sent a car to pick me up in NJ to be his special guest at his show at the Beacon Theater. Apparently he plays there once a year for a week or more. So I met him at his hotel and watched him brush his hair and put his jewelry on while he told me about his past. He asked me lots of questions too, hinting around that I will be coming to Georgia SOON. We drove together to the show and there were LOADS of fans outside, it was insane. People are absolutely besotted with Greg. He gave them all a quick wave and we were rushed into the venue. 

His Son and Daughter were both backstage too. We all sat together ON the stage, about 20 feet away from Greg, in folding chairs. There were about five rows of chairs, of family and close friends and I was shocked when Kid Rock plopped down right next to me. So I had Kid Rock to my Left and Devon, Gregg’s Son, on my right. His daughter Island sat next to Devon. Both of his kids are both very stunning (well they aren’t “kids” but you know what I mean- his offspring). The stage lights were so that the audience couldn’t see us as the lights were just on the band. So if you were in the audience, looking at the stage, Gregg was on the left side, on keyboards and we were even further left than Gregg. After a while, the band started to play that Marshall Tucker Band song “can’t you see?”.. the audience was very happy.. then Kid Rock said to me “be right back” and he walked onto the stage and started singing! WHAT?? The whole place went ape-shit. Fucking AWESOME! Kid came back and sat down after that tune, right back next to me. We had been chatting, quietly between songs; told him that I do massage and told him about my team. He took my card and started using my company on his tours. We became friends.
After Gregg’s show at the Beacon, we went outside and HOURDES of fans were screaming; I felt like we were in the Beatles hysteria. We got into a black van and drove to the BB King club. Gregg’s Son Devon was playing at BB Kings and we went together. Just Gregg and I. Outside of the venue, I took a picture of Gregg. He seemed SO proud, I just had to capture that moment.

Gregg and I walked in and Devon was already on stage playing. Gregg and I sat at a reserved table and watched. The music was GREAT! The band is Devon Allmann’s HoneyTribe. Gregg was holding my hand in my lap. He was very focused on his Son. His eyes were watering.. he was gently crying from joy. I held his hand tighter and swayed to the music. It was one of the most special moments of my rock and roll life to experience this. It surely did bring us closer as friends. Devon was SO happy that his Dad came to see him. It was so fun after the show to be backstage watching Gregg and his Son so happy together. I massaged Gregg again the next day and we had lunch together. He sure does get up early. I suppose you could say He is a good influence on me. I am a night owl through and through since working with the rock and roll industry requires you to answer late night emails and calls (or early morning calls coming in from the UK/Europe- for overseas bookings.. it’s never a convenient time for me to sleep.

 So a couple days later, March 29th, I heard from Kid Rock, He said he was staying Trump towers and to come by around 10pm- but when I got there, the Doorman said he was NOT there..He replied to my “wtf?” text and said “never mind, I am stuck here at Bungalow 8, that club, you know it?” and I said “I know OF it but never been there”. He had me come to the club with just my massage oil and a towel to massage him IN the club. omfg lol.
When I arrived, in my yoga pants, Dr. Dot shirt and sneakers with my ponytail, the bouncers were like “wtf do you want?” ha. I told them I was there to massage Kid Rock. Yeah, sure, ok, wtf they kept laughing. I had to get Kid to rescue me. There was a SUPER long line of extremely well dressed wealthy people, waiting to get in. They looked at me like I was way way below them on the food chain, if you get my drift. 
Kid (aka BOB) comes out to get me, tells the big bouncer dudes “she’s cool, that’s Dr. Dot, she’s with  me” and SUDDENLY  I was treated like a super VIP and they cleared a path for both of us and lead us to his table. A big round table packed with gorgeous, sexy ladies. Not ONE male. Just hot babes. Even though I was not dressed hot whatsoever, the girls gave me the dagger-eye treatment. They immediately cold shouldered me. I just ignored that and did what Bob asked me to do, massage his shoulders. He had a white tank top on under a blue flannel looking button down shirt. He took the flannel off and I was doing his arms and shoulders for hours while the girls fought to be RIGHT next to him. It was so amusing to me; I was laughing my ass off inside, but just smiled and did my job. I stood behind him while he sat. The girls took turns squeezing in, right next to him, whispering in his ear, laughing, etc. They were all 10’s. Not ONE 9. The music in that place wasn’t my style, so I am not sure why Bob was even there apart from the bevvy of beauties. Anyone who has ever met Bob, knows he is cool as fuck. Friendly, easy going, down to earth and a straight shooter. This is probably why he was good friends with Gregg. 

Back to Gregg…we kept in touch all the time. Long phone calls, invites out to dinner each time he came to NYC.. hell he even let me choose the restaurants each time. He wanted to be more than friends but I was taking it very slow as  I know what dating a rock star would be like. He appreciated my good girl approach. I drove us all around Manhattan and he loved to stop and many different corner shops as we would go in together and he would buy shitloads of lottery tickets. He would take a coin and rub them all off on the dashboard of my VW Golf. I would moan that the little crumbs from those tickets would go all over the place haha. 
In between massages, dinners and gambling, he asked me if I knew a good tattoo artist as I asked him why the tattoos on his arms were so badly done. I gave him the number to Paul Booth, who owns Last Rites Tattoo. One of Paul’s tattoo artists did my ankle back in like 2004. I was always told at that point you will NEVER get a tattoo from Paul as he is booked out for the next 40 years lol. Anyways, I told Gregg to call and they would for sure give him special treatment. Next day Gregg called me “they hung up on me!” I was like “what!?? did you tell them who you are??” Yes he said. They thought he was joking and hung up. He called AGAIN; this time they got pissed off and hung up. So I called and left a voicemail and said “listen, my client and friend Gregg Allmann keeps calling for tattoo work that he needs and you all keep hanging up!”. Paul Booth personally called me back, apologizing saying his staff just didn’t buy it. So Gregg and I went over that night and met Paul. They bonded very quickly as Paul’s place is heavy duty COOL. There are no chairs, just coffins. There are lots of bones hanging from the ceiling. It was like Alistair Crowley’s castle or what you think it might look like. Paul agreed to do BOTH sleeves for Gregg (both arms) which would take lots of sittings. So we went together each time, over many months. I would entertain Gregg with conversation and get them beverages (Gregg does NOT drink alcohol whatsoever). I found that out the hard way – he saw me spray my spray in my throat. He asked me what it was. Told him “it’s called Singer’s saving grace” which I always got from a health food shop in Hoboken. He asked to try it. Opened his mouth and sprayed it onto his throat, then YELLED “what the FUCK! This has ALCOHOL IN IT!??!!” I  was scared and shocked “I dunno, not sure, what? why??” (as far as I knew it was made of vinegar and honey). He hands it back to me and asked me to read the ingredients out loud. Yup, small amount of alcohol in there. He went to the bathroom, spat it out, drank lots of water to wash out his throat. He was pretty grumpy for a bit. Yikes, I was so sorry, why the fuck would a vocal chord spray contain alcohol? Pretty dumb. So from then on, I made SURE to buy the “alcohol free” version. Lesson learned. 

Gregg was SO pleased with his sleeves, he sat and did a 40 minute testimonial for Paul. I sat and watched the whole thing. I was thinking “this is the BEST endorsement EVER for Paul.

Paul working on Gregg. Photo by Dr. Dot

Wow, it was so heartwarming and complimentary. Paul offered me “any tattoo” for free. So after Gregg went back to Georgia, I came to Paul with a small drawing of Jimi Hendrix that my daughter Jasmine drew for me. Gregg loves Hendrix; told me that he even dated the girl “little wing” was written about. She was apparently from Connecticut and had a fling with Gregg back in the day..I started thinking to myself, who HASN’T Gregg dated. ha. It was so fun going out to eat with Gregg. Our favorite place was Elaine’s, Upper East side. It was close to my favorite karaoke bar called Iggy’s. Elaine was very kind to us and gave us special treatment.
 Gregg liked it as only one or two people would recognize him and they were always very respectful to his privacy.. they would wait until dinner was over and come shake his hand or ask for an autograph. Mostly, Gregg loved to ride around the city at night getting lottery tickets lol and he said he loved to show me off. 
Chank was always traveling with Gregg and his room was just a few rooms away; they were clearly best friends and Gregg would get irritated if anyone pronounced his name wrong “CHANK!! say it right dammit!” haa. Chank is mad cool. 
Gregg didn’t smoke joints, he had a wicked expensive, pyramid shaped vape-machine. Supposedly the safe way to smoke week No smoke, so not bad for the lungs. The last thing I need is apathy so I avoid weed all together. Gregg said he would send me one but I said nah, I’m good. He invited me to the white house at one point, May 2009. Said it was the White House Correspondents dinner and he would have me fitted for a gown and send me emerald earrings. I was like “I don’t wear those sort of things really”. He had some lady call me about my dress size and they wanted to make travel arrangements for me, then it went silent. He called me after the thing as if it never happened and told me to expect a delivery the next day. I got a tiffany’s diamond key pendant from him; even the chain was stunning, it was white gold. Anyone who knows me, know’s  I don’t give a shit about jewelry but it was very sweet of him. See attached. Funny thing is, I posted a picture of me on facebook wearing it, and some random lady private messaged me, telling me she lives on Long Island and Gregg sent her the exact same necklace. Ha. What a Lothario. It’s fine, we are just friends. She was very upset though. I looked up the necklace, it was priced at $5999. VERY generous of him indeed. He asked me to fly down to Savannah to see him. I asked him how many bedrooms etc. He said “why? You can stay in my room, don’t worry” but I declined as believe it or not, I like to sleep alone and I take things very slowly, especially when it is a client/friend. He was the perfect Gentleman; we have not even kissed and only held hands during his son’s show. I am pretty sure I am the ONLY Woman on Earth to decline such offers from Gregg. He can get any woman he wants. Thing is, I was already seeing a guy so it was easy to stay in the friend zone. Gregg just loved my company and I loved his too. Being friends with such a man lasts forever. Shagging a rock star lasts one night or two if you’re lucky. They want and respect what they can’t have. Not playing games, it’s just how it is. I already dated a punk star (Joey Ramone) and I saw what goes on around touring rock stars so I just date normal dudes; not stars. But I really LOVE being their buddy. It’s so much better, trust me. 
Later on, November 6, 2009 ( I swear 2009 was probably the BEST year of my life so far) I was called to massage the lovely Steve Miller (the smoker, toker midnight joker) and here is the blog about that:
Steve Miller Band blog:

My massage team has been massaging SMB for almost 3 years and this is the first time I got to meet and massage him. He was SO nice and when he walked into the massage room he was so full of praise, saying so many kind things, like “you got a great team, you run a tight ship, all of your girls have been terrific, I feel so much better on tour with them massaging me, etc.

He told me SO many amazing stories during his two hour massage- told me about hanging out with Hendrix and headlining for the Grateful Dead (the dead opened, then SMB played then Jimi- wow!) he also played a show once in Minnesota where Alice Cooper opened for them and said it was one of Alice’s first show and how the crowd didn’t know how to react with Alice. He just ate dinner the other night with Alice and told me just for fun they traded watches (they both collect them). He is just a nice guy, wow. I asked him if he had ever met Gregg Allmann. He said “you know I’ve always wanted to jam with him but haven’t crossed paths with him yet” and I said “you know what, you two need to meet! You need to jam together. I see Gregg rather often so I’m gonna email him right now and CC you!” so I whipped out my Blackberry and emailed Gregg and CCd Steve “Gregg meet Steve. Steve meet Gregg” it said in the subject line. I sent Gregg a selfie of Steve & I and told him they are an album waiting to happen and if it DOES happen,  I wanna little credit haha. 

The show was, to my surprise, 90% BLUES!! He played Come On (which in my opinion was made famous by Jimi Hendrix) and many other great blues tunes- naturally he played his hits but you can tell he would just enjoy playing blues all night long. 

Wouldn’t you know it, they DID hook up and decided to tour together two years later in Feb 2011! So a little over a year after I introduced them, they toured. Now Gregg and I were still meeting up each time he came to NYC; He would give me old t-shirts he didn’t need anymore (I still have them and use them to jog in) and he would tell me stories about him sitting next to James Brown on a super long flight once to Australia (I kid you not: he said “he was so dam boring!” and when I told him how much I loved Janice Joplin, he played me the original version of the song Cry Baby. He played it for me in his hotel room right after the massage one night. He said “no isn’t that better!?? Janice can’t sing, she just screams and hollers!” ha. I ain’t gonna start an argument with Gregg about Janice. Now come on. Then one other comment that made me spit water all over my car. We were driving around Manhattan one night after seeing Paul Booth and a Cher song came on the radio “it’s in his kiss” came on. I said “oh that’s your ex isn’t it?” he snapped “She’s a damn CUNT!” ha. I just couldn’t hold my water in; so it went ALL over my windshield. Had to stop at another corner shop for napkins and more lottery tickets. By the way, even when he won $5 he was super happy. He LOVED winning on those things. One thing that was a constant running joke between Gregg and I… He knows I am a huge Zappa fan. I emailed him the Youtube link so he could hear Frank’s version of Whipping post. I asked him “did you finally here it?” “no, not yet”. I emailed it again. Same routine. “Nah, not yet”. He simply had NO desire to hear a cover version of one of his songs. I really was clamoring for a review. Never got it. 

So anyhow, late October 2010, I met a young guy who resembles George Harrison SO much, his flirtatious glares really did my head in. We started dating as I was living alone at that point and just working like a maniac and had NO time for a Man. My daughter was already grown at this time and studying at Cooper Union in NYC (she was born in NH but raised in Germany as you probably know). Anyhow, Gregg probably got busy with other female friends and I was busy with my George Harrison look alike (gonna call him GH from now on) and anyhow times goes by and I started getting calls a lot of calls from Gregg again and this time he called me from a show. It was the Steve Miller Band Gregg Allmann tour and Gregg was in his tour bus and SUPER PISSED OFF. He seemed pissed at me.. I was like “woah what is going on?” “I have to Goddam OPEN for that Steve Miller dude!!”  I was trying to deescalate the anger but Gregg was fit to be tied. Apparently, Gregg thought He would be the Headliner and once the tour started, he said they now do tandem headlining as they tried to make it so that Gregg opened for Steve at each show but Gregg put his foot down and I am sure Steve being the easy going dude He is, probably said “let’s do tandem” so it was, as far as I gathered, every other show that Gregg headlined. Gregg really was sort of mad at me as I am the one who connected them. I found it to be very cute that He called me to vent. I understand him and how he feels. I was So busy running my company at this point, I wasn’t going to as many gigs anymore; I was concentrating on my Dotbots and dispatching them out to various tours. SUPER busy time for me. Update: Paul Booth LOST the 40 minute video endorsement that Gregg made for him. Paul smokes copious amounts of WEED, including the whole time he did my Jimi Hendrix Tattoo. The tattoo was meant to be SMALL but when I showed Paul the palm sized picture my daughter drew of Hendrix, Paul said “If I’m gonna go ink on you, I need real estate” meaning, a tiny tattoo on my wrist won’t fly. He covered my WHOLE right hip. It’s MASSIVE.

Three sittings; 16 hours total. So I got a $6,400 tattoo from Paul Booth free of charge. That is unheard of. PLUS, Paul thanked ME. He said “thanks for letting me do colors. I haven’t done colors in decades”. So Paull didn’t back up his computer and it crashed so he LOST the fucking Gregg Allman video. We are both crushed. FUCK.
Then late August 2011,  I married GH because otherwise he would be deported since He is from Turkey. Big legal mess so I knew I could squash the mess and still keep dating GH if we just married “what a piece of paper anyways?” I thought. Well, we HAD to live together directly after that, says immigration (I was perfectly happy living alone) and I am sure he was happy in his flat too. So He moved in and one night I was upstairs patching up the ceiling and left my phone downstairs on the kitchen counter. I heard it ring a couple times but by the time I got downstairs, GH was just staring at me. “Who called??” I asked. “Gregg Allmann” he replied casually. “Well, what did he say?”  I asked, flustered. “I don’t know, I just answered and hung up on him”. Um, no, that is NOT ok. So here we go. Guys think they want to date me but when they get a whiff of my work life, they almost always act weird. Either jealous, or intimidated, sad, mad or can’t deal with it at all. Anyways I called Gregg back and got him his massage with one of my Dotbots. Chank would text me often too, to arrange massages for Gregg almost daily when he was on tour. Lesson learned.. always keep phone CLOSE by. 

Once Gregg learned I was married he was on a mission to “one up me” as he said, jokingly. The next time I saw Gregg, which was sadly also the LAST time I saw Gregg, was July 2012. I remember it clearly as I was 8 months pregnant at the time. I hadn’t told Gregg that yet. Anyhow, He asked me to arrange for “two female dotbots to massage him and his fiance’ “. Well, Dotbot Pam and I talked and I told her if she arrived BEFORE me, to make sure she only starts massaging the Fiance’; that I want to massage Gregg myself. I arrived just a few mins after Pam. I am standing in the Hallway with my massage table and the bellboy (I ain’t carrying a massage table at 8 months along!). I knock on the door.. Gregg answers with a big shit-eating grin… He probably wanted to make me jealous with his 21 year old Goddess.. then his eyes go South and see my big belly he yells “OH MY GOD!! You beat me to it. You stole my thunder! Gimme a hug you rascal”  and we both laughed our asses off. His girl got off the massage table to greet me, completely naked. What a stunning girl. Tiny tiny waist. Long, thick, wavy dark blonde hair, no make up whatsoever, simply BEAUTIFUL. She was sort of ordering Gregg around a bit then they got settled and enjoyed their couples massage. Gregg was moaning very loud during his back massage and Pam and I just looked at each other with our jaws dropped, laughing silently. Something I shall never forget. Gregg was such a unique, fun loving Man. I shall NEVER forget him or our time together.

Last night in NYC (Gregg Allman sings with Dave Matthews Band)
I went with my friend Gregg Allman to Madison Square Gardens as he was invited to sing one song with the Dave Mathews Band. I find the DMB to be overrated, not my scene, but I get along so well with Gregory and love hanging with him, so I went anyways. Gregg and I took a Limo to Madison Square Gardens and for the first time, I got to drive IN to the Gardens, all the way backstage. Gregg was sort of nervous that night as he was a guest of the DMB and was invited to come on stage and just sing one or two songs. They have a little drive way that literally goes inside, walking distance to the stage. I got a VVVIP pass and got to stand in the press pit and watch Gregg sing Sweet Melissa. It must have felt strange for Gregg as he wasn’t on the keyboards like he usually is. He was playing an acoustic guitar and singing. After his songs, he and I left and went for dinner and a massage. Not gonna hang around and watch the show. We got food to eat, lottery tickets to buy. ha. 

Rod Stewart, & Simon Cowell blog 😉
As you can see from the date on the backstage pass below, I have been really busy. So busy, a month has gone and I haven’t blogged properly. I’ve felt full, like when you eat too much, but my head is the full bit; full of blogs (full of shit?), so I am up, blogging, when I should be sleeping, to get rid of all this info rolling around my mind.  
Have you seen “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey? How the prayers build up and distract him? That’s how it is if I don’t write. It gets too loud and chaotic in my head.
Rather embarrassed to say, that I think the whole tonsil operation was a mistake. I thought, since the Doctors told me, they have to come out, meant, having them out would cure everything and I’d feel perfect. Seems now that instead of getting a sore throat, it just goes deeper (any infection) to the lungs. I have another lung infection (well, Berlin mostly heats with nasty COAL, so the air here is like a whore’s heart; dirty, really cold and moist. 
I went out Thanksgiving night (will blog about THAT asap) and have been basically in bed since. I have a lot to catch up on, so..moving right along
Berlin: Peter Mackay, the tour manager of Rod Stewart is a mate of mine, even though I haven’t seen him since the Jeff Beck show. He had me come to the Max Schmeling Halle in Berlin to set up and offer massages at my first ever Rod Stewart show. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen him live since that night. I was waaay into Rod before I even had any pubic hair. I thought he was the sexiest mother fucker on earth, and I didn’t even really have a grasp yet what sexy was. Hearing him made me tingle inside; I was a fan. I mean, I’ve always loved Zappa and the Beatles, but Rod and Mick Jagger, were objects of my desire…tsk tsk.  Watching Rod on TV sing “do ya think I’m sexy” turned me into a horn dog, ditto with Mick singing “Start me up” on Mtv. I admit it, go ahead and laugh. 

I massaged the band and several roadies as well. One, named Bruce, was about 6 foot 8 inches tall, hung out with me and watched the show after his massage. He’s been on the road with Rod for years and years. Big sweet heart.

One of the back up singers was 7 months pregnant, but I only noticed it towards the end of the show. I gave her a foot massage for free after the show, as a tiny gift. Rod takes really good care of his crew, band and managers. I heard it’s the plushest tour one can be on, as in, one day off in between every show, which is fucking great if you are touring. The catering was the fucking bomb too. These folks got it good. 
Rod put on a fantastic show. It was funny as hell to see so many German men dressed up like Rod in the first few rows. Extreme fans who donned his hair color/cut and the same style of clothing too. 

Still charming and handsome after all those years..and that voice. Oooh la-la. 
I didn’t get a picture with Rod, sadly. He “gets bored hanging about backstage” as his manager Lars told me, so he leaves the venue the second the show is over. I was lucky enough, though, to get a signed Football (ok, soccer ball for the yanks) from him. 

 I recently went to London to massage one of my favorite clients of all time, Simon Cowell. Let me tell you, the man does NOT count pennies. He goes ALL out and spoils everyone around him. Almost all rich people I know, are penny pinchers, tight wads, but not Simon. He is THE BIG SPENDER. He is hands down, the most generous client/star I have ever massaged. My flight, hotel, all my food, room service, etc was all paid (I never even see the bill) and there was a Mercedes car with driver waiting outside for me whenever I wanted to go anywhere. Business class flight too. Simon insists on the best. He fucking RULES! 

Simon fucking RULES!   

 I was put up in the Baglioni hotel in London, directly across from Hyde park. I was being nosy and asked the front desk how much my suite cost and they said “500 pounds per day Madam”. Daaam. I am not snobby, could have stayed at a cheaper place, but hey, I won’t say no. When I checked in the room wasn’t ready yet (I got there at 10am). So I sat at the bar and worked on my lap top and the manager there asked me if I was there for the Who. eh? No, why? The Who were having a party in my hotel that night for their new dvd they just released. You won’t believe this, but I missed the party. I massaged Simon from 10 pm to 12 midnight and when I got back, the party was over. LONDON bores the FUCK out of this night owl. WTF!!????
Anyways, I didn’t see much of London, as I slept all day, jogged, ate, massaged Simon, then there was nothing open after. Great. But I earned WELL and got treated like a fucking queen, AGAIN, from Simon and his assistant Ali. I am extremely grateful. Love you Simon!  Anyone who talks shit about Simon, simply hasn’t met him. He is a fucking gentleman; a sweet heart with a massive sense of humor. He does get tough love from me when he smokes during the massage. He and Ron Wood. They both smoke cigarettes while they get massaged. Simon plays Stevie Wonder during the massage most of the time though, so I forgive his smoking. 

Massage Delivery service in New York City/Long island

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I’ve been in the wellness field for over 15 years now. I’m a seasoned vet in the field
I am also a Professor who teaches the fundamental building blocks of holistic healing.
Specializing in swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, prenatal, myoskeletal alignment techniques which is called the art of mat. MPS pain management treatment. Percussion treatment using Theragun as well.
I customize the sessions based on the clients needs which may include stretch, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.. I look forward to working with you in the future to provide therapeutic massage and relief. Warmest regards Dalis, LMT Thank you

Dr. Dot update


It’s been a long time since I posted a blog other than introducing a new Dot-Bot. Life got too busy for my blogging fingers. Used to LOVE to blog but then hurricane Desmond came into my life 🙂

He is now almost 5 years old (August 20th is his birthday) and I love him soooooo much. He brings me happiness everyday. He says the funniest things- I just can’t even believe.

Last night he said “you can not get old Mama. I might not love you if you get old. Stay like this please Mama” and I said “well everyone gets old Desmond. Or they die. Do you want me to get old and be around or do you want me to die like Muny. Then you will never see me again if I die” and he said “umm, well just don’t get old. What is this about Getting Old

that everyone wants to do it? Why do they want to get old anyways?” hahaha. I said “well no one WANTS to get old, it is just part of life my cutie”. And he said I want to not get old”

So funny how little kids are so honest and how their questions and thoughts make us grown-ups think again and laugh out loud. He is such a blessing and I savor every minute

of everyday even though I am walking around so tired I FEEL like I am gonna die lol.

Probably would make some people annoyed but I let him sleep in my bed. He HAS a bed but refuses to stay in it. He wants to sleep next to mama. And he is a restless sleeper. omg. He kicks, tosses, turns, wants a sip of water; wakes to make sure I am here next to him. Looking at him right now; the little angel. Of course I felt this way when my daughter Jasmine was his age too but nothing compares to the love between a Mother and Son. It’s the same between a Father and Daughter I hear. Mommy’s little Boy and Daddy’s little girl they say. Well in my case, it stands true. Oh how it does. He shows me unconditional love that makes my heart swell with happiness (except in the supermarket sometimes lol – where if I do NOT buy the toy of his desire he throws a wobbler (tantrum) that seems like he has retracted any love for me hahaha).

I would do anything for my children, anytime, anywhere, it’s all for them. Every dime I earn I would gladly give to them. Best love in the world. So happy. Mind you, if I could buy sleep, I would be bankrupt in a heart beat 🙂

Not easy having a 4 year old at my age. Oh Come on, you know I am no Spring Chicken anymore. Just wish I had 10 little children to take care of but you know how expensive life is and taking care of kids is dear (expensive). So I just savor this one and give him all of my love and attention. I have to wait until he goes to bed (usually late at night!) to start working (the 800+ emails I receive everyday and I mean, every SINGLE day) have to be taken care of otherwise they back up and then the next day I have twice as many. And every parent (who is NOT a Millionaire) knows there is the daily grind at home with house work… trash, laundry, dishes, floors, shopping, cooking, etc..Very hard to maintain friendships or any sort of physical activity. But that is reality when you choose to be a parent. Plus we ALL know I have had quite a run up until then, like up until about 2010, I had so much freedom and so many adventures- well my daughter was grown by then and I was free to travel, work, work out, sing, SLEEP etc 🙂 So it was a HUGE adjustment to be where I am at right now.

Hoping to get my book done SOON. Calling my book “Before I forget” because face it, I need to get my adventures in writing, before I get to old and freakin’ forget. Just my photographs alone need to be published for all to enjoy. I am sort of like the Rock and Roll cinderella or the Forrest Gump of Rock and Roll, these tid-bits need to be shared.

But where would these spare hours come from? Who knows. I barely have time to sleep- ever. Maybe when Desmond starts school this coming Sept. But I was hoping to use those hours to sleep and recover. Head still hurts from those two pesky Brain surgeries I had.. August 2016 and January 2017.. remember? I had two tumors removed.. huge process. And really had minimal help at home to recover, well it was never enough help, especially the first time in August, I was up cooking my own meals and doing housework and alone with Desmond most of the time. It was hell but it kept me so busy I didn’t notice the pain like most people would have. NO Pain killers apart from a few Tylenol PM’s, but then hardly even any of those. Not a fan of drugs of any kind. I threw a full, unopened bottle of Percaset (spelling?) away that my brain surgeon gave me. Did not even want to try one. So afraid of being hooked on such things. Like what happened to Prince. Sad.

I did have help the 2nd time around, but it was never enough. My friend Steve moved in for a while to help with Desmond. I got to sleep a bit more than I normally would. But taking care of Desmond literally requires 3 adults full time lol. Anyone who knows me well, knows this fact. “Takes a village to raise a child” is correct. Sadly I have ZERO relatives in my state. They all live super far away- NH, GA, FLA, CT… no one around. And friends are too busy too; swamped in their own lives, so it’s brutal.

Anyways, I am rambling on.. gotta sleep, just checking in to vent and gush about my little Son who I adore so much. Daughter lives in Germany and I barely see her but that’s life- when they grow up, they live their own lives so cherish them while you can


Dr. Dot

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^ My Daughter and Son together. Pure bliss <3

Massage Delivery service in Houston, Texas


Book me: email me at and write “Shanna/Houston” in the subject line

Hi there! My name is Shanna, and I am originally from New Mexico. I’ve lived and worked in the NYC, NJ, Long Island and Conn market since 2002. As a graduate of The Swedish Institute I have been a professional LMT since 2008. Healing others through massage has been a passion of mine for most of my life. Using Swedish deep tissue, Shiatsu, trigger points, and energy work as the back bone of my sessions, I have been able to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Dancers, singers, musicians, bartenders, chiropractors, business professionals…etc. I have a special place in my heart for artists and performers having grown up in a family of professional musicians, and I truly enjoy bringing healing to that community. Additionally, I have experience in sports injury, prenatal, lymph drainage and cancer patient recovery care as well.
I enjoy being a part of the Dr. Dot family, and help healing others in mind, body, and soul.

Massage Delivery service in Manhattan/NYC/Queens, NY


Book me: email me at and write “Melissa/NYC” in the subject line

Melissa is a LMT and has been a massage therapist since 2001.She attended Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. She is New York State licensed, Nationally Certified and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.Melissa is certified in pre/post natal massage and specializes in injury rehabilitation, deep tissue, and sports performance. Melissa is currently a student of Ortho-bionomy.

Observer writes about Dr. Dot Therapy LLC


A massage with Dr. Dot was a two-hour journey of intense release, pressure and pain—in other words, “the strongest deep-tissue bodywork session in the tri-state area” lived up to the claim. Proud to boast that she has “the best hands in the business,” there was little let up when she encountered a stubborn knot of tension in my neck—if anything, it felt like an invitation to go deeper. Not for the faint of heart, it was also a treatment that Dr. Dot, a.k.a. Connecticut-born Dorothy Stein, had honed to perfection over 30 years of massaging some of the most tour-bus-weary names in the music business; from Kanye West to Katy Perry (for the full, mind-boggling list just visit her website). Her first client was Def Leppard but Robert Plant, Mariah Carey, the Stones, and Sting and Trudie have all passed through her healing hands. She even gave the Oasis lads their first massage ever. Based in Berlin in recent years, Dr. Dot decided to move back to the States this summer, prompted by her involvement in Buick’s new Happiness Test Drive campaign—for which she created a unique in-car self massage technique. Motoring giant GM approached her after word spread among that set of people who always seem to know the very best contact for everything, from dentists and cosmetic surgeons to well, rock and roll’s top massage therapist. “There’s no place like home,” she told the Observer, speaking on the phone from her hair salon in Midtown NYC, sounding not unlike another famous Dorothy. And, indeed, the yellow brick road of her career to date does read something like a journey to the land of Oz, though home is Hoboken, N.J. Oasis (Photo: Getty Images). Oasis (Photo: Getty Images). Born to hippie parents in the late 1960s (Dr. Dot is an athletic yet voluptuous 47), “We didn’t have a TV, so in my household music and massage were our entertainment,” she said. “My mom was always like, ‘massage my feet, walk on my back.’ That was my role—I was the little family masseuse.” Dedicated Dead Heads, her parents would also take her to concerts from a young age: “I saw Frank Zappa at age 12. I even went to school the next day in a T-shirt that said ‘Titties and Beer,’ and got sent home,” she recalled. It was Zappa who put the doc in Dorothy; later in life he named her Dr. Dot for her expert skills and the moniker stuck. When Dr. Dot’s parents divorced and stopped funding what was by now a serious rock and roll habit, she had to find her own way into shows. “At first I would just sneak in, but then I decided I wanted to meet the people up on stage. And so I began to barter—backstage passes for massage. That started at age 15 with Def Leppard, and they’re still my clients today.” Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger (Photo: Michael Hickey/Getty Images). Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger (Photo: Michael Hickey/Getty Images). If it sounds a little suspect, a 15-year-old girl offering massage to hang backstage with bands, “have you met me?” she demanded, when questioned about whether any “extras” were ever expected. “My clients are usually scared of me, not the other way around. I have an aura that says ‘back off.’ That was never going to happen.” Word spread, and for the first decade of her career she continued to barter, massaging an ever-growing roster of bands in exchange for backstage access. “It was Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones who told me I had to start charging if I wanted people to take me seriously.” She went on to travel with the Stones on three consecutive tours: “Where I would have worked for the food! They had the best catering in the world.” Dr. Dot has since grown her business considerably, and now manages over 900 “Dot Bots” in over 30 countries globally—Dr. Dot vetted and approved each massage therapist, chiropractor and beauty therapist herself and deploys them via her Blackberry. She continues to receive applications daily, and employs a full-time assistant to screen them. “They have to be certified, in America they have to be licensed, and they have to have at least one year’s experience before we’ll even talk to them.” Once past this initial screening process, they then had to give a demonstration. “If they can’t come to me personally, they have to make it to the nearest Dr. Dot tester. To be a tester, you have to have already massaged me, or got a massage from me.” And sometimes this job fell to her most trusted clients. “Steve Vai and Joe Jackson have both been testers, plus lots of tour managers. They’re looking for a free massage; I’m looking for a tester. It’s a win-win!” Juliette Lewis (Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images). Juliette Lewis (Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images). Dr. Dot also counts A-list actors Bruce Willis and Juliette Lewis as clients, plus NFL players and corporations including Siemens and GM. Signed as part of a roster of wellness experts tasked with finding solutions for driving stress, Dr. Dot was happy to get involved. “I loved the idea. I thought good for them (Buick), they actually want to help their customers,” she said. “People get so stressed out when they’re driving, and massage is proven to lower blood pressure, as well stimulate the immune system.” Dr. Dot honed her self-taught healing technique—including a scary-sounding but strangely effective “biting” technique—at a medical massage school in Berlin. She moved to the German capital full time after meeting the father of her first child, a German, at a Grateful Dead concert in Hartford, Conn. “He looked like John Lennon…” a lifelong Beatles fan, she added, “my heart really belongs in Liverpool!” Berlin was also where she met Danielle Finkelstein, a former TV producer and now Toronto-based skincare entrepreneur who would launch a line of high-end Dr. Dot massage oils through her Argan Lounge enterprise. Available via a link on Dr. Dot’s homepage from mid-September, they are made in Canada using 80 percent pure, eco certified, fair traded argan oil, and are 100 percent organic and cruelty free. For now, Dr. Dot is happy to be back on home soil—and claimed her inbox was “raining requests” from high-profile clients, all wanting a one-on-one with the most infamous hands in the business. For a personal appointment email Read more at: