24 hour massage service San Diego, California


 Book me: info@drdot.com and write: “Jasom/San Diego” in subject line 🙂

I have been doing bodywork and instructing yoga for over nine years in the San Francisco Bay Area, recently moving with my family to San Diego.

I practice Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Tui-Na, Thai (Traditional at and Table) and trained in an orthopedic therapeutic massage (The Hendrickson Method).  I have experience in corporate chair massage, using Japanese Acupressure (Anma).  I also incorporate yoga-inspired stretches and advise to further your relaxation by ‘listening to the body’.
I believe in listening to the body, especially to the rhythm & quality of your breath.  I incorporate breathing techniques also found in yoga that will aid in the body’s relaxation.


My goal is to work with you and to help you to trust in the natural healing process of the body.