Greetings from Mesa, Arizona

Out here for the Tour Link convention. Palm trees, orange trees, sun…. all good so far. HATED the flight- 5.5 hours, omfg. Could have flown to the UK in that time. I use twitter a lot now, much more than this blog, so if you want to follow me on twitter I am at:


Holding on for dear life in back seat of taxi

 Ronzilla ^ and Pooh

NY native and fellow karaoke FREAK, showed me and Rachel around Mesa and we ended up in a bar called the Tilted Kilt for karaoke. Hard putting up with drunks (local drunken men) when you are sober, ugh!

Local Mesa Dot Bot, Rachel ^ spoiling my feets after karaoke


View from my hotel room ^ (if you look closely you will see some orange trees)


Lazy cunt Pooh just lies around all day while I go out and bring home the bacon. Pffft. 


Orange trees EVERYWHERE here in AZ. Lovin' it so far…



… and Palm trees too. I can imagine it must be hotter than hell here in the summer though.


Mesa, Arizona Dot Bot April ^ massaging my aching feet :p

Doesn't she resemble a young Grace Slick ?


In the pilot seat of a 19 million dollar private jet at the Tour Link "Jet BBQ". I felt like a fish out of water there


Went out to karaoke with a few dot bots and local friends at Uncle Monkeys. REALLY STRANGE! I ordered a GLASS of club soda with a splash of cranberry juice, no ice, and this is the "glass" they brought me. lol. It is super cheap in AZ. And sunny. So I can see the attraction. Not much ambition going on, people seem to just wanna chill out there. To each his own you know?


 After karaoke at Denny's, 1:30 am ^ I was being interviewed by some guy, not sure what will become of it. Dot Bot Rachel was in on the action, I made some funny videos, will post asap.