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Hello! My name is Amera and I became a Certified Massage Therapist in July of 2011 graduating from Minnesota School of Business. The education I received there was second to none and superior to most.Paired with my passion for massage, extremely strong hands, and intuitive ability to find all the right spots I have had the opportunity to showcase my skills in a variety of settings while gaining experience and confidence.Through school and networking I have had the pleasure to participate in various volunteer events, Special Olympics 2011&2012, MN AIDS Walk 2011&2012, elderly massages at nursing homes, as well as paid gigs like chair massages for Roller Derby Girls, baby showers, girl parties, and an internship at a Chiropractic Practice.I worked for a short time at a small massage business in Minneapolis and a Massage Envy, neither one quite vibed with me because of the cookie cutter kind of massages that are offered. Now I am an independent contractor working with private clients and referrals.I can honestly say I am extremely good at what I do. Chronic tension relief is what my ultimate goal for every session is- that is finding those problems areas individual to each person and performing a variety of techniques to get it to release or loosen up. A massage should be different and unique with a similar goal each time-whether it be for relaxation, rehabilitation, health awareness, or all of the above.The massages I provide are exactly what you are looking for, but I can’t just tell you, you’ll have to try it. Thanks for reading, looking forward to meeting you!

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Massage Delivery Service in Phoenix, Arizona 24/7


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Crystal Phoenix

Greetings! I have been a massage professional for fifteen years, and I have been awarded as a leader in my field. I can efficiently address conditions such as, muscle pain, plantar fasciitis, foot/ankle/knee problems, TMJ, headaches, carpel tunnel and injuries to name a few. This success enabled me to become an Instructor at the age of 22. I realized that soft tissue manipulation (massage) can have a profound effect on so many different systems of the body, so I traveled across the world to learn the most useful, cutting edge techniques, to address the whole body.

My treatments are deep, and they may hurt at times, but it is a good hurt, and I always leave you feeling better! I have been a guest on television and radio programs, sharing effective massage techniques to increase function. I have also taught over 150 massage classes, offering continuing education to massage therapists. If needed, I can offer techniques that allow me to work on up to 10 people in 3-4 hours.

I am extremely excited to be a part of the Dr. Dot team because I understand that her clients undergo more stress than most people can imagine, and I believe that it is my time to give back to those who have given so much to keep mankind entertained.


24 hour massage service Phoenix, Arizona


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Hello, my name is Danielle and live in Phoenix.

 I have been a massage therapist for 13 years including school. I love being a massage therapist simply because I get to make someone else happy. Each client is different but the goal is the same, make them smile. whether it’s deep tissue or hot stones every massage is designed for the body on the table.

I am trained in deep tissue, swedish, pregnancy, reflexology and lymphatic. I definitely prefer deep tissue but always work with the client not against them. I am licensed in Arizona and live in Phoenix but am willing to travel to surrounding cities as well as Tucson.
I am excited to be working for Dr. Dot and look forward to being your next massage therapist.


24 hour massage service Phoenix,Arizona



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Hi, I'm Corey and it's my pleasure to be on Dr. Dot's team. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2002. Since graduating from Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College ten years ago, my focus has been on treating chronic pain and post rehab work.

I have developed the perfect combination of Myotherapy, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage for absolute Stress and Tension Relief to help both the athlete and non-athlete stay injury free, less stressed and recover quicker from his or her training.

My goal through therapy is to help you be and feel your best. When you find yourself in need of a good kneading, contact Dr. Dot!

Therapeutically yours,

24 hour massage service Phoenix, Arizona


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Hi! My name is Megan and I have been a massage therapist for a solid 5 years.

I graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy (ASMT) in 2006 and have developed a deep passion for massage. I love working with the public and helping people relieve stress so they can relax and heal.

Currently I work as a chiropractor assistant, run my own private practice, as well as the massage therapist for a well known national automotive school in town.

Massage techniques I specialize in are:
    •    Deep tissue,
    •    Swedish,
    •    Trigger Point,
    •    Reflexology,
    •    Sports, and
    •    Hot Stone Therapy.

I am an Arizona native and have worked all over the state on many different types of clientele. From athletes, business men / women, kids, adults, seniors, accident injury patients, etc. You name it, I’ve helped them. Every massage is customized to the client’s needs.

I am very lucky and extremely honored to be a part of Dr. Dot’s Massage Team and look forward to working on you!

24 hour massage service Phoenix, Arizona




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Born with an intuitive sense of compassion, Dawn naturally found her way to the Healing Arts. After completing a 1000 hour program, she was invited by the administration of her school to be the first person in the USA to qualify for a college degree in Massage Therapy, setting the pace for an industry standard. She feels blessed to do what she does for a living and never feels like she is working. It’s part of a holistic lifestyle. Live music is a healing modality for her. The vibrations of the music literally take her to another place…out of her head and into her heart. 

When not giving massages, Dawn is creating something artistic, reading, gardening, cooking, doing yoga, or being with family and friends. She gives much of her time back to the community donating massages and organizing fund raising events, her first event being a Rock n Roll show to raise donations for over 500 school children in the inner city of Phoenix for Christmas. Local bands and individual musicians volunteered their time and talent to create a fun, successful event. Dawn has also traveled as far as Egypt to “be” with some of the local children of Cairo to increase their awareness of what is possible in their lives. What she took back from that trip was an expanded awareness of herself and continues to grow as a therapist and a person through continuing education and “being” with people from all walks of life. 

Dawn’s massages are an intuitive blend of Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Reflexology. Of course, each individual is different and your massage will be what YOU want. Dawn has extensive experience working with professional athletes, professional musicians, and people of all ages from birth to their last days of this life. Pregnancy massage is also available at all stages, during labor, and post-partum. Past clients have had health challenges from minor fatigue and depression to immune disorders and advanced cancer. Additionally, she also has experience teaching Sports and Spa classes to other Massage Therapists and has done Corporate Chair Massage at countless events and businesses. 

She looks forward to connecting with you!

24 hour massage service Phoenix, Arizona

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Hello, I’m Becky. I graduated in 2007 with more than 1000 hours and a 4.0 in my massage program. 

My passion for this art has driven me to expand my abilities as a therapist and obtain 200 hour certifications in myotherapy, zen shiatsu, reflexology and aromatherapy. I’m also certified in deep tissue, Thai yoga, and LaStone therapies. While I tend to be drawn to deep work, I’m able to adapt my sessions to your specific needs. 

I subscribe to the theory that your body cannot be separated from your mind or soul, but that these three elements work together to create you as a whole person, and rely on each other for balance and well being. 

Each session is tailored to your specific needs, and I may use many different types of massage, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and trigger point work to name a few, in a single session. 

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in the process while you find harmony and balance. 

Massage delivery service (24/7) in Tucson, Arizona


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Hi, my name is Julia and I am a graduate of Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe AZ, currently living in Tucson AZ. As a Licensed Massage Therapist for 5 years, I have many satisfied clients because of my unique approach to their therapeutic concerns. 


I specialize in Therapeutic Massage which opens you up to a more relaxed and balanced frame of body and mind, where I can work with your issues that obstruct the free flow of energy. 


My massage is uniquely for you as I incorporate Swedish strokes, Deep Tissue, Injury Massage with Lymph drainage to assist with relaxation and painful areas, plus Sports stretching along with Trigger Point therapy. I also enjoy pregnancy massage. 


I have experience in a variety of work environments including chiropractors, high end spas, the Superbowl, and other special events. 


I feel that having an awareness of your body's interconnections will help you maximize your healing and improve your overall health. 


Always interested in learning, I strive to grow my skills to become the very best. I am also available for chair massage events at the workplace or for special occasions. 


I believe Dr. Dot has a quality team and I look forward to us working together! 


If you are in Tucson or Phoenix please contact Dr. Dot to request me! Have a great day!

Massage delivery service in Phoenix, Arizona 24/7


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Hello there my name is Rosa. I am from Hermosillo, Mexico and now live in Phoenix, AZ. I got started with massage in the summer of 2009. After graduating from the Arizona School of Massage therapy I started working at the school as a teacher's assistant, I also work at a spa. I enjoy being a massage therapist because it gives me a chance to help people. 


Deep tissue is my favorite massage to give, people are always amazed that someone as small as me can have so much power. I have trained many different modalities including cranial/sacral, reflexology, Swedish, sport massage, and trigger point. 


I am professional, easygoing and I take massage therapy seriously. I want every massage I give to be better than the one before. 


Look for me in Phoenix!!!