Massage Delivery Service in and around Los Angeles (very willing to go on tour)

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To book me, email and write “Leia/LA” in the subject line

Aloha! My name is Leia (like “Princess Leia” from Star Wars).
 I fell in love with massage therapy at the tender age of 15, when I volunteered to massage for the IronMan World Triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. After 6 hours of massaging tri-athletes from around the world, I got a crash course in what it takes. It was a very gratifying experience.

 I am trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports, and Pregnancy massage modalities. I work closely along chiropractors, professional athletes, and rehab patients on a daily basis. I am strong and have a passion to heal. Originally from Hawaii, I bring the Aloha Spirit and pass it on to you.

Active as an International Pin-Up Model & Burlesque Performer, Leia is the sister of a professional heavy metal drummer, the sister of a professional hula dancer and beauty queen, and the daughter of a rockin’ helicopter pilot sprung from the Vietnam War. I, myself, have a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and have been singing since the age of 10.

*Available for tour <3

24 Hour Massage service Albany, New York

Book me: and write Kathryn/Albany” in the subject line to reach me quickly


My name is Kathryn, I am New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher.

I specialize in the Art of Traditional Thai Massage and Deep Tissue work. I have training in Eastern and Western forms of massage, Positional Therapy, Yoga, Trance Dance and Energy work. I am very much a free spirit and a healer by nature.

I live for music of all kinds, and have been singing, playing the guitar and songwriting for almost 10 years now. I love Dr. Dot and everything she stands for, I am so proud to be apart of her team.

I look forward to working with you. 🙂

I am available for tours.

Experience Hendrix tour with Steve Vai


My friend Steve Vai ^ before the gig. He is really one of my favorite people on earth. SO FUN to talk to Steve and his playing makes for good eargasms.  


Steve took a picture of my Hendrix tattoo with his iPhone and thought we should pose with it in the picture. He cracks me up! 


Here is the whole tattoo (took this one right after I had it done) 


Steve played/sang "Waterfall" which was for me was the highlight of the whole show. OMFG. AMAZING. 


 Check this tour out, it is AMAZING: 


Napoleon Murphy Brock and the Grande Mothers tour (Frank Zappa alumni :)


31 OCT. LE TRABENDO PARIS Porte de Pantin
2 NOV.  DE BEES BAR Winsford, Cheshire
 3 NOV. The Deaf Institute, Manchester


Massaged the singer of MGMT a few days ago. Their band uses my massage team rather often but this was the first time I massaged Andrew. SUPER nice guy. His sister is a massage therapist- maybe she will become a Dot Bot 🙂




Check them out on tour:




May 26 2010         Le Grand Journal                            Canal + 

May 28 2010       Avila Beach Resort                           San Luis Obispo, California

May 29 2010       Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium                         Santa Cruz, California

May 31 2010       Sasquatch Festival                           George, Washington

Jun 1 2010           Crystal Ballroom                               Portland, Oregon 

Jun 2 2010           Crystal Ballroom                               Portland, Oregon 

Jun 4 2010           In The Venue                     Salt Lake City, Utah

Jun 6 2010           Stubb’s                                 Austin, Texas 

Jun 7 2010           House Of Blues                                 Houston, Texas

Jun 8 2010           House Of Blues                 Dallas, Texas

Jun 11 2010         Red Rocks                           Morrison, Colorado 

Jun 13 2010         Uptown Theatre                              Kansas City, Missouri 

Jun 14 2010         The Vogue                          Indianapolis, Indiana

Jun 15 2010         LC Pavilion                           Columbus, Ohio  

Jun 16 2010         The Fillmore                       Detroit, Michigan

Jun 18 2010         Riviera Theatre                                 Chicago, Illinois s 

Jun 20 2010         Riverside Theatre                            Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Aug 8 2010          Lollapalooza                       Chicago, Illinois 

Sep 16 2010        Olympia                               Dublin, Ireland 

Sep 17 2010        Olympia Theatre                              Dublin, Ireland 

Sept 18 2010       Olympia                               Dublin, Ireland 

Sep 20 2010        Barrowland Ballroom                      Glasgow, Scotland 

Sep 23 2010        02 Academy                       Birmingham, UK 

Sep 24 2010        02 Academy                       Bournemouth, UK

Sep 26 2010        Manchester Apollo                         Manchester, UK 

Sep 29 2010        Brixton Academy                             London, UK < TYLER

Sep 30 2010        Brixton Academy                             London, UK < TYLER

Oct 3 2010           AB Café / Resto                                Brussels, Belgium

Oct 4 2010           Paradiso                               Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oct 7 2010           Bataclan                               Paris, France < AKIKA

Oct 8 2010           Bataclan                               Paris, France < AKIKIA

Nov 29 2010        Stahlwerk                            Dusseldorf, Germany

Nov 30 2010        Docks                    Hamburg, Germany 

Dec 2 2010           Sentrum Scene                                 Oslo, Norway

Dec 3 2010           Berns                    Stockholm, Sweden

Dec 4 2010           Vega                      Copenhagen, Denmark

Dec 6 2010           Columbiahalle                   Berlin, Germany 

Dec 7 2010           Tonhalle                               Munich, Germany

Dec 8 2010           Gasometer                         Vienna, Austria 

Dec 10 2010        Archa Theatre                   Prague, Czech Republic

Dec 12 2010        Alcatraz                                Milan, Italy

Dec 13 2010        Maag Hall                            Zurich, Switzerland

Dec 14 2010        Le Transbordeur                               Lyon, France

Dec 16 2010        Razzmatazz                         Barcelona, Spain 

Dec 17 2010        La Riviera                             Madrid, Spain

Dec 18 2010        Campo Pequeno                              Lisbon, Portugal


Greetings from Mesa, Arizona

Out here for the Tour Link convention. Palm trees, orange trees, sun…. all good so far. HATED the flight- 5.5 hours, omfg. Could have flown to the UK in that time. I use twitter a lot now, much more than this blog, so if you want to follow me on twitter I am at:


Holding on for dear life in back seat of taxi

 Ronzilla ^ and Pooh

NY native and fellow karaoke FREAK, showed me and Rachel around Mesa and we ended up in a bar called the Tilted Kilt for karaoke. Hard putting up with drunks (local drunken men) when you are sober, ugh!

Local Mesa Dot Bot, Rachel ^ spoiling my feets after karaoke


View from my hotel room ^ (if you look closely you will see some orange trees)


Lazy cunt Pooh just lies around all day while I go out and bring home the bacon. Pffft. 


Orange trees EVERYWHERE here in AZ. Lovin' it so far…



… and Palm trees too. I can imagine it must be hotter than hell here in the summer though.


Mesa, Arizona Dot Bot April ^ massaging my aching feet :p

Doesn't she resemble a young Grace Slick ?


In the pilot seat of a 19 million dollar private jet at the Tour Link "Jet BBQ". I felt like a fish out of water there


Went out to karaoke with a few dot bots and local friends at Uncle Monkeys. REALLY STRANGE! I ordered a GLASS of club soda with a splash of cranberry juice, no ice, and this is the "glass" they brought me. lol. It is super cheap in AZ. And sunny. So I can see the attraction. Not much ambition going on, people seem to just wanna chill out there. To each his own you know?


 After karaoke at Denny's, 1:30 am ^ I was being interviewed by some guy, not sure what will become of it. Dot Bot Rachel was in on the action, I made some funny videos, will post asap.