A grand night out

So it's been a while since I've seen my friend Jill. She is from London but her Mom was from Barbados. She has a sweet English accent and is a total rock chick. You may remember her from my Motorhead Blog . She lives in London but comes back to NYC often as she has a flat in Brooklyn. Anyways, even though she may not LOOK like a rocker, she is. Whenever we go out to karaoke, she sings Led Zepp or some other hard core rock band. She tells it like it is and I adore her. 



I WILL pass the scratch and sniff test.


"Every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man" ^

"she only comes out a night, The lean and hungry type
Nothing is new, Ive seen her here before
Watching and waiting
Shes sitting with you but her eyes are on the door….ooo wooo, here she 

comes, watch out boy, she'll chew you up, woooo oooh here she comes,

she's a man eater" 


Ok. let me explain who THAT^  is. I have been going to Iggy's karaoke bar for a few years and Mariam is a fixture in the joint. She never shows up until after midnight, when all guys are good and drunk and sure enough, this sugar mama scores every time. She absolutely LOVES my friend Jonesy, but it's been so long since he's been there (and his hair is darker now) she didn't even recognize him last time we went in to sing. She kept comin up to him saying "don't I know you?" and he tried to avoid eye contact as she really crowds him ALL night. He even had the DJ call him under his real name "Chris" so she wouldn't suspect that it was really him. heh heh. 



Jill on the mic. Sandwiched by two NYC men


I could not stop laughing at Jill giving Jacob (below)  shit for farting in my car. She was BRUTAL on the poor guy.


Looks better than he smells ^  Jacob, aka "Mr. Farty pants" 


Told Jacob to "get an enema to clean out your smelly rancid fucking ASS!" 


After karaoke we had an after hours party in my car. Burning herbs and incense to make my car smell nicer, and to TRY and combat our pal Jacob's GAS problem (which smelt like a year old bag of hard boiled eggs). Had we lit a match in my car, it would have surely exploded. He LOVES Led Zepp and Hendrix, as do Jill and I so it is fun hanging out and jammin with him but daaaaaaaaaaaaam. My eyes were watering from his smelly ass. I am starting to think this bout of Bronchitis I have wasn't triggered by jogging in the cold, but from inhaling his lethal gas. FUCK!! Yet another downside of going out to Irish pubs to sing karaoke. 

St. Patricks Day in NYC smells like a fuming compost heap of beans, beer and rotten eggs inside stinky socks by the way. Not for the faint of heart or people who have excellent sense of smell like me. Sorry if I am making your stomach turn, but you know how misery loves company…


I am working on a few more blogs since I am home sick so lets see how much I get done. Fucking bloody cold here in NYC, we got hammered by snow AGAIN. Mother Nature is on a rampage. I still hear Florida calling my name "Dot, come back, bake in the sun" but I also hear Berlin calling "Dot come back and freeze in the miserable below zero Berlin winter" ha ha. Oh the choices.