Massage in London England


My name is Irina and I was born in Bulgaria where I qualified as a massage therapist.
Between age of 10 to 19 I have received a training to become a  professional athlete and
sport and deep tissue massage were widely included. That gave me a great inspiration
 to consider taking a Post Graduate Diploma in massage therapy later on in my life.
Afterwords I worked in few  beach spa centers in Bulgaria where I practiced Deep Tissue,
 Swedish, Indian head massages and reflexology. 8 years ago I moved to London and I
started working in a TOP spa at Covent Garden.
Working for Dr.Dot is giving me a great chance to experience the wonderful world of music,
 dance and performances which I adore and combined with practicing a massage therapy
 makes it the perfect choice for me.

If you want to book a massage wtih me, email me at: and write "Irina/London"

in the subject line and I will answer you straight away.