Hooter and Greenway show

Staying home on a cold Friday night here in NYC as I have my sex columns due NOW and I am on antibiotics AGAIN. My lungs couldn't handle the 5 mile jog I did Sunday night before going out to karaoke (wild night of karaoke) with my friend Jill. I am sure inhaling all the put smoke in the karaoke bar didn't help. I was jogging my ass off down in FLA without any problems, I guess I have to quit jogging in the winter OR move down South.


Some buddies of mine have their own radio show called The Hooter and Greenway show and they have been waiting for about a year for me to pose in their shirt so I finally did it. I have a stack of t-shirts I am suppsoed to pose in, but I never think of doing it. Doesn't cross my mind. 

(you can see Pooh to the left of me, sniffing my armpit as usual)


I HOPE I get over this round of Bronchitis before I fly back to Berlin (within the next ten days). NOT looking forward to landing in Berlin this time as I head it is BELOW zero (it was 19 below the other night). OMFG. I have to go, lots to do over there. Lots to do everywhere for that matter. 

Gotten used to the USA way of life again, been here since August and there are some things here that are much easier than in Europe. You don't have to force a smile out of anyone, people are happy- rich or poor, they are still happier here. Making a living in NYC is much harder, but the mood is better in general. Gas prices are SUPER low now (filled my tank for $20 the other night). GREAT FOOD everywhere here. I gained 3 kilos since August (5 pounds?) but it seems the pounds went straight to my tits anyways, so I am not moaning. I will surely hate Berlin for the first few weeks, then I will grow to love it again and hate to leave. Never ending story! I would write more now but I have to do my sex columns. 

I have some fun pics from our Sunday night out and will load them later