Massage in Providence Rhode Island


Hi, my name is Beth.
I specialize in Sports Massage and have had many years of national and international experience and training in such areas as deep tissue Myofascial body work, Reflexology,
Trigger Point therapy, Nutrition, and Reiki Healing.
I love life and am passionate about working with all types of people from athletes to business professionals, singers, musicians and celebrities.
I’ve been told such comments as “Strong hands! Strong energy force!”
“You are top notch!”
 Being very intuitive, my hands will automatically go to the aching tight areas of the body.
Initially I owned a very successful practice in Mystic, Ct. then decided to move on to see what was out there…
I love traveling and have traveled the world picking up various techniques as I go.
For the last 10 years I have been living abroad and working as Director of a beautiful retreat center in Southern Spain. Wonderful country and passionate people!
I returned to the USA recently and found out about Dr Dot and her fabulous team of therapists. We met in NYC and I was personally interviewed by Dr Dot and am inspired by her business manner and get up and go! After a great interview I was invited to become a part of the team.
I am available in the New England area, CT, RI, MA. and also for tours if needed. Email me anytime: and put "Beth/RI" in subject line.

I look forward to working with you!