Massage Delivery service in New Haven (New England), CT

Book me: email me at and write “Nikki/connecticut” in the subject line

Hello, My name is Nikki

I have been a massage therapist for over a year. I graduated from Cortiva Institute. I currently work in a chiropractor’s office as well an Independent Contractor for Waterbury Hospital & the Massage studio in Cheshire. I also have my own private practice. I am very passionate about what I do and I love to help people gain relief and overall feel better.

I specialize in
• Swedish 
• Trigger point therapy
• Deep Tissue
• Stretching 
• Sports and Orthopedic 

Within the amount of time I have had my license I have had the pleasure of working on all types of clients including athletes, healthcare professionals, men and women, and clients who have recently had surgery (post-op). Every clients session is tailored specifically to their needs.

24 hour massage service Providence/Worcester/Hartford and Boston


  Book and write: “Anthony/Hartford” in subject line 🙂
Hello, my name is Anthony, and I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and
Licensed Massage Therapist. Having a strong background in sport
medicine my work mostly focuses on musculoskeletal injuries,
neuropathic conditions, migraines and headaches. I have experience
working with professional athletes, people with work related injuries
and automobile accidents. My treatment goals with my patients and clients are to reduce pain and stress, increase mobility, and enhance healing. I am privileged to be a part of Dr. Dot’s team. It is a great
opportunity to provide care to individuals looking to better their
performance and well being. My mission as a health care professional
is to provide you the best quality of care, and be a reliable source of
information on the conditions or issues that may have. I am available
during the day as well as late hours of the night, so feel free to
book me at any time. Thank you for your consideration, and I am looking
forward to working with you in the future.

Love the life you live, live the life you love -Bob Marleya

24 hour massage service in New Haven Connecticut (I do travel too)


  Book me: and write: “Megan/Connecticut” in subject line 🙂


Hi! My name is Megan and I have been a massage therapist for a solid 8 years.

I graduated from Massage Therapy School (ASMT) in 2006 and have developed a deep passion for massage. I love working with the public and helping people relieve stress so they can relax and heal.

Currently I work as a chiropractor assistant, run my own private practice, as well as the massage therapist for a well known national automotive school in town.

Massage techniques I specialize in are:
•    Deep tissue,
•    Swedish,
•    Trigger Point,
•    Reflexology,
•    Sports, and
•    Hot Stone Therapy.

I currently live in CT, but I am an Arizona native and have worked all over the state on many different types of clientele. From athletes, business men / women, kids, adults, seniors, accident injury patients, etc. You name it, I’ve helped them. Every massage is customized to the client’s needs.

I am very lucky and extremely honored to be a part of Dr. Dot’s Massage Team and look forward to working on you!

24 hour massage delivery service in Hartford, Connecticut

Contact me: and write “Mike/CT” in the subject line, thanks


Greetings and salutations! My name is Mike, and massage has been a part of my lifestyle my entire life. 

I graduated from the Connecticut School of Massage Therapy, and specialize in Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Sports Massage. I am licensed, nationally certified, and an active member of the AMTA of which I am a member of the Sports Massage and Community Service Teams. 

I am currently attending classes for craniosacral therapy, and have completed levels 1,2, & 3 of the Qigong Science Foundation for breathing and healing techniques. I work at several wellness centers in the Hartford area providing massage to a broad range of clients, of which several are classically trained musicians, and professional athletes as well. 

I have been practicing martial arts for 40 years, and hold a seventh degree black belt in the art of KaJuKenBo, as well as extensive study in Aikido and Arnis. Healing is fundamental to martial arts, and massage is the perfect way for me to integrate that aspect into my life. 

I attended my first concert at the age of 17, it was 1968, and I was totally blown away by the Jimi Hendrix Experience at the gymnasium of Stony Brook University. It was full speed ahead after that (back then you could see a show for $5)! Hooking up with Dr. Dot was of course a natural fit. So give me a call and let me melt that tension right out of your body! 


Went to my Rockville High class reunion (Connecticut)

$50 does not even cover a drink. The food was mediocre at best. I only remembered 5 people from the whole class: Sal Carelli, Victoria Oulette were two of them 🙂

(I was only there for 11th and 12th grade) . So I will not be going to any more of those. The music was good, people were friendly, but I would just avoid them if I were you. There is a reason people from your past did not make it into your future. 



 Above: Our yearbook was being passed around…….Below: Vicky, Sal and I


Dog needs a new home, FAST

My dog Frankie, who I found tied to a bench 6 years ago, bleeding and abandoned, has been living the good life in Connecticut with my Uncle. Now he my Uncle has a whole house full of kids and three dogs, it has come to a breaking point. Frankie snapped at one of the other dogs (the other dog is always giving Frankie shit, challenging him for the Alpha Male position) but now I was told either Frankie finds a new home or he will be put down to sleep.


If you or anyone you know in or around CT (dog is in Hartford), could take Frankie and give him a good home, please let me know. He would fit best in a home without any male dogs. Naturally it would be best if Frankie was the only dog, but ANYTHING is better than having this sweetie put to sleep. He is NOT aggressive. When I visit my Uncle, I take Frankie on long walks and he is shy around other dogs and even passive when a cat crosses our path. 


He has been neutered and has all his shots. Never, ever, bit a person.My landlord will NOT let me have a dog, cat, or even a bird feeder here in NYC. 


Help please 🙁


Email me please if you have any tips:









Massage in Providence Rhode Island


Hi, my name is Beth.
I specialize in Sports Massage and have had many years of national and international experience and training in such areas as deep tissue Myofascial body work, Reflexology,
Trigger Point therapy, Nutrition, and Reiki Healing.
I love life and am passionate about working with all types of people from athletes to business professionals, singers, musicians and celebrities.
I’ve been told such comments as “Strong hands! Strong energy force!”
“You are top notch!”
 Being very intuitive, my hands will automatically go to the aching tight areas of the body.
Initially I owned a very successful practice in Mystic, Ct. then decided to move on to see what was out there…
I love traveling and have traveled the world picking up various techniques as I go.
For the last 10 years I have been living abroad and working as Director of a beautiful retreat center in Southern Spain. Wonderful country and passionate people!
I returned to the USA recently and found out about Dr Dot and her fabulous team of therapists. We met in NYC and I was personally interviewed by Dr Dot and am inspired by her business manner and get up and go! After a great interview I was invited to become a part of the team.
I am available in the New England area, CT, RI, MA. and also for tours if needed. Email me anytime: and put "Beth/RI" in subject line.

I look forward to working with you!

Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage: The Play.. 2008

Warren Cuccurrulo saw the Joe’s Garage show and emailed me about it:


"I saw 'Joe’s GARAGE' on stage at the 'Open Fist Theatre' last night…. it is FUCKING AMAZING. this show FEELS so GOOD… Frank would have LOVED it… it IS a way of life… the SONGS!!! wow, they all work SO WELL in this format… the costumes are great, the colors are great, the singers are great & the musicians are PRETTY GOOD…. excellence…it should be seen by ALL… Frank lives on in a very powerful (& funny) way… prophetic to the MAX… JOE’S GARAGE, an orwellian nightmare, come TRUE… thanks for the heads up frank… but we WERE’NT paying enough ATTENTION… watch SEPTEMBER CLUES… say NO to MARSHALL LAW & the FASCIST police state… KILL UGLY MEDIA, NOW!!! wc"


ps. Greetings from Connecticut. Saw my Uncle Jack, Tom and the baby Jeremiah. Walked my pit bull Frankie for hours tonight. I am here for my class reunion. Rockville High School "awesome 80's reunion". So all classes from 1980-1989 may be there, may not. At $50 a ticket I bet it will be rather empty, folks round here aren't exactly rolling in dough and they've been taking a beating from the failing economy. Thanks Bush, You have lead our country down a path of war and poverty. Good going fucktard.


ps. Since my blog about September Clues, many of my youtube videos have been flagged and removed AND even some of my friends emailed me and told me (since that September Clues blog) "Dot, can you beleive the video I had of you as Mary in Wet T-shirt night" has been removed!??" That and many more. Hmmmmmm, funny, innit? "home of the free" ha ha.

More love from the world of massage

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Body: Hello to my beautiful mentor…eich libediech! I enrolled in Connecticut School of massage! I love it so far…Thank you for giving me hope doll! If i had never established a friendship with you (even via myspace) I would be in the depths of despair and depression…I need you… as my light at the end of a tunnel…I am so looking forward to being the best I can be as a healer and great,thorough massage therapist….I can't wait to meet you when I get my liscence and work with/or along side you…My spirit has been broken this past year and I never thought I'd recover, babe…but it's all thanks to your positivity…I feel special and important and that I'm doing something worthwhile and beneficial to the world…So thank you(i don't even know your real name!? Dr. Dot and don't forget me….xxxforevs,  DARIA