Forget it, old people. No more TV for you starting in 2009.

Funniest video I have seen in a couple weeks at least:


CLICK HERE to have a good laugh


Oh, someone told me you can't view that video outside the USA. so here it is

on youtube:


ps. I have a few blogs cooking, just trying to find the time. Today I awoke to 739 unread emails. I am going nuts, I can't take this much longer. ugh!! I was the MC (host) for THE live karaoke band last night in Redbank, NJ. That is a lot of work. 2nd week in a row I did that for them. Hey, they pay well and I love the band, so it's all good. The night before, I went backstage to the COHEED AND CAMBRIA show at Terminal 5 to see my friend (their production manager). I had never heard of that band, but HELLO, it was sold out (all 5 of their shows there are sold out) as fuck. Packed with insane fans- they were all around 18-25 years old, and knew ever FUCKING WORD to every song. WOW. I will get into that more when I do a proper blog about it. So much going on.. I miss Europe, don't get to see Jasmine enough and wonder what will happen if Obama doesn't win. sigh. 

It's 6:27 am and I still have loads of work to do,