24 hour massage service Amsterdam, Holland

Book me: info@drdot.com and write: "Astrid/Amsterdam" in subject line ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Hi, I am Astrid. I am here to assist you to get your natural energy flowing again. Loosen up your muscles and joints. Enjoy. Relax the body, mind and spirit. Get you focused.
I offer: great Thai Yoga Massage: non-oil technique practising acupressure with thumbs, palms, elbows and feet, combined with much-needed stretching like in yoga, while you wear loose clothes. Long massage or short: you let me know what you need.
Wonderful Temple-style Ceremonial Lomilomi Massage from Hawai'i: long strokes with my underarms move the body, like waves of the ocean bringing the Aloha-island spirit to you in an embracing warm oil-massage. One hour or two hour version, you choose!

With both types of massage I can go REALLY deep if that is what your body needs at this moment in time, or use a softer touch if that's more appropriate. Don't worry, I'll easily find the spots that need the most attention!

For quite a few years now I walk the massage path, enjoying every time a client lets me touch her/him. Licensed by the Dutch Healthcare System. Trained by very skilled and beautifully-spirited teachers: Thank you!  And always keep on learning…

I would love to welcome you on my futon or table ๐Ÿ™‚

Aloha, Astrid 

P.S. I speak Dutch, English, German and French. And understand a bit of Spanish as well! 

Sunrise over Manhattan

View from my new apartment, from my desk. LOVE it. Will post more pics soon. The move has taken over my life, omfg. I HATE MOVING!


Paramore and You and Me at Six in Berlin

Jeeze, I really hit the ground running this time in Berlin. Day after I landed I was up and at em getting new US passport and a facial, next day massaging Paul McCartney's guitarist, Brian Ray , then saw the show that night (I paid 250 euro for my ticket so I wasn't after a freebie, although I was gutted Paul had no time for a massage).



Next day after Macca show (which by the way was good BUT I could have just watched the DVD I have called Back in the US , live concert footage from 2002 from Paul, which was almost EXACTLY like the show I saw here in Berlin December 3rd, 2009. I mean even the dialog was the same "this is when the band goes away and leaves me alone with YOU" etc. sigh. FUCK!!! I LOVE the Beatles and Paul but had I known the set list and dialog was an exact replica I would have stayed home and slept off a big of this jet lag I STILL have. This below is the best shot I could get from the Macca show:


You can see the set list on my blog of that show HERE



Drummer Zac – only 19 years old and already so successful. This band is going places. Seriously.  Check them out:




Singer Josh is a super sweet person (also 19 years old!). This band is from London, keep your eye out: http: / / www. myspace. com/youmeatsix



Paramore was headlining, they are HUGE now. Heard they penned a song or two from the Twilight movie sound track so the crowd was 99.9% young screaming girls lol. The band Paramore are SO down to earth. I got along with the bassist and drummer the best. They are both very chatty and fun. Guitarist was a sweety but very quiet. He and the drummer are brothers. I love meeting young musicians who are ambitious, successful and not into drugs. They will go far, I just have a feeling about these guys. Nashville natives takin' over, yo. 


The band You and Me at Six are very popular in the UK and slowly gaining respect in Europe and the USA too. Super young as well, dam I felt old around all these 19 year olds! Hello!! haha. Well I massaged for 9 hours straight apart from the dinner break I had and my fingers were sore the next day, the deep tissue massage I give out is BRUTAL. The clients love it but my fingers are not amused the next day. 


Berlin is FREEZING, it is too fucking cold to even snow here. Jesus. Anyway, I am running a slight fever, rather cranky and miss my Jasmine so I will stop moaning now and get to bed


Forget it, old people. No more TV for you starting in 2009.

Funniest video I have seen in a couple weeks at least:


CLICK HERE to have a good laugh


Oh, someone told me you can't view that video outside the USA. so here it is

on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTSS8E7bKXg


ps. I have a few blogs cooking, just trying to find the time. Today I awoke to 739 unread emails. I am going nuts, I can't take this much longer. ugh!! I was the MC (host) for THE live karaoke band last night in Redbank, NJ. That is a lot of work. 2nd week in a row I did that for them. Hey, they pay well and I love the band, so it's all good. The night before, I went backstage to the COHEED AND CAMBRIA show at Terminal 5 to see my friend (their production manager). I had never heard of that band, but HELLO, it was sold out (all 5 of their shows there are sold out) as fuck. Packed with insane fans- they were all around 18-25 years old, and knew ever FUCKING WORD to every song. WOW. I will get into that more when I do a proper blog about it. So much going on.. I miss Europe, don't get to see Jasmine enough and wonder what will happen if Obama doesn't win. sigh. 

It's 6:27 am and I still have loads of work to do,