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Body: Hello to my beautiful mentor…eich libediech! I enrolled in Connecticut School of massage! I love it so far…Thank you for giving me hope doll! If i had never established a friendship with you (even via myspace) I would be in the depths of despair and depression…I need you… as my light at the end of a tunnel…I am so looking forward to being the best I can be as a healer and great,thorough massage therapist….I can't wait to meet you when I get my liscence and work with/or along side you…My spirit has been broken this past year and I never thought I'd recover, babe…but it's all thanks to your positivity…I feel special and important and that I'm doing something worthwhile and beneficial to the world…So thank you(i don't even know your real name!? Dr. Dot and don't forget me….xxxforevs,  DARIA