More photos from the last couple weeks

I upgraded this BLOG thing and now I can add photos so much easier.After we digest all of these photos, I will get back to deep writting, meaningful scribbling, lots of stuff I need to write about, like MaMa's boys who can't leave home, Tips for girls, and why the Germans are so dam angry.Meanwhile, here we go:Before my trip to CT/MASS I had the honor of baby sitting Arturos old Boxer, Diesel.He was the most POLITE dog I have ever baby sat, what a dam CUTIE!! Anytime Arturo, Anytime!Ok, you probably think by now, this is Dr. Dot's dog pound, but they need their 15 minutes of fame too! Below is Toby, he was rescued from the dog pound from my Uncle Jack (whom I am not speaking to rite now-read back to “burning bridges in CT blog). Toby is cute, blind in one eye and tries to get blow jobs every night from Bonnie the Sharpei dog.Toby is also the loudest fucking dog I have ever met, sounds like an Ewok( star wars) on speed.

Toby ^