“Hanging out on second avenue eating chicken vindaloo”

Having inner turmoil more than ever lately. For example I went to sleep at 1PM today, as in, instead of going to bed at 6 or 7 am as I usually do, it's now getting to be noon or later. Then I have to sleep until 7 or 8pm to make any sense. It's not a deep sleep either, I can hear myself thinking of things I have to do, emails I have yet to answer, calls I still need to return.

I am pleased my massage team is getting more and more popular amongst touring bands- today we helped out Cold War Kids in Amsterdam, Elbow in Amsterdam and one of the Flogging Molly entourage, also in Amsterdam, as well as Dozens of other touring bands, I am literally drowning in work, but very often, one of my Dot Bots will report back and say she only made 45 euros backstage (1 euro per minute of massage) or some, sadly even say, they went there, set up, and the bands bus broke down and didn't arrive in time to get massages. One cheeky band even had Dot Bot come backstage, do the standard "one free back rub for management at each gig" then left a note on her table when she was washing hands that "no one else will have time for a massage, but you are more than welcome to watch show and hang out and party after". Pffft!!!!! 

Then I have yet another ex Dot Bot (fired for being a traitor) busy trying to build a competitive massage team, naturally using my methods, contacts, even rules (she mistakenly tried to hire some of my current Dot Bots that aren't online yet and naturally they all sent me her emails which had MY contract with her heading on them) my rules, my instructions, everything. This bitch has been so busy recently turning her female production manager friends against me, and when they meet a Dot Bot on tour, like at a recent Danzig show, rips my Dot Bots face off, all out of fear of competition. What a backstabbing business this is. I started massaging rock stars back in 1982, I am pretty sure I am the first one to do so. Naturally, competition is expected, but being lied to and stabbed in the back from what I thought were loyal people, is sickening. UGH!!


If I dare leave the house for a while to go eat, work out, jog or god forbid, have some fun at karaoke once a month, I only come home to be punished by the now 800+ emails waiting for me to answer. Emails from people from all over the world wanting to join my massage/chiropractic team, emails from people asking love/sex/relationship advice, emails from the small amount of real friends I still have, emails from band managers, musicians themselves, relatives, omg, it never ends. I used to have hours to blog, write for my books, watch the occasional movie, but not anymore. I wanted to go to Thailand over Christmas, but I doubt that will ever happen. I got so far behind just from being in Boston for those two weeks- I STILL haven't even wrote my Boston blog (or even the full Rock am Ring blog from the summer).  This isn't because I am sitting around on the sofa watching TV. It's because I am so swamped, so overwhelmed I don't even have time to wank anymore. I guess I am a work-o-holic. Better than being into drugs or alcohol, for sure, but it still affects the people around me (when I DO see other people). I keep hoping for the day that my massage team is in place, solid, and stays that way, but it changes every day. Some get pregnant, move to a place that would have no chance for massage work, quit because their man is too jealous of their contact with rock stars, get fierd for being a traitor or just find any old reason to quit ("job at the spa is too much now, I can't take anymore work") so then the task of finding an AMAZING replacement begins; auditions, interviews, loads of emails back and forth, etc. omg. 


Ok, now I am done venting for now, the headache one gets for not receiving their daily green tee at the same time every day is pounding away so I have to get this last bit out before I sign off.


Thursday night I had dinner with Jasmine on 2nd ave, lower east side, where I have eaten Indian food for years, even as far back as when I was dating Joey Ramone (1983, 84, 85). I am pretty sure it is the same place Joey sings about in the song way below. Anyways, I had tried to invite Arturo to come eat with us, but he never answered his phone (found out later he is in Mexico for a couple weeks). 

 Arturo and I a few years ago ^  at the Niagra bar

Notice Arty left Marky's name out of the symbol ^



Anyways, Jasmine and I decided to go eat alone anyways, without Arturo. Sitting there starving, I was shocked/happy/surprised to see Marky Ramone and a friend walk in. I said "MARKY! Long time no see!" and he was like "Dr. Dot! What the hell!? ha ha". Anyways, I don't know why, I guess because of the commotion I said "funny you are here now, as I had been trying to reach Arty all night to ask him to come here too" and he snapped "NOT on good terms with Arty right now Dot!" he went on to explain all the gory details, the typical arguing that goes on when certain band members die and they other surviving members and associates feel the need to fight over what belongs to whom, etc. The same exact SHIT is going on with the Zappa family. So fucking sad how everyone can't just get along. sigh. 

Taken Thursday night over Indian Food ^  "on the avenue"


Thing is, Arturo invented the Ramones logo years ago, he is their art director, friend, lighting director, etc, since the very beginning, and by the way, Marky is not even their original drummer, Tommy is.  Sigh, I just try to stay neutral, I am extremely close to Arturo, he is like family to Jasmine and I, so naturally I felt uncomfy hearing his rants. I just grinned and bared it and changed the subject. The food, as always, was amazing and I felt Joey's presence that night. Not only was it strange I was wearing a Ramones shirt (just randomly threw it on) but Mark comes in and joins us, then Jasmine and I strolled Greenwich Village together and stopped to read RAMONES in cement, that someone obviously spent a lot of time on when it was wet. It was like every hour the Ramones were in our face, on our tongues, it was eery/fun/sad/strange. I was like, "HI JOEY!!! I can feel you! Miss you!"


 "Hanging out on Second Avenue Eating chicken vindaloo
I just want to be with you I just want to have something to do
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Wait-Now Wait-Now

Hanging out all by myself Cause I don't want to be with anybody else
I just want to be with you I just want to have something to do Tonight"

The Ramones

One last imagine, totally unrelated, but I had to share it:



New Years Eve 2007 & New Years eve EVE


Video material from our New Years eve chaos ^


 My buddies and I first went to a house party on 5th street in Alphabet City (Manhattan in case you have never heard of it) and rang in the new year at Carol Sadick's apartment. She is a lovely, cook chick that I met through Arturo (Arturo wasn't there as he is in South America climbing huge mountains). There were lots of familiar faces there, some friendly and some waaaay too grumpy to be at a fucking party. One lady brought her 2 year old daughter (duh, bring a little tot to a wild, loud, LATE party filled with crazy punks, great idea!). Anyhow, her kid looked exactly like Pearl, you know, from the Wil Farrel LAND LORD video (click HERE to see it). The lady hated the fact that everyone said she looks just like Pearl. You would think people were saying she looks like a ape the way she was snapping at people. 


Then there was an ancient woman who resembled in every way, Melissa Etheridge, who kept telling us to keep our "Cackling to a minimum". Whatever, I  thought parties  loved laughing guest.  There was tons of food and drinks there, so that was a BONUS (I brought Champagne and killer red wine). 

Danny came in a bit after I did and said "oh, look, it's Pearl and she wants the rent money" and me and my buddies were laughing hysterically but the lady screamed at Danny in a psycho voice (that we had fun imitating the rest of the night) that sounded like the Devil. One older guy, who was in the band The Dead Boys had a bitchy attitude and almost started a fight with me when I said he looked a bit like Mick Jones from Foreigner.




Jeff (Grumpy as FUCK) Magnum  of the Dead Boys ^ (does he, or does he NOT look similar to Mick Jones or Foreigner? Sorry, I have Foreigner on the brain lately, I'm obsessed ha ha). He had glasses on at the party, which made him look exactly like Mick Jones (well, Mick is better looking and much more polite, fun and talented)

Hello? Grumpy old folks alert. If I ever get old and grumpy, some one please tie me up and feed me happy pills. For FUCK SAKE.


 Carol's rock and roll Fridge ^

 There were several nice people there too, so we didn't let the miserable one's get us down, we were howlin' with laughter all night. It was almost 3 am when we drove up town to Iggy's for some karaoke (there is no way in hell to hail a cab on New Years eve, so we ended up taking 3 strangers with us up town (cramped as HELL in  my car) and just for fun, we charged them $5. It was the taxi ride from hell (lots of loud Hendrix being blasted and I do drive like a quirky race car driver. heh heh. The guys kissed the ground of 76 th street when they got out, they were that happy to be alive. 


 Raising hell in Carol's kitchen ^  


Can not understand why we don't have any Jonesy pictures. He was moving around too fast all night I suppose. I will get loads next time around.  Cory surprised us at how great he can sing Billy Joel's Piano Man and Danny is more confident then ever now on stage; he sang "Workin' 9 to 5 and I touch myself, which is no easy feat in front of a packed, new years eve crowd in NYC. I did the usual crowd pleaser, Highway to Hell and Old Time Rock and Roll. Iggy's needs to increase their song books; we need more of a selection. 

I went to LIT (93 2nd ave) on Sunday night with my pals Ant and Elizabeth and they have a million songs and the sound quality is the BEST out of all the karaoke places in NYC, BUT they let everyone smoke (downstairs where karaoke is) and you can barely see. Quite strange for a Non-smoking city, but the song list and sound quality are worth the smoke. Most people sing heavy metal songs there. Zeppelin, Dio, Sabbath, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, it's awesome!!  

Jasmine and I went and saw The Fab Faux the other night at a club called Terminal 5. If you ever head there to see a show, know that they (a) keep ALL of the doors wide open, which is a drag when it's below zero out side and/or big trucks part outside and blast their Diesel smell into the club (b) there are NO seats, so you have to stand. This band is the best Beatles cover band ever. The bassists is Will Lee from the David Letterman house band  ('the most dangerous band in the world') and one of the guitarist, Jimmy Vivino is from Conan O'Brein's band, the 'Max Weinberg 7' and the horn players look like they are from both of those shows. The band is tight as fuck and they played a FULL THREE HOURS (hence me whining about standing). They played the whole Revolver album in it's entirety. They are on myspace, you can click HERE to see their page. If they ever head towards you, let me tell you, you get your money's worth ten times over ($40 for 3 hours of perfect Beatles renditions) and they play many songs that the Beatles never played live, sigh. 

Utter nonsense (scenes from the smallest shop in the world) ^


Punk Rock is still alive and well in NYC

It's always fun to drop by Arturo's loft. After all, I have been dropping by in and sleeping over at Mr. Vega's lower East Side place since I was 15 years old. Artie always has new Ramones goodies, like these expensive collector's item skulls below. He is the Art Director of the Ramones and designed every Ramones album ever made, even the famous eagle with baseball bat logo on the skull at the right, in the picture below.

If you are really curious about Arturo and haven't heard of him before, just google: Arturo Vega. He is famous amongst the Ramones fans and alumni, etc. They signed their first ever record contract in his loft, so it's legendary and still an exciting place to hang. To know Artie is to love him.  


The loft is adorned with numerous art pieces by various artist, like Dee-Dee Ramone for example. He had a wild imagination, as you can see from the paintings below:


When Dee Dee came to Berlin, he stayed at my flat with his then wife Barbara. They spent an absurd amount of time coloring in fact (with crayons!). Lots of fun indeed. Did you ever read Dee Dee's book  "Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones" ? He is so cute; didn't have enough funds to edit it, so it's unedited and hilarious!



Arturo (on the right) and his room mate James (middle) and his lovely sister (was visiting from San Fran)

Picture I took of a picture hanging on Arturo's bedroom wall ^ Johnny Ramone & Arturo YEARS ago. Look how HOT Arturo looks! He is older now, but still looks healthy, fit and much younger than he really is.  Notice Johnny looks miserable, as usual.


So after hanging at the loft for a while, Arturo, Jasmine and I all went to a ^ book release party at the Alphabet City bar, 'Manitoba's' to honor the "Official Punk Rock book of lists" by Handsome Dick Manitoba & Amy Wallace.  The party was packed with familiar faces and lots of ambitious artists, writers, photographers and other folks in the music & literary world. I found a review of the party online, click  HERE to read it.  Handsome Dick is also the singer of the Dictators and a radio personality.

( I HIGHLY recommend clicking that link to read their report of the event, it's much more thorough than mine πŸ™‚ 

Dick, me and his gorgeous British born wife, Zoe ^  

Zoe is so incredibly sexy, you just get pulled in by her piercing blue eyes and luminous skin, then she seals the deal with her charming English accent and contagious smile. She was "thrilled" to meet me and shrieked loudly when introduced "Dr. Dot!? I know you, I've read your column for AGES! I LUV YOU Dr. Dot!" and proceeded to whisk me around, introducing me to new people and  people that already knew me, but I didn't know yet, like Eric, the Managing Editor of Penthouse Forum/Girls of Penthouse, who reminded me we already know each other from a 2 hour phone interview for a piece the Penthouse Forum did on me a year or two ago. "oooooh, I forgot about that" I sheepishly admitted.


Me and Eric Danville ^ 


Eric told me it's ok to spill the beans, to pass on the great news, that as of May, my sex/relationship column, "Ask Dr. Dot" can be found monthly in the Penthouse Forum. I am over the moon about this. This certainly helps ease the pain of having my naughty column let go from the NY Press thanks to their new, wholesome (word:Boring) image. Sigh. Penthouse Forum, here I come. 

 I got to chat with Mike Edison, Senior Editor of Backbeat Books and Hal Leonard Books, which was a thrill. The man is legendary. You couldn't swing a cat without hitting a cool, connected New Yorker. I should go out with Arturo more often, it's so fun and there are always great folks around. I do admit I spend too much time at karaoke bars, whoring the mic. Karaoke WHORE!



 The legendary Photogrpaher, Leee Black Childers (yes, it's with 3 "eee's) and Zoe  ^

 Click HERE to read ALL about Leee and his part of Punk & Rock and Roll history… Speaking of history, Zoe doesn't hesitate to let you know she is an ex-PORN star who is working on her memoirs. Maybe even a reality show. She's so attractive, I'm sure many would tune in. SCHWING!

< Leee, on the left, was HOT when he was a young man. 

It was GREAT to see my pal Monte again. I have known him (And Arturo) since I was 15. Monte, in case you don't know, was the Ramones road manager. He kept everything sane & as organized as possible on the road. He was always on the ball! I haven't seen Monte for a couple years (last time was at a party for Joey's Birthday celebration at CBGB's in 2002) yet the first thing Monte says to me when he saw me was "why did you remove me from your myspace top friends!??". LMFAO, that's so funny, myspace is taking over. "you're still in MY top friends!!" he continued. "Ok, ok, I rotate my top friends, but I promise to have you back up there by tomorrow" I swore to him. I made another snide remark about how I find it totally UNFAIR that his book "on the road with the Ramones" does NOT include my name at ALL. How could that be? I was dating Joey for 3 years and hardly ever missed a weekend show! (had to go to school Monday – Thursday, skipped Fridays to be with my Punk God). Well, we all know why I am not mentioned. I was only 15 when I started seeing Joey (I told them ALL I was 19). This seems kinda creepy now, but it wasn't back then, I looked 19, acted 19 and so, to them, I was 19. Anyways. What's done is done, I'm not in the dam book! Fine. I will just write about it in mine (again). Snap πŸ˜‰

Close up of Monte's jacket. I'm sure it's a collectors item…

Many more pics from the party can be seen HERE 


I do have lovely pictures of Jasmine, but she's banned me from posting any pics of her and even mentioning her. I will get my face ripped off for even mentioning her name in this blog. Sigh.  Trying as hard as I can to NOT write about my lovely, talented, honest, intelligent daughter, but I have to respect her wishes. Hoping you don't think I'm SOOOOO wrapped up in my business and activities that I forget my Jasmine; it's just the opposite, I wish I could post ALL the pics I have of her, she's so subtle, shy, humble and sweet; but she doesn't want it, so I can't. She isn't a camera hog like her mum. How can that be? We are the same at some points but completely opposite at others. I respect her completely and that's why you don't see a parade of Jasmine pics/videos.



 Random shots I took whilst about town (town, I mean, CITY!). Isn't it funny when you say "I'm in the city" people still ask "what city?". I don't feel a slight bit of guilt when I say "THE city; NYC". If you haven't been to Manhattan, then you may not understand the sarcastic, presumptuous response. 




 Is it strange to be surprised when people ask "what city?" when you tell them you are "in the city" ? If you have never been to Manhattan, you may not understand that sarcastic, presumptuous response (THE city!)


 The infamous ^  Jonesy in front of the 24/7 Apple store on 5th ave    


Icy branches amuse me  ^


I made another little video in Manhattan. Click HERE to see it  


Times Square always makes for a good photo-op.

Not that I watch much TV (in Germany I NEVER watch any TV, don't even get one channel and if I did, I still wouldn't watch it) but here in the USA they are having a writers strike (enough already peeps, get the fuck back to work, be happy you have a job). TV sucks monkey balls at the moment, hence all the time for blogging. Animal Planet + Discovery Channel are the only things worth watching. "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, so lets do it like they do it on the Discovery channel" 

Manhattan, I love thee

Landed in NYC a few days ago and have been lovin' it. Went out to a Book release party last night with Arturo and met lots of folks I haven't seen in a while. Once I figure out how to use my new Mac Book Pro, I will upload pictures and blog about it and Thanksgiving (oh lord, how embarrassing).

Life is so exciting here, I wonder why I ever leave. Tough to be torn between two great cities (Berlin-NYC). Gotta dash, ttyl


October in Berlin (Birthdays and a visit from Arturo Vega)

So another birthday has come and gone (Friday was my Birthday and naturally I will just let you wonder how old/young I am )


Jasmine and I spent most of the  day at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, at their Spa. Jasmine has never had a facial or anything of the sort, so it was funny to see her experience it all. The service was great, but their techniques were half ass. Not worth the 600 euros is cost, at all. They rushed us, left Jasmine's face a mess and didn't have time to do my manicure (had to do it at home). Just warning you if you were thinking of spending money on the place.. The lady who does my facials since 10 years at the Europa Center is the best, by far. I guess I shouldn't have cheated on her πŸ™‚

The last few days have been very eventful as my friend Arturo Vega (art director for the Ramones) has been in town. He just turned 60 but does NOT act it or look it. A youthful Libra, like myself, heh heh. I have known him since I was 15 years old. When I first started dating Joey Ramone. Anyways, Arturo is in town for some art exhibition he is taking part in. He designed EVERY single Ramones album/cd cover. He invented THAT Ramones symbol most people know, in fact, he even got it tattoed on his back:

< Arturo Vega

Some pics of us over the years…..

^ 2002 NYC

  < 2004 

I have one of us together when I was just 16 and I just tried to find it,  but it will take days to find that one pic. When I do find it, I will post it as it's hilarious.

Below are some pictures I took the other day, showing Arturo around Berlin. 



Arturo near the Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz

Jewish Monument near Brandenburger Tor ^


^ The typical Brandenburger Tor (gate) pose  πŸ™‚

 Artie loved this building with the big D on it ^ . I am pretty sure it's an Art related/performance hall- building, but don't quote me on that. 

We stood in line for ages to get to the top of the Reichtag (like the White House of Germany). The view was nice, I just wish we got there earlier, as it was kinda dark as you can see..

Unfortunately they were cleaning that glass dome, which you can normally walk around, literally. There is a winding path inside that you can scale, but we arrived at an awkward time, as they were vacuuming and mopping.  


The middle of the dome, looks so futuristic ^

View from the top of Reichtag ^

No trip to Berlin is complete without a stop at Tacheles, the broke down building that squatters took over after the wall fell in 1989. They took over, making it into a bizarre art museum of sort. One artist, Tim Roelofs, is so successful, he has his own, rather permanent, shop on the 3rd floor. I even bought a piece from there, for my Dad for Christmas (keep that info on the down low πŸ™‚

No, this is NOT the piece I bought for my Dad. But I find it entertaining and thought it was worth sharing.. (also by  Tim Roelofs)

There are many freaks who live and/or hanging out in Tacheles. Never a dull moment. This girl from Sweden for example, has the longest Dreads I have ever seen on a chick. She was asking me if I had any weed to share. Didn't have any on me, lol, but I gave her some spare change for posing for me and to help in her search.

Be happy she has her mouth closed. Her tooth (and I mean TOOTH, not teeth) was rather disturbing.



Arturo was not impressed much by Tacheles like most people I drag there. He said he has seen similar/better/worse places in Holland for example. I guess at his age, and the fact he hung with the Ramones for over 25 years, you pretty much have seen it all. The Ramones signed their first ever record contract in his kitchen. He has pictures of that in his flat, which is like a Ramones museum.

Speaking of Ramones museums, our friend Flo, who is probably the biggest Ramones fan I have ever met, runs the Ramones Museum in Berlin. Arturo has been hanging out there every day since he's been there. I will go and film there tomorrow..

Click HERE to see the museums myspace page.. 



I gathered together with some friends at White Trash, the night after my birthday….just to have some laughs, no big woop…



 Arturo talking to Paualo and Martina (one of my best friends & also a Libra πŸ™‚  ^


 Me ^ wearing the "DD"  charms (in the usa, people call me 'Double D') I bought myself for my birthday. ^ Daniel  givin' us the Dr. Evil pose.

 Sansi, my friend and drummer and his lovely girlfriend Chrissy (also a Libra) and Bjoern, an old friend of mine since many years (who sometimes also acts as an agent for me). 

It was fun, but after 3 hours of White Trash, I had to bolt with Freaky and Arturo to sing some karaoke. The first time since my tonsillectomy one month ago. My pipes are in working order again, it was so fun to sing again, and finally Arturo got to witness the madness πŸ™‚

Art work by Tim Roelofs ^  (notice the "woman" to the right holding her penis) Ahem, welcome to Berlin.

2 weeks after the Tonsillectomy and I am feelin’ fine :)

I am pretty much all better now. YAY! I have been making up for lost (eating) time let me tell you. I am leaving Thursday to fly to Berlin so between now & then I have tons to do, lots of loose ends to tie up etc..

Last night I visited Arturo Vega, a friend I have had since I was 15. He is the Ramones creative director and has designed every official Ramones t-shirt out there. He invented that Ramones symbol:


Anyways, Arturo turns 60 this month; my fellow Libra pal will be celebrating his birthday with me in Berlin. He is coming for some art exhibition. The Ramones signed their very first record deal in his flat, the same flat "The Loft" he calls it, he lives in today (around the corner from what used to be CBGB's).

Arturo showed me the new DVD he produced called "Too tough to die". It isn't even out yet. It's all Ramones material, most of it never before seen and it included the unveiling ceremony for the Johnny Ramone statue. Artie is quite the salesman, I ended up buying lots of Ramones t-shirts etc. I get them half price but $80 is $80. I have more Ramones shirts than I know what to do with lol.

I have to get my ass into bed, my final Doctor visit is tomorrow (he will look at what used to be my tonsils one last time). It helped me a lot to vent here in my blog; without that I would have been not only in pain, but very frustrated. I love to write, it feels great.

That reminds me, I have to publish another Ask Dr. Dot blog, it's been a while.. busy busy busy..

new street in NYC : Joey Ramone Way

Wish I was there last Sunday, they finally got it together and dedicated a street to our good ol' Joey Ramone. He was my first love and will always be in my heart. He didn't say much, but when he did speak, it was always funny and very witty.