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To book me please email and write “Nancy/Hartford/Connecticut“ in the subject line 🙂

Hi! My name is Nancy and I have been a licensed massage therapist in private practice since 2003.

I specialize in pain management and in relaxation techniques that will help you de-stress and rejuvenate.
My clients usually tell me that I offer the perfect combination of a deep tissue massage and a very relaxing experience. Healing through massage has always come naturally for me. I take the time to listen to exactly what my clients needs are and what they are looking to achieve through massage therapy. Your session is tailored specifically to YOU.
I’m very excited to merge two of my passions together: massage AND music!
I am truly a lover of all different genres: from rock & roll to pop, from rap to hip hop…and everything in between. If I like the beat and I can dance to it, I’m happy!
I am thrilled to be a part of Dr Dot’s International Massage Team and I look forward to giving you an incredible massage experience!

Fantastic Massage in Boston, MASS

To book me email me at and put "Julie/Boston" in the subject line, thanks 🙂 


I moved to Boston from Utah last year and am thoroughly enjoying all the things to see and do here. 

Bodywork is truly a labor of love for me. I find happiness in helping people feel better so they can do what they love, whether that’s skiing, running, playing music, or just working without pain. 

I enjoy listening to live music, playing outdoors and am addicted to traveling. I have acquired many clients through out the US. 

Amazing massage in Boston, Mass.

Contact me: and put "Courtney/Boston" in the subject line to reach me fastest, cheers 🙂 
Courtney is a Nationally Certified massage therapist who attended Cortiva Muscular Therapy Institute in Watertown, Massachusetts and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Courtney specializes in sports massage, concentrating on the release of musculature tension and pain, correcting postural misalignment. 

After completing her training at MTI, Courtney began working in the massage field part time in the Spa industry and working as the MT for the Northeastern Track team. 

Courtney initiated her transition to full time massage therapy by spending three months in Thailand studying Nuad Bo-Rarn Northern Thai Massage and Thai Foot Reflexology. Combining her varied strengths and the client's individual needs, Courtney creates a unique session, designed to encompass the client's goals. 

A native of Boston Courtney's interest in massage and specifically sports massage began during her swimming career, as an athlete she became interested in massage as a career realizing the importance for wellness as well as muscular relief.

Female Massage Therapist in Boston, Mass


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my name is Lori. I currently live in Boston, MA. I am a graduate of the Atlanta school of massage in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been a licensed massage therapist for over twelve years.

I am experience in Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone, cranial sacral massage, aromatherapy, and Swedish massage. I drape, sorry. 

I love my career as a massage therapist and the freedom and creativity it has allowed me to have. I could not imagine sitting behind a desk all day. After I received my first massage, I was hooked. After many years in a high stress position, during a massage I decided to go to massage therapy school. It's a decision I have never regretted!

I love music, movies, travel, yoga, and animals. I am excited to be part of Dr. Dot's International massage and chiropractic team.

The English Language is “DUM”

Still up in Boston. Every time I went out and tried to sing karaoke, there was a RED SOX baseball game on and it was canceled. The folks up here in Boston WORSHIP the Boston Red Sox. I find baseball to be almost as boring as GOLF. Give me a break people omg!!! Even though I am kind of on vacation, naturally I still have to answer over 400 emails per day (for a few days running it was over 500). BUT I am relaxing and really enjoying my stay with Betsy (mother figure/best friend). She is so wise, positive, sweet, funny, practical, motivated, productive, busy busy busy and yet still has time to make the best peanut butter cookies and pancakes on earth.

Anyways, today, Napoleon Murphy Brock sent me this super cute video:





Photo Time

I have so many photos to get on this blog, I will put ’em on, randomly, some old , some new, all with an explanation.I still can’t figure out how to write NEXT to the dam photo, it is impossible I tell you! The photo below, is a wild child I met in a karaoke bar in Lynn, MASS.I told her she looked like Erika Boudah. She and I danced like mad in that tiny club.  If you need to know how to click the best pics of yourself or nature, check Andrew Defrancesco out! Kicked off the shoes and went for it during hip hop, soul and hard rock ( ac/dc ) tunes. I did her lip stick for her, she looks hot!She his a mother of 3 and still FINE!

Um, just learning how to do red eye reduction.. NOT doing such a good job so far ^ we look like fucking aliens.

More photos from the last couple weeks

I upgraded this BLOG thing and now I can add photos so much easier.After we digest all of these photos, I will get back to deep writting, meaningful scribbling, lots of stuff I need to write about, like MaMa's boys who can't leave home, Tips for girls, and why the Germans are so dam angry.Meanwhile, here we go:Before my trip to CT/MASS I had the honor of baby sitting Arturos old Boxer, Diesel.He was the most POLITE dog I have ever baby sat, what a dam CUTIE!! Anytime Arturo, Anytime!Ok, you probably think by now, this is Dr. Dot's dog pound, but they need their 15 minutes of fame too! Below is Toby, he was rescued from the dog pound from my Uncle Jack (whom I am not speaking to rite now-read back to “burning bridges in CT blog). Toby is cute, blind in one eye and tries to get blow jobs every night from Bonnie the Sharpei dog.Toby is also the loudest fucking dog I have ever met, sounds like an Ewok( star wars) on speed.

Toby ^

Run away pit bulls and attractive MASSholes

Ok, I KNOW you want photos, I want them too, but like I said in last blog, I am up in MASS, using 'Mary's' MAC computer which has such an old version of internet explorer, I can not add photos- long story. But I took MANY photos today and tonight. I jogged 3 miles, then rollerbladed 3 miles around the HUGE lake in Wakefield. Beautiful town! I parked in the parking lot next to the lake and was surrounded by A LOTof sweaty FINE young men.
There is a baseball park next to the lake, and I was thinking, this area is by far the place with the most men ratio to women.