Karaoke HIT and run in NYC… please help

Last night this girl HIT my karaoke DJ friend Brooke very very hard over the head, causing her head to split open. She was angry that she had to wait "too long" to sing on a Saturday night and took it out on the DJ. My friend Brooke is so sweet, sober, never hurt a fly. 
The crime too place at Iggy's karaoke, 2nd ave (lots of racial tension there as owner Iggy claims "the black people do not buy enough drinks and rap music is NOT ALLOWED", making things HELL for the karaoke DJ's. There are many rap songs in the books, yet Brooke and other Djs have to constantly tell the guests "No rap music allowed" making THEM look like the bad guy, when it is the owners rule, not the Dj's). There needs to have more security there. This place is getting dangerous πŸ™

1) the place is too HOT. People get angry and irritated when the place is too HOT. It sometimes reaches 90 degrees in this place. 
2) Not enough security. Bouncer there is USELESS. Lets anyone and everyone in. 
3) Place should have a $5 cover charge, to keep the riff-raff out on weekends!
4) If RAP music is "banned" then owner should make a SIGN and say so and have the balls to hang it near the DJ booth and sign his fucking name to it so the DJs are not to blame. 

The criminal:

Jennifer is the one ^ above in the pink shirt. Her sister Nicky is in the cherry red jacket

Link to MORE images of her:



"Her name was signed Jennifer (with 2 n's)
Her email: 
she was a short (maybe 5'4") black/latina woman… heavier set.
I assume that the 82 is a birth year.. age 28 or 29 sounds about right.
She said she was a bar tender and had been a bar manager at one time.
She said she used to come to iggys thurs and sundays.
I think she may work in the neighborhood. I have attached her picture.
imagine her with shorter hair and 20 lbs heavier.

She hit Brooke, knocked her out, and fled. Please help us out, we need to know if you know her, where she works etc. Please spread this around as she may very well end up injuring ANOTHER karaoke DJ at some point πŸ™

Please spread the word so we can find this woman and make sure she gets her punishment.