Massage Delivery service in New York City, NY

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I have studied many Massage Therapy modalities in my 18 years of practice.  I listen to each client’s specific needs and goals for the session and I assess which techniques will best suit providing the most wonderful and effective massage possible.  I may use passive or active stretching for mobility, deep tissue for targeted issues, Swedish massage for relaxing and creating stillness in the mind and body.  I focus on issues such as neck mobility, forward head posture, overworked forearms and hands.  I will find and release tension in your feet you didn’t know existed.  I look forward to curating your favorite massage!

Massage Delivery service in Hoboken, NJ + Manhattan, NY

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Hi everyone, I’m Daisy.

 I’m a professional massage therapist dedicated to providing customers with a feeling of rest and relaxation; driven to help others through the healing benefits of massage. I like to combine Eastern and Western massage therapies with strengths in customer service, client relationship building. My Expertise encompasses:

*Swedish Massage *Sport Massage *Deep Tissue Massage *Reflexology *Thai Massage *Lymphatic Drainage *stretching.

I have personally massaged Dr. Dot and she will tell you how very strong my hands are.
Hope to heal you soon,

Massage Delivery service in Long Island/Manhattan New York, NY


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I have been a massage therapist in the state of New York for 17 years. I’ve worked in all types of settings and on all types of bodies.
I put 100% into each and every massage I perform. Every body is different therefore every massage is customized to their needs. Massage is my life work and I love it!
I specialize in medical massage, Swedish, Deep tissue, prenatal, reflexology and Thai Massage.
Call Dr Dot and set up a session with me!


Massage Delivery service in Manhattan/NYC/Queens, NY


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Melissa is a LMT and has been a massage therapist since 2001.She attended Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. She is New York State licensed, Nationally Certified and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.Melissa is certified in pre/post natal massage and specializes in injury rehabilitation, deep tissue, and sports performance. Melissa is currently a student of Ortho-bionomy.

24 hour massage service New York City


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I am a New York State licensed massage therapist with 10+ years of experience.
It all started when I was young with a book of massage and the anatomy of our human body.  I felt massage was my passion , like it was Art.  

For the last couple of years I’ve been specializing in the needs of marathoners and tri-athletes By enhancing the performance and longevity of their sports. My work is thorough, focused, strong and connected. I focus on meeting and exceeding the expectation of clients by designing a treatment specifically for you.

I am also certified in Pre-natal massage therapy.
Relaxation is vital for a healthy pregnancy and that’s where I come in to help.
I will use gentle technique to medium pressure massage to relieve muscle tension, release stress, and invite the feeling of tranquility to the entire body, including the baby.
I use special pillow’s and table positioning which allows support and relaxation during your session.
The benefits are almost endless.

Allow me to heal your body and bring you to a state of higher relaxation.

24 hour massage service Hoboken, New Jersey


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Hi, my name is Serge, I’m a New Jersey Licensed Massage Therapist. I graduated from Cortiva Institute-Hoboken in 2011. I was born in Argentina and I’ve been in USA since 2001.

My experience is not measured in years of practice but on the number of clients I treat regularly. I’m a full time massage therapist working on 20-25 clients a week. I specialize in Swedish, Deep tissue, and sports massage; I’m also trained in Hot Stone, Pre-natal, aromatherapy, Myofascial release, and chair massage.

My average massage is therapeutic yet relaxing, but that will change depending on your needs, and my amount of pressure could be light, deep, or anything in between.

I’m fluent in English and Spanish.

I’ve been a performer for 20 years, dancing on stages around the world. I’m excited about being part of Dr.Dot’s team and have the opportunity to be backstage helping artists give their best in their shows.




24 hour massage service Manhattan, New York




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Michel, M.S., L.Ac., LMT is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Licensed Acupuncturist, and a Diplomate of Chinese Herbal Medicine in New York State. 

He earned his masters degree in Oriental Medicine (East Asian Medicine) and his degree in Massage Therapy at The New York College of Health Professions in Syosset New York. He is Board Certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and has experience in the treatment of a wide range of health ailments in a diverse population of patients. 

He is devoted to his work and has collaborated with several types of health care professionals including medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists to deliver the best possible care for the people he cares for. Michel is thorough in his work and understands the importance of approaching health care holistically and exploring all the options a person has in their search for relief and healing. 

Michel employs medical, deep tissue, Swedish, sports, stretching, and pre-natal massage modalities to help his clients. He is constantly learning and perfecting his skills, and is currently working towards a masters degree in Human Nutrition. He looks forward to working with you!

24 hour massage service Manhattan, New York




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Hi, I'm Dr. Ron. I am a Board Certified Chiropractor in the state of New York. I am a second generation Chiropractor, my father was a pioneer in the Activator Method low-force instrument adjusting technique in which I hold an advanced proficiency certification. I received my Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Scranton and went on to graduate from the prestigious New York Chiropractic College in 1996. 

In my 15 years of practice, I have helped hundreds of patients achieve relief from pain, including: neck and back pain, TMJ, sinus problems, headaches, and similar ailments. I have also helped patients with extremity pain, such as: shoulder, wrist and hand problems, hip, foot, and knee complaints, even after they failed to see results from more conventional methods. I continually attend professional seminars to ensure I am able to offer my patients the most cutting edge and effective treatments. 

I also offer Auricular Therapy for the treatment of addictions. I use a specially designed instrument to stimulate specific reflex points on the ear using a micro-electric current. I have helped a growing number of patients finally beat their drug, nicotine and alcohol addictions. Patients feel relief from cravings after just one twenty minute session and are empowered to quit after just a few sessions. 

As an avid music lover, I am excited to join Dr. Dot's team! Having played music professionally for many years, I can appreciate not only the level of skill and endurance that job demands, but also the types of stress-related injuries that can result. Whether you are dealing with injuries, pain, or even addiction, or just want to physically perform at your best, I can help you feel better and achieve optimal function.

24 hour massage service Manhattan, New York




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My name is Tracy, I am a 38 year old female Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Acupuncturist. I am a health conscious individual who leads a lifestyle free from tobacco, alcohol and drugs of any kind. I am also a runner and fitness enthusiast and enjoy the practice yoga on a regular basis. 

As a Massage Therapist I have a pristine reputation of maintaining professionalism and honoring client confidentiality at all times. My client base has included individuals from all walks of life including actors, models, athletes, political figures, business professionals, artists, police officers, sanitation workers and homemakers. 

I have a warm, welcoming and intuitive personality that my clients are drawn to and which enhances my capabilities as a therapist. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

24 hour massage service Manhattan, New york



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Catherine began her interest in Massage and Anatomy/Physiology at a young age when she began her interest in Fitness. She started giving massages to neighbors on her street as a teenager in Brooklyn N.Y. She worked doing Fitness Instruction in the early 80’s and giving Massage at a Gym. At the same time she was working at a Live venue Rock Club on the weekends as a cocktail waitress and giving Massages to bands backstage before shows and during sound check.

Catherine has her BS in Psychology and saw the body as the focus of healing. She worked as a Personal Trainer in NYC for over 10 years working in Gyms and Privately. She incorporated Massage into her trainings to help people get more into their bodies and to release held tensions. Educating people about the Mind/Body connection has been her passion. Catherine also, worked as an EMT-D for FDNY in NYC for 6 years. Further educating herself in the functions and understanding of Anatomy and Physiology. The need and desire to help people heal on the inside as well as on the outside.

Around the time of 911 Catherine relocated to upstate NY to the Omega Institute for Holistic studies learning and receiving certifications in Massage, Reiki and Yoga. Catherine taught Yoga to staff and guest, gave Thai Body work massages and deep tissue. She was on staff as the First Aid Technician treating guest and staff for illness/injuries both minor and more serious. During the winter months in between Omega she studied at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA and received a certification in Yoga/Meditation and Bodywork.

Catherine was the Yoga Instructor and massage Therapist at the Samasati Nature retreat in Costa Rica and in the UK. Catherine received her certification in Thai /Yoga bodywork massage in 2000 with Michael Buck and the Vedic Conservatory. Catherine has studied with Glenn Black of the Omega Institute and completed a month Intensive training in Forest Yoga/Bodywork.

Also, at the Omega Institute Catherine studied with Deepak Chopra, John Grey, Debbie Ford, David Life and Sharron Gannon, Kundalini Yoga and breath work, Cindy Lee of OM Yoga In NYC, Shiva Rhea, Baron Baptist, courses in Feldencrist, and the Hakomi method. Catherine also, worked in Production at the Omega Institute assisting faculty such as Ekhart Tolle and Dr Wayne Dyer.

Catherine completed workshops in Somatic/body Therapy with Nancy Napier at the NY Open Center in as well as classes with Mikio Kaku, Physicist. Catherine worked with people with MS and ALS in and around New Hope, PA and Longmont, CO teaching fitness and Massage to stimulate healing. Catherine is now studying Yoga at Richard Freeman’s studio in Boulder, CO and working as a MT Privately and with the Café of Life. Catherine has won trophies for Bodybuilding and completed the 88 NYC Marathon.