Best Massage in Denver, Colorado

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Hi there! My name's Jennifer, and I'm thrilled to be part of Dr. Dot's team of massage therapists.

I grew up in Billings, MT, but now live in Denver, CO. I also lived in central Missouri for several years, where I completed the massage program at Metro Business College. I'm nationally certified, and have been a therapist now for 8 years. My first memory of being told I should do massage professionally was when I was a kid at summer camp. In the evenings, we would sit around the campfire, listening to the acoustic guitars, singing (lots of Kum-Ba-Ya) and working on each others shoulders. My specialties are deep tissue, Swedish, chair massage, and Shiatsu.

My motto is "Deep, but soothing". I'm also a certified yoga instructor and a Reiki practitioner. I love music, I love massage, and I look forward to working on you!