I feel sooooo guilty for not blogging properly in so long. I am so mad busy. I use twitter daily as it is easier and I can do it anywhere. I am on twitter as dr_dot by the way.


Looking for an apartment in the NYC area as I need more space, office space etc. My company is official now, so I am working my tail off to get things all lined up. Weather is GORGEOUS here in NYC lately, Spring is finally at our door. Not even bothered about going back to Berlin until Jasmine heads over. I do miss a few certain people but I do NOT miss being hated on a daily basis just for being an American. We can not choose where we are born. BUT we can avoid places that hate us innit? I can not help it that Berliners hate Americans. It is COOL to hate Americans over there. No matter HOW hard you try or even if you don't try, you just can't win, they just fucking hate Americans. Sucks because Berlin is such a pretty city with lots to do, but it wears you down defending yourself over and over again. I have just grown tired of it now and what bad timing too, as I just had found my dream apartment with the help of a dear friend last August. FUCK I always do everything backwards. All those years in Berlin in and out of shitty apartments and now that I am done with it, I find my dream apartment. OMFG!!!!!!!!

It is 5am, just NOW done answering today's emails, that is why I never blog, I am so swamped, answering emails, by the time I am done, the last thing on my mind is writing (or even wanking). BUT my face hurts from laughing so much here in the states. People LOVE TO LAUGH here. Makes live so much easier. Berliners, take note. 


Gotta sleep



Maggie and I at karaoke