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Hi everyone, I’m Daisy.

 I’m a professional massage therapist dedicated to providing customers with a feeling of rest and relaxation; driven to help others through the healing benefits of massage. I like to combine Eastern and Western massage therapies with strengths in customer service, client relationship building. My Expertise encompasses:

*Swedish Massage *Sport Massage *Deep Tissue Massage *Reflexology *Thai Massage *Lymphatic Drainage *stretching.

I have personally massaged Dr. Dot and she will tell you how very strong my hands are.
Hope to heal you soon,

Benches in Hoboken, covered. Enough snow already

Pardon me if I whine about the snow. I have been up to my ass in preparing for tax time, studying to re-take written drivers license exam AND the painters are in to top it all off. I am miserable. Just paid to have car dug out from snow and now it's snowing again- expecting more than 2 feet…


You're not missing anything. Being snowed in is like the cherry on top of my shit-Sunday. Will be back when I am in better mood. Pffft. 



The Squirrel Highway

SO HAPPY to be back home in the USA, I LOVE NYC! Since I have been back from Berlin (not even a week) the sun has been shining every day but one. SUPER warm, breezy, gorgeous!!!! Great to be back around smiling, happy people (you may call them superficial, I call them HAPPY and easy to relate to). I regret staying an extra week in Berlin. 3 weeks was enough, but no, I had to push it and change flight and stay another week. NEVER again. Always stick to the plan or Murphy's Law kicks in and pisses on your parade. 

I am laying on my deck today and FINALLY I got some good shots of the Squirrel Highway in motion. They are so f-ing cute I just wanna snuggle them!!!





Still flat hunting

Been too frustrated to blog lately. Early April I paid Hothem Enterprises a whole YEARS rent up front to move into a tiny one bedroom in Jersey City Heights (Ogden ave). I gave Hugh a $13,000 check as I don't have any credit yet in the USA since I've been living in Germany so many years AND I THOUGHT I was using a credit card since 2002 but it turns out it is just a DEBIT card and this doesn't build credit! UGH!! So much for being the type that pays for everything straight away- that behavior does NOT get rewarded in the USA. They WANT you to owe. To build credit. STRANGE.


Anyways to get a flat here, you have to have good credit. I have none, so I made a bold move and paid a years rent up front. He promised me verbally and in writing the tenant would be out by May 1st (she was SUPPOSED to be out April 1st but did NOT want to budge). He sad I could move in May 1st and in our contract (was there two fucking hours listening to his bullshit about how he is Amish and takes things slow, that I talk too fast, that he wonders WHAT kind of massage business I own (told him to look up my web site, he says "Amish people don't DO internet").. in our contract it listed how the place would be painted, needed repairs would be made, yadda yadda yadda. He cashed check NEXT day according to my online bank account yet weeks went by and I heard nothing.

Late April rolls round and still no word. I walked by the flat to peek in window from a distance, to see if lights were on etc. The bitch was having a party, posters still on wall, etc. Did NOT look like sh was moving any time soon (it was April 27th I was checking things out). So I called Hugh and naturally the fucking voice mail picks up. I called the "Emergency" number (his cell- oh, the Amish can use cell phones but no internet?- wanker!) he talks to me in the most irritating, condescending tone I've ever heard in my life. "Dorothy, I told you it would be ready May 1st, no need to call" etc. He went on and on making me feel like an asshole for even doubting the situation (HOW would they get the messy, sloppy, smelly tenant (flat was a mess when it was showed to me and smelt to high heaven of fuming cat shit/piss) out by end of month and renovate in time for me to move in May 1st?? IMPOSSIBLE!.


Check out the online reviews I found about Hothem Enterprises (sadly AFTER I had all the problems with them!) Read HERE too.



Letter I wrote to building owner's Son:

Hello Craig

I have attached pictures I took last night upon receiving my keys for my new apartment. I am not sure if your father told you but I paid $13,000 (a whole year's rent and deposit) already (they check was cashed weeks ago).

I was told by your father the place would be painted, cleaned etc and ready for me by May 1st. I was saddened by what I saw (and smelt) last night when I finally got through the door (key is STUCK in the lock by the way- Mary Jane and I tried our best to get it out, to no avail).

Problems with new flat:

Front door into lobby does not lock  (ANYONE can come through both doors, without a key- which is not ok with me as I crave safety).

Smells like cat poop from former tenant (not fresh paint as I expected)
Bath tub faucet is dripping, doesn't shut off no matter what.
Seal around tub needs to be re-done (who ever did this, did it with one finger in a couple of minutes!)
Needs new toilet seat (disgusting)
Kitchen counter is falling apart (see attached picture)
Stove top is SUPER hot (what's up?)
Power outlet on kitchen wall very old and looks like a fire hazard to me
Paint flaking off everywhere  around kitchen floor base is not okay! (see attached picture)
Living room screens are torn and broken and ancient…need new ones (in fact they ALL look 100 years old and I can not freely open or close them)-
All windows need new screens
Bedroom electrical socket looks like it is ready to fall off needs to be replaced
Bedroom closet door knob is falling off

Door stop in bathroom is falling off

Electrical socket in living room also dangerous
Heater in bathroom is falling apart and broken (and FILTHY!!) see pix below..
Window sill in bathroom not even painted needs to be painted and needs new screen in bathroom

In short, I am sure it was difficult to renovate in two days, but it surely is not my fault the apartment is not ready for me as planned. The old tenant obviously over stayed her dead line, causing the rush in preparing my apartment."

See pictures below:

 This is what they call a renovated apartment!   


Looks like it is 100 years old. FIRE hazard much??


Bathroom was DISGUSTING

Nice holes in the screens. So bugs can just come right on in to hang out ^

 "Freshly Painted" my ASS! ^

The look looks nice and safe eh? Craig told me the "can't do anything about that"


 Does this look freshly painted to you? (Bathroom window sill) THEY ALL looked like this. Fucking liars. They did NOT paint, clean, nada. ONLY positive thing about this whole mess, is they actually gave me my refund (they had no choice, I would have sued them in a New York minute).


So you see, blogging now would just be about me venting and I don't want to burden you with this crap. Bad enough I have to deal with it. Pfft! I need my own space SOON or I am gonna snap. 

Missing in action?

I am so f-ing busy, I always end up answering my last email of the night at 6am (now) then the last thing on my mind is more writing. I promisd my lovely Literary Agent I would write one hour a day of my book. I am writing a book (life story, yadda yadda yadda). I agreed a week ago and still have not logged ONE hour for her πŸ™


I get my keys today for my own tiny flat in Hoboken, NJ. I need space. I can not live and work at home with anyone around me, every single day. I go out of my mind. I am a loner, always have been. In Berlin I have my own flat, love it but not keen on the hasty anti-American public. So I am either REALLY alone in Berlin or way over crowded in NYC. Now as soon as I move in to my own space here, I will be at peace again. THEN I can get more work done and start the book. NOT happy about moving again (remember I just did a HUGE move last August, FOOK!!!).


On top of all that drama, I am studying for my American drivers license test (searching high and low for all my personal documents as you need a truck load of them to apply for a US drivers license and I can't find most of my papers (you have  certified copies of your birth certificate, soc sec card, marriage/divorce papers, passport, omfg, I can't even remember the rest, but it's a lot). So I am swamped as can be. Still logging the Ask Dr. Dot questions and answers every day, helping folks with my sex/love advice and on top of all that, running the worlds biggest and best massage/chiropractic team "Dr. Dot Therapy LLC" (official company now πŸ™‚


Had to get car tuned up, renew insurance, get a new blackberry (sounds simple? Then you do not know At+t). Everything at once for crying out loud! 


Then there is Jasmine to tend to (LOVE love love), working out when I can and oh, sometimes I sleep). Forget hanging with friends or singing anymore, I rarely ever get to do that. I have loads of massage clients too. When my head hits the pillow at night (erm, I mean MORNING!) I can not turn my mind off. I gave up coffee and alcohol ages ago and it doesn't help, still wide awake. Planning my new tattoo as well, with Mr. Paul Booth, the master, again. This time, BEATLES and I am letting him design it (cross fingers they have skin on their faces πŸ™‚


On top of all that I am taking iMovies lessons to learn how to make better films/videos, yay!. Not enough hours in the day for me. If you are interested in what I am doing, best to follow me on twitter (hope I don't sound like a snotty cunt saying that) but it is true, I post stuff on there ALL the time as it is faster. My twitter account is dr_dot



good night ( I mean morning πŸ™‚


ps. I am posting random pics from last few days below



 LOYAL clients since a few years, the Giypsy Kings ^  LOVE THEM!!

NJ Dot Bot, Amanda and Webmaster, Dirk on stage at the Giypsy Kings gig in NYC



 I LOVE the USA, look how fucking crazy people are? Look how HAPPY they are! NYC area is so much FUN!!


 Scenes from Hoboken, NJ (I LOVE HOBOKEN!!)

Check it out:


View from Hoboken. How can you not love that?




I feel sooooo guilty for not blogging properly in so long. I am so mad busy. I use twitter daily as it is easier and I can do it anywhere. I am on twitter as dr_dot by the way.


Looking for an apartment in the NYC area as I need more space, office space etc. My company is official now, so I am working my tail off to get things all lined up. Weather is GORGEOUS here in NYC lately, Spring is finally at our door. Not even bothered about going back to Berlin until Jasmine heads over. I do miss a few certain people but I do NOT miss being hated on a daily basis just for being an American. We can not choose where we are born. BUT we can avoid places that hate us innit? I can not help it that Berliners hate Americans. It is COOL to hate Americans over there. No matter HOW hard you try or even if you don't try, you just can't win, they just fucking hate Americans. Sucks because Berlin is such a pretty city with lots to do, but it wears you down defending yourself over and over again. I have just grown tired of it now and what bad timing too, as I just had found my dream apartment with the help of a dear friend last August. FUCK I always do everything backwards. All those years in Berlin in and out of shitty apartments and now that I am done with it, I find my dream apartment. OMFG!!!!!!!!

It is 5am, just NOW done answering today's emails, that is why I never blog, I am so swamped, answering emails, by the time I am done, the last thing on my mind is writing (or even wanking). BUT my face hurts from laughing so much here in the states. People LOVE TO LAUGH here. Makes live so much easier. Berliners, take note. 


Gotta sleep



Maggie and I at karaoke