Dave Gahan is fantastic

So after two days of massaging Dave again, I am thinking he is for sure one of my favorite clients. Simon Cowell, Joe Jackson too. Dave is so mellow, low maintenance for sure a big star. Generous, polite, charming, fun. He is looking fitter than ever! I swear every time I see him he looks younger. He is in tip top form now in every way. Healthy as can be. Good to see that.

Dave was kind enough to put me and my friend on the guest list for Saturday nights Berlin show. Great seats and backstage passes. The show was incredible and I am not even a big Depeche Mode fan. I only know a few of their songs. I am a rock chick, no doubt about that. Beatles, Frank Zappa, Hendrix, Led Zepp, Ac/Dc, etc. BUT I did enjoy the show. The sound was fucking PERFECT and the band was tight. Lights and video were mad cool and Dave's dancing is so erotic on stage, I could tell the whole venue wanted to shag him. Seriously.

The crowd showed them so much love, they did NOT hold still one minute and knew every word to every song. VERY high energy. No wonder he is so fucking fit. 


I feel funny asking Dave for an autograph as we are buddies and he is my client and I am his therapist but this will look nice on my massage wall. He was mad cool about it, like no big deal. I adore him for that. This pic above was from last time, in June He was just getting over being ill in the pic above. I think you can tell he is much healthier now by the new picture below:

Sigur Ros was his choice of massage music again and I have to admit, they are growing on me now. 






I left early because I am swamped with work at the moment and not feeling well (Kidney/Urinary Tract infection) and I left my friend there, she said she was fine alone. BUT she left after the show and didn't even go backstage as she is shy. I thought, wow, so many people in there would have LOVED to go backstage but neither of us did lol.

I did not even take a camera into the show, I nabbed this just now from Youtube for your pleasure, and you know I like to give pleasure.



The last few years I have only massaged Dave, but I have massaged Martin before too, years ago in Berlin at the Waldbuhne:


I have seen him since, at the hotel always, and he is super polite and sweet- we shared an elevator in June. I have to say, he is fucking gorgeous in person. Schwing! He smelt so nice when I massaged him that time and I asked him what scent he was wearing and it was Amen, from Thiery Mugler. (Angel for Men). Smells sooooo delicious. I went out and bought Angel for women because of that day and I sometimes still wear it (I have a favorite perfume, not tellin' you though 🙂

I massaged Andrew too but can NOT find the picture right now, and it's bothering the shit out of me, ugh! I will find it, thing is, it isn't labeled on my computer so it will take hours, hours I don't have, to find it. sigh. I have to say, I am not a big fan of their music but to know THEM is to love them. Such wonderful guys. I only know (and love) "No Good" and "Enjoy the Silence" and then I like "Just can't get enough" and my friend played me "Personal Jesus" and I love that song but only knew the cover version from Marylin Manson. So kill me why don't ya?


Gotta run. Here are some old DM things I found today on my MAC



Their tour dates, hopefully coming to your area soon, see them if you can, they are on FIRE right now!!


Jan 9 2010            O2 Arena                             Berlin, Germany

Jan 11 2010         Budapest Sportarena                     Budapest, Hungary  
Jan 14 2010         O2 Arena                             Prague, Czech Republic 

Jan 17 2010         Stade Couvert Regional                 Lievin, France   
Jan 19 2010         Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy                             Paris, France

Jan 20 2010         Palais Omnisports de Paris- Bercy                             Paris, France
Jan 23 2010         Sportspaleis                       Antwerp, Belgium
Jan 25 2010        Arena                    Malmo, Sweden

Jan 26 2010        Scandinavium                    Gothenburg, Sweden

Jan 29 2010         Koengen                             Bergen, Norway

Jan 31 2010         Globe                    Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 2 2010           Hartwall Arena                  Helsinki, Finland 

Feb 4 2010           SKK Arena                           St. Petersburg, Russia

Feb 6 2010           Olympiiski                           Moscow, Russia
Feb 8 2010           Palace of Sports                                Kiev, Ukraine
Feb 10 2010        Lodz Arena                         Lodz, Poland   

Feb 11 2010        Lodz Arena                         Lodz, Poland      

Feb 14 2010        Arena                    Zagreb, Croatia  
Feb 17 2010        Royal Albert Hall                               London 
Feb 20 2010        The O2 – London                              London  

Feb 22 2010        Forum                   Horsens, Denmark

Feb 23 2010        Forum                   Horsens, Denmark

Feb 26 2010        ESPRIT Arena                     Dusseldorf, Germany 

Feb 27 2010        ESPRIT Arena                     Dusseldorf, Germany