Massage in New Orleans, Louisiana

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My name is Candace. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Louisiana, working in the Baton Rouge area.  I am very delighted and excited to be a part of the Dr. Dot team.
My massage is defined as deep tissue with a twist. I allow the muscle tissue to lead and guide me when and where to do a special technique. Each and every massage is customized to the client. I don't believe in a "cookie cutter" session. Every "body" is intitled to it's own recipe.
My role as a Massage Therapist is to bring awareness to mind, body, and spirit. I believe that touch is a very powerful and profound healing tool. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my passion. We know that love, health, and happiness are keys to a fulfilled life. As a growing Massage Therapist, I recognize the increased stress in the world. With my help you will be able to perform your work more effectively and efficiently. My goal is to think of every task as an opportunity to challenge my mind and hands.