“Enjoy the Silence”

Massaged Dave (Depeche Mode) Gahan again today, he is sooooo nice. Super healthy and fit; I swear he just gets younger every year ๐Ÿ™‚

Again we listened to his iPod mix of Sigur Ros, he is getting me hooked them now. Great music for massage. I am going to see their (Depeche Mode) show tomorrow thanks to Dave's generosity (and his super polite assistant Tim). 


Anyways, a friend of mine Bebe Buell is going to perform next week in NYC and FUCK, I will miss it as I will be in the UK to massage Nickelback and my favorite client, Simon Cowell. You can't be everywhere at once, innit? 

I would LOVE to see/hear Bebe's show, I heard her before in NYC and she is sex on legs, ear candy, eye candy and you just have to love her. 




Bad news: I have a kidney infection/urinary track infection, ugh!! No more wanking for a while I guess. That seems to throw me off balance, I am so sensitive. (I know, too much information, got it). I am on antibiotics again and these pills make me nauseous and dizzy and I sleep for two hours heavily, then I am awake for HOURS and can't fall back to sleep. SUPER annoying!

Gotta go, gotta eat, starving. I am on twitter more than here nowadays (dr_dot) so if you are on there, hit me up. ttyl