Dear Erin B.

No wonder he was hooked on pain killers, it was surely to numb the pain of being around such a vicious SHREW like yourself. Now shut your demanding trap before I post your full name and email address on the internet.


Moving right along, a friend of mine from NYC named Sean sent this to me just now:


"Hello Dot,

I had an appointment today at the Georgian Mission, at UN Plaza, and I had forgotten about your recent trip and Presidential massage, until I saw his picture on the wall. After i had conducted my business, I mentioned you and the whole thing that happened. He started laughing, and asked why you are called Dr. Dot, so I told him FZ named you that in '88.






If I refuse to remove a blog with pictures of the President of Georgia, I surely won't remove pics of your Ex, who happily posed for pictures as he is a SWEET HEART and he does not deserve to be with a controlling BORING cunt like yourself, move on honey, to another star.