Dear Erin B.

No wonder he was hooked on pain killers, it was surely to numb the pain of being around such a vicious SHREW like yourself. Now shut your demanding trap before I post your full name and email address on the internet.


Moving right along, a friend of mine from NYC named Sean sent this to me just now:


"Hello Dot,

I had an appointment today at the Georgian Mission, at UN Plaza, and I had forgotten about your recent trip and Presidential massage, until I saw his picture on the wall. After i had conducted my business, I mentioned you and the whole thing that happened. He started laughing, and asked why you are called Dr. Dot, so I told him FZ named you that in '88.






If I refuse to remove a blog with pictures of the President of Georgia, I surely won't remove pics of your Ex, who happily posed for pictures as he is a SWEET HEART and he does not deserve to be with a controlling BORING cunt like yourself, move on honey, to another star.   

More pictures from Andre’ Rival



I love Andre's work.  He is one of Germany's most respected Photographers. His wife, pictured pregnant next to Andre' on the book cover below, is also a photographer and is often there during our shoots. LOVE them. 






Chillin’ like Bob Dylan

Booked my flight to NYC today, heard it's still boiling hot there, hope it still is in two weeks! Didn't leave the house today at all, feelin' REALLY tired. Wondering if it's ovulation or just working too much/moving stress. Wouldn't mind leaving for NYC sooner, but I promised to work on Dream Theater so I have to stick around for them, looking forward to it actually, gotta see what all the hype is about. 

Finally told my new OVERLY friendly/nosy/talkative neighbor, per letter, that hanging over her balcony onto mine to look into my flat and yell to me to come talk is NOT ok. She caught me off guard once and I was stark naked at the computer (like I am now ๐Ÿ™‚


So I put one of those cute room dividers up ^  so she CAN'T see into my flat and I asked her nicely in the letter to STOP banging on my wall to get my attention to come out and talk (she is 70 years old and said the last tenant, also an old lady, always came out to talk when she banged on her wall. Not working with me though, hello? I CRAVE privacy in my home. I put it ALL out on the net but everyone needs privacy in their home.

 Found some more old picture from the move as you can see below. Will scan more someday when I have time. 



Me and my brother and sister. We all have the same mother, but my biological father was as Italian guy named Salvatore Gicacomini (shot his head off at age 27, never met him- found police report last night that I got from town hall in CT and it says "cause of death: gun shot wound to head"). But whatever, 27 seems to be a hard age- so many people die at that age. Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison- no?


 Me with hands on belly and my MILF Mom holding my sister Michele. Mom was extremely hot but MOMMIE DEAREST to me. She hurried her death with heroine and other drugs about 11 years ago. She was only 47 when she died. What a tragic life she had and she made mine a living hell while I was around her. Eminem and I have so much in common- lived in trailor parks, had pill popping abusive moms, both white and from extremely poor backgrounds but came out swinging, yo.


My Dad, who adopted me when I was 1 year old AND married my Mom (they were both age 17). So forget the Italian sperm donor, Dad is the one who was nice to me. I hated it when he left (Mom threw him out weekly) as I then was the only whipping post around. STILL love my Dad greatly, to this day.


Me on the snow horse my Aunt Nancy (Dad's younger sister, which means she was about 19 in this picture?) helped me build in Ellington, CT. I NEVER knew that Dad wasn't my "real" Dad until I bitchy home-wrecking babysitter named Lois told me when I was 11). 

My Mom's brother/my Uncle Jack, many moons ago. Jack and I have had a few falling outs but he is still my closest relative. We talk on the phone A LOT and he looks after my beloved doggy Frankie that I rescued 7 years ago. I LOVE my Uncle Freakin' Jack (UFJ)

My two favorite ladies of all time ^


Father of one of my big loves, in Mass. Dated Mike (not pictured) after Joey Ramone. Never worked out, distance, again, the culprit. This was during my Madonna impersonation jobbing. Worked great at night while working the clubs in and around Berlin but in the day time, well, no hiding the hideous hair and thin brows. 



Me and my Frank Frank at Uncle Jacks house (I would never have so many Christmas decorations, I hate Christmas, but Jack LOVES it and has two tress every year, one in living room, one in dining room lol).  I love going to visit UFJ and my Frank Frank.  



My Brother Chet like ten years ago. He is all grown up now. He took my mom's passing the hardest. Mommy's little boy, Daddy's little girl, as they say. I feel for him and try to keep in touch as much as I can. Love him dearly. Hate that shirt/ band he is wearing though. pfft.



My sister in 1993. We don't look very similar as we have different fathers, as I said. We do have the same twisted sense of humor though. She lives down in Georgia, as does my brother and Dad, step Mom and step Brother and my aunts. They all migrated South many years ago, but we are ALL native New Englanders.

Anyways, gotta go.. will write again when I find time



the 5th Wheel show – March 1st 2004, 1:00am

I finally found out when the 5th Wheel show will air on TV. Way back in August ( or was it September?) I filmed for HOURS and hours with the producers and other contestants of the 5th Wheel show in Manhattan.

You can read about this way back in my blog. But anyhow, if you want to see it:

It will also be aired on TV on March 1st at 1:00am, so really, if you stay up late (until 1am)