Massage in London, UK

Email me: and put "Katie/London" to reach me fast. 


Hi there I’m Katie from London. My work ethics are to have great passion for whatever I do and give it 110% as this life is no dress rehearsal.

I have been incredibly lucky in my career as I worked as an International Art Director for a worldwide hairdressing company, where I had fantastic opportunities to travel the world and do educational seminars, Photo shoots, and fashion shows. I really wanted to use some of my communication skills so I trained and became a NLP Practioner where I focused on my next passion which was sports. I trained and became a personal trainer and sports massage therapist which has opened doors to another great career path even to giving me the confidence to entering the world of mixed wrestling and now working as part of the Dr. Dot team.

I’m a fully qualified Indian head massage therapist and sports massage therapist which works on a variation of techniques to break down adhesions to prevent injury. Each massage is tailored made for you and your individual needs.

Massage is so rewarding to know you can really change someone’s mind set and the way there body feels. It is a real pleasure to work within the Dr. Dot team.