Him again

Not sure if you remember my blog about a German man chasing me and attacking me two winters ago:



Well, two months later, after that attack, I saw him (and my friend held him until cops came) – see blog:




I waited FIVE months for paper work to come to me and the German Justice System told me they are throwing out the case as it was just between two citizens and I could take it up privately, like hire a lawyer and so on. BUT the fuckers did NOT give me his name. My lawyer told me it "wasn't worth our time or trouble, he wouldn't go to jail or even have to pay a fine anyways". You can MURDER someone in Germany and get out in two years anyways.

There is no death penalty and no one gets life sentencing. Rapists get out in a year or less. They are WAY TOO FUCKING gentle here with crime. The criminals are not afraid of the police one bit as they KNOW they will just get their fucking wrists slapped. (saw on the news today, two Pakistani men were sentenced to have their nose and ears cut off as they attached a woman and cut her NOSE and ears off- ye ol' eye for an eye still holds strong in some places). 


Ok where am I going with all this. Last night I was out power walking on the very same street that ass wipe attacked me on (sadly, he lives around the corner from me).  I saw him AGAIN, he walked by me, I looked at him and he seemed to look at me but he was not phased, so I don't think he recognized me. I looked back and saw him enter the same fucking house number 36. Yes, that was him. My mood was immediately ruined, I was shaking and nervous and mad, scared, everything all at once.

I kept walking but my mood was ruined. I decided not to go out after that walk. You are NOT going to believe this. TONIGHT I was walking home, thought I better pop into the grocery store near my house to buy nuts as New Years eve is approaching and shops will be close for DAYS again. I got my shit, stood in line at the check out and WHO Is at the front of the line paying for his food? HIM, the fucking attacker. So I grabbed my blackberry, got out of line, walked around to the other side of the cashier so I could see him and took this picture of the fat fuck:


If you have ever been attacked, jumped, whatever, you KNOW you never forget the violators face. Funny how no one seemed to raise an eyebrow about me snapping this cunts picture. I did it rather smoothly, quickly, hence the blur. I got back in line, and when I was done and went outside, fatso had put his wooly cap on, same one he had on when he chased/beat me. He got on a bike, not the same bike this time, and drove by me. I had my pepper spray grasped in my hand in my pocket and had to hold myself back from not screaming at him "whats your name you coward!???" but I didn't. I did take note of his new bike.

I rang the cops and told them I saw him again and they asked if he had done anything to me tonight and I said "no" and they said "ok, buh bye" and hung up (well they said it in German lol). AUFWIEDERHOEREN! I asked them for his name and they said they can not and will not give that info out. I said "how can I press charges against this man, who has a violent past, if I don't have his name?" and they told me they are just police men, not judges. So, you can beat someone here and get away with it, without ANY fine or punishment at all. You know what really pisses me off? They throw my daughter in JAIL last summer for a poster she was carrying at a anti-racism protest and keep her over night without giving her that one phone call but this CUNT walks away free?


I am NOT feeling Berlin this time around. NOT AT ALL. I MISS NYC big time right now.