Get back to where you once belonged




So my US passport is about to expire and the embassy closes at noon, so I figured going to get a new passport right after landing in Berlin, while I still have jet lag (I get up ridiculously early the first few days back in Berlin) I should take advantage and do productive early morning things while I still can. 

I rushed to embassy expecting a huge line but I was the ONLY one there. They pointed me to the photo-machine and I crammed in there and took this picture above left. I wore a Beatles shirt, but sadly you can't see the logo in the pic. I put this pic on Facebook and a friend decided to help me out and put the Beatles pin into the picture for me, so sweet! Too late for the passport though, as it is already shipped off for processing with the pic from the left. I look so pale like a vampire. Guess my friend added some color to me out of sympathy haha.


US Embassy, Clayallee, Berlin ^

WOW!! This empty eerie lot ^ was once the American PX. I worked there in the shoe department in 1990 when I first moved to Berlin (I moved to Berlin October 1989 actually, right before the wall came down). I only lasted 6 months in the PX as I was in charge of Men's Athletic shoes. Which meant all of my customers were soldiers, as the PX was ONLY for the armed forces. So the British, French and American soldiers all came to me for help finding shoes. I loved it, but the Army wives HATED ME and complained EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY about my clothes: "her navel button is showing!" or "shirt is too tight" "jeans too tight" "shirt too short" etc. They tried sooooo hard to get me fired, even though I increased sales by 30%. I was fired. Fuck them. I hate the military way of thinking anyways. They did me a favor as I tried extra hard to learn German and did so and could finally do massages in German clinics. Movin' on up! What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, baby. These pics were taken with my blackberry, hence the quality..


Paul McCartney is in town OMFG!! I bought a ticket for 250 euro, we shall see what happens. I don't want to jinx anything. I am so happy to have space again, as the apartment in NYC is too fucking small and crowded, it is seriously doing my head in!!! I NEED SPACE DAMMIT!!!

I decided I will start writing my book (again) this Christmas. I will hopefully have some "free" time and start pounding away at the keyboards and see what happens. Yes I brought out a book in 1999, but it was in German and 99% of my humor and personal touch was missing. It sucked!!! So I will start all over and give it a go. 

The Ku'damm yesterday ^

Cramming Christmas down the Berliners throats ^

It is FREEEEZING in Berlin right now by the way