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So my US passport is about to expire and the embassy closes at noon, so I figured going to get a new passport right after landing in Berlin, while I still have jet lag (I get up ridiculously early the first few days back in Berlin) I should take advantage and do productive early morning things while I still can. 

I rushed to embassy expecting a huge line but I was the ONLY one there. They pointed me to the photo-machine and I crammed in there and took this picture above left. I wore a Beatles shirt, but sadly you can't see the logo in the pic. I put this pic on Facebook and a friend decided to help me out and put the Beatles pin into the picture for me, so sweet! Too late for the passport though, as it is already shipped off for processing with the pic from the left. I look so pale like a vampire. Guess my friend added some color to me out of sympathy haha.


US Embassy, Clayallee, Berlin ^

WOW!! This empty eerie lot ^ was once the American PX. I worked there in the shoe department in 1990 when I first moved to Berlin (I moved to Berlin October 1989 actually, right before the wall came down). I only lasted 6 months in the PX as I was in charge of Men's Athletic shoes. Which meant all of my customers were soldiers, as the PX was ONLY for the armed forces. So the British, French and American soldiers all came to me for help finding shoes. I loved it, but the Army wives HATED ME and complained EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY about my clothes: "her navel button is showing!" or "shirt is too tight" "jeans too tight" "shirt too short" etc. They tried sooooo hard to get me fired, even though I increased sales by 30%. I was fired. Fuck them. I hate the military way of thinking anyways. They did me a favor as I tried extra hard to learn German and did so and could finally do massages in German clinics. Movin' on up! What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, baby. These pics were taken with my blackberry, hence the quality..


Paul McCartney is in town OMFG!! I bought a ticket for 250 euro, we shall see what happens. I don't want to jinx anything. I am so happy to have space again, as the apartment in NYC is too fucking small and crowded, it is seriously doing my head in!!! I NEED SPACE DAMMIT!!!

I decided I will start writing my book (again) this Christmas. I will hopefully have some "free" time and start pounding away at the keyboards and see what happens. Yes I brought out a book in 1999, but it was in German and 99% of my humor and personal touch was missing. It sucked!!! So I will start all over and give it a go. 

The Ku'damm yesterday ^

Cramming Christmas down the Berliners throats ^

It is FREEEEZING in Berlin right now by the way



Massage in Paris, France

Please email me at: and put Rebekah/Paris in the subject line to reach me directly


Rebekah: New York State Licensed massage therapist since 1997, Shiatsu practitioner, other massage modalities; myofascial, sports/dance/performer injury, tui na and craniosacral. Also a reiki master, previously:teacher at New York College – medical massage and Swedish massage. Activities include martial arts and teaching/practicing yoga. Currently reside in Paris, France.


Watch the new video for RADIATION here:

Hi Folks

Andre' Cholmondeley here , from Project/Object, Adrian Belew Tours and more…….

I am proud to be doing some work for and with another of my all time favorite musicians/composers….I'm running Show Production for this one-night tour for  none other than EDDIE JOBSON, the violinist/keyboardist. Many of you first heard Eddie's work with King Crimson or, like me,  when I was 16 in a dorm room at Rutgers University, 1981…on ZAPPA IN NEW YORK….

Eddie is making his first return to the stage with his own music after almost 28 years (!!). He's been VERY busy in music — running a record company, producing, and scoring TV shows like Nash Bridges (100+ episodes), TV commercials, movies, etc. When he came off the road from the Jethro Tull Tour in 1981, he has not performed live except for a Bach Tribute with Tull in 1985, and the "Concert For Peace" and Moscow concert in Aug/Sep 2008. You may have read my  blogs from those events….

Spread the word on this historic show!!! If you are ANYWHERE near NYC , do not miss this!! The opening act (Tony Levin's new band!) will also be making their US premiere (read on). With people flying in from England, Europe, South Africa, all around the USA……you have no excuse!!!

Thanks! – Andre'

Watch the new video for RADIATION here:


For interviews, CDs, review tickets and further press info …

Contact: Randy Alexander, Randex Communications (856) 596-1410 or

Online press kit with downloadable jpegs at









UKZ Debut EP, RADIATION, to follow in March via Ryko Distribution


Watch the new video for RADIATION here:


“The word ‘genius’ is bandied about a bit too freely these days, but in Jobson’s case, the term not only applies, it’s been used to describe him since his northern England childhood.” – EMMY Magazine


NEW YORK (Jan. 7, 2009) — Keyboard and electric-violin legend EDDIE JOBSON (U.K., Roxy Music, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull) is returning in grand style from a self-imposed 27-year retirement to introduce UKZ, his new “Virtual Virtuoso” supergroup, with a world debut concert exclusive in New York City.


 Anticipated by Ticket News as “one of contemporary music’s iconic performances” and attracting concertgoers from around the world, UKZ will begin and end its “One City World Tour” on Saturday, Jan. 24 at Town Hall, 123 W. 43rd St., NYC. Show time is 8 p.m. This rare concert event also will feature the U.S.debut of special guests Stick Men, featuring King Crimson’s Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto. Tickets are $125, $95, $85 & $60 and on sale NOW through Ticketmaster at For info, call the box office at 212.840.2824 or visit


In a state-of-the-art display of masterful musicianship that elevates the spirit of progressive music to the modern demands of younger new audiences, UKZ will be premiering compositions from its upcoming debut EP, RADIATION, set for release March 24 via Ryko Distribution. UKZ’s updated sound infuses the industrial edge and rhythmic aggression of bands from Tool to Nine Inch Nails, and it’s exemplified in the seven-minute video for the title track, which already has received over 5,000 hits in its first week on YouTube.


“New directions excite me,” says Jobson, “I decided a year-and-a-half ago that I still had more to say in the rock arena, and that the internet had allowed every aspect of that _expression to be approached in a new way. Everything with this band project has been self-produced, independent of the music-business machine.  I have created a real ‘player’ band of virtuosos and I am taking it straight to the people.”


A classically trained progressive-rock icon, Jobson assembled UKZ virtually by auditioning performances on YouTube. The result is a multi-generational “dream band” of world-class improvisers from all parts of the globe whose members are: Trey Gunn (American, a 10-year veteran of King Crimson and the leading exponent of the Warr 10-string touch guitar), Aaron Lippert (Belgian, former lead singer of Expanding Man), Alex Machacek (Austrian guitar prodigy, also in TERRY BOZZIO's OUT TRIO), and Marco Minnemann (German drum sensation, in several projects including with MIKE KENEALLY), with Eddie Jobson of course hailing from England/UK..


Jobson has spent much of his time away from band activity creating music for film and television. He’s been an integral contributor to movie and TV soundtracks, and also has earned several Clio awards for his commercial compositions. 


More recently, he’s been the driving force behind the Bulgarian Women’s Choir, which he began working with 13 years ago while exploring new sounds for a reunion of U.K., the influential British supergroup. Jobson also runs Globe Media Arts, a music/video production company, music publishing company, and online store, including two indie labels for advanced musicians, Globe Music and Glo Digital.


“I have spent my life looking for new musical challenges,” he says. “The latest is in taking on the challenge of creating a truly contemporary rock environment for some of the world’s best players to exhibit their craft, while maintaining some level of accessibility.  So far, I am pleased with the results and I am looking forward to returning to live performance to share those results with fans from around the globe, in New York City — the capital of the world.  My hope is to move things forward — at least a little bit.”


Happy Independence Day

The 4th of July and Thanksgiving are the hardest days for an American living in Berlin (or anywhere in Europe for that matter) because no one gives a FUCK about those two holidays anywhere but America. Yanks tend to flock together on those two Holidays whilst abroad. It's pissing down cold rain today through a very gray sky and although Motorhead is playing (at an outside gig) tonight, I will probably just avoid too many outdoor activities "When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads, ya might as well be dead, when the rain comes, when the raaaaaaaaaain comes".

I have an interview with a journalist for German VOGUE anyways and would rather just sit with her over a cup of tea in one of hundreds of lovely cafes around my area after I have a well sheltered jog (hat, rain coat, etc). The Hard Rock Cafe is always fun on the 4th and Turkey day, but oh, so many tourist cram in there.. No barbeque's going on that I know of, sigh. Wish I was floating down the Chattanooga River in Georgia in a big inflated tire tube sipping a beverage with the Leckners in the Sun. THAT is my idea of a good 4th of July.


Berlin, baby

Sooooooooooooo, back in Berlin. The flight, as predicted, killed my ears and throat. Whine ,whine, whine. I know. Since I have been back, I have been going to bed at 7pm and getting up at 6 am. Can't seem to stop this insanity, but I am sure once I get better and go for a late night of karaoke, this early morning crap will be cured. I sit here for hours working online, thinking to myself, what do people do this early in the morning? I feel like I have too much time on my hands and all of my friends are still sleeping.

Simon, of American Idol/X-Factor Fame has been in touch and I will hopefully be massaging him again soon. Ditto with Joe Jackson, Harry Connick Jr.  and Rod Stewart and his entourage. Finally Harry will be able to get a massage from me personally. He has been using my team for ages but has yet to meet the Doctor. He even spoke about my team on stage one night on his tour, saying how much he loves Dr. Dot's massage team. He will freak when he gets a massage from me, he ain't seen nothin' yet Wink

The guilt of not blogging has been rather strong, sorry about that. I went to my local Ear, Nose, Throat doctor yesterday here in Berlin, just to see how things were in my throat and hear a different opinion and this Berliner bases Doctor freaked out when she looked in my throat, thus spreading panic into me. She said (all in German of course) that the Americans butchered me, that there is still lots of left over tissue he (my USA based ENT Dr. ) "forgot" and that I am bound to have many more tonsil related problems as there is still left over tonsils lurking about in my throat. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, when I told her I was home 2 hours after the operation, she turned a nice shade of maroon with rage. She didn't believe me and when I convinced her she was still irate and slagging off the American health care routines. She told me in Germany you have to stay "AT LEAST" one week in the hospital after such an operation. Not so in the USA, where they ask you to leave as soon as you wake from the anesthesia. Buh Bye they say as they shove you out the door…. "don't call us, we will call you".

The pro's and con's between the USA and Germany have been taunting me for 18+ years now, I am  a Libra and have trouble making up my mind about every thing, so this is driving me batty. "Should I stay or should I go now?" runs through my head all the time. So afraid of making the wrong choice, that I make none and continue to live two lives, spreading myself thin. Naturally there are pro's to this situation, otherwise I wouldn't keep doing it. Hard to get bored if you keep moving "I don't know but I've been told, you never slow down, you never grow old" a quote from a very underrated Tom Petty..

So before I left, as you may know, I went to see Steve Vai and had fun hanging out with him. Somehow we got to talking about Farts, as  you do, and he said "Farts are like God's little joke on us". So I went online and ordered him a fart machine. I sent it express mail up to Christin, my friend and also the worlds biggest Vai fan. They are pals, Steve always makes time for her, so she is not just a fan. Anyways, they met at a local Starbucks in Boston before the show, and she gave him my fart machine.  

Steve & Christin ^  – Steve opening my Fart Machine  Laughing

Anyways, Jasmine returns tomorrow from Italy (she has been studying Italian in Bologna). I can't wait to give her mad hugs and kisses, yay!

Gotta run, things to do..ttyl

Tonsillectomy day 6

Today is day 6 after surgery and I didn't sleep but one hour last "night" thanks to ear and throat pain. I can't get comfortable… Some people will enjoy reading about this, not many, but some. Probably people thinking of getting the same operation or people who have suffered through it.

I had Catherine drag me to my Doctor 3 days after surgery and asked him to look at me, if it was normal to be throwing up so much etc. I had to wait about an hour in the waiting room, ready to keel over, looking rather light green. Finally he had time for us, Catherine being my voice. He was bitchy at us, like how DARE we question him, that all this was normal. I can not believe they fucking send people HOME two hours after such an operation. Even if you give birth in the usa, they send you home that day. That sounds ok if all goes well, but it seems they want to keep ya movin' in this country.

I am DYING to get my hands on Michael Moore's new dvd, think it's called Sicko. All about how fucked up the health care system is in the great ol' USA. The government can afford $10,000 per minute (or isn't it per second even? ) on arms, but god forbid if you stay over night at the hospital. Anyhow, my Doctor was irate that we asked him for anti-vomit nausea tablets. He said he has never written a prescription for them, ever.

Thing is, if you can't eat and barely drink, your belly is bare. You pump pain killers and antibiotics into it, and it's not a pretty sight; you will blow chunks and you don't really want to be puking if your throat is so tender from just being gutted, now do you?

I feel for everyone who has ever had this shit done.. my heart goes out to you, as I know, it is hell. I am up, since over 30 hours now, can't sleep… just passing time until it heals.. sounds counterproductive I know…

Simon Cowell (American Idol) called last night to say "Hi". That really made my night. I could barely talk but he could hear me. He said it (the operation) shouldn't change my singing voice. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! What a nice guy huh?

I guess I have to back out of going to see Guitar god Steve Vai in Manhattan tomorrow (well, today now, the 25th). I just couldn't enjoy myself, what if I bumped into someone or vice versa and my throat started bleeding? I couldn't have fun, no 🙁

HOPEFULLY I will make it to the show on the 28th in NJ. Trying for that, really I am.  Oh, I finally gave into the call of Haagen Daas, and it felt great. I don't suggest it the first 3 or 4 days, as it clings too much to the throat. But after, it is a treat to try some 🙂

ps. the old fashioned instructions the Hospital gave me to take home says "after 36 hours, you can begin a soft diet: soup, gelatine, flan, APPLE PIE"  wtf!? Let me ram some PIE down my delicate bloody, well, pie hole. NOT. 

Thank you Philly, PA for showing me another great time x

  Me- sleep deprived forgot to cut the music clip from “Philly Part 1” so the music goes on 3 minutes longer than the freakin’ video footage. Oh well, at least it’s a great song.   

 I told my uncle Jack that for some strange reason, I felt ‘at home in Philly. He said “probably because when your Mother was young, Philly was her stomping grounds, her play ground for raising extreme amounts of hell”. My Mom was born in Camden, NJ and even though I hear it’s a shit hole now, it was apparently great back then.

I was asked to go to Philly to massage Mr. Simon Cowell, who is on the American Idol audition tour. I left NYC around 2am and Pooh and I got there at 3:55 am. Last time I was in that area, well, Camden, to massage Sting, it took me SIX HOURS because of traffic, so I learned one should never attempt that route in the day time, if in a hurry.  

Had a wonderful sleep on the floor of my Four Seasons Hotel room floor. The bed was as soft as Hugh Hefner’s balls. They need to invest in some new mattresses. I prefer the floor anyways. 

I find the Philly accent so amusing. Especially the way the say “Coffee”. I pretend I didn’t hear them and make them repeat it over and over again. It’s hilarious. It’s like “Cawfee”

Danny, my ‘Boken buddy, reminded me that FET my top friend from myspace lives in Philly, so we finally got to meet and make some cheeky pics & videos. 

Don’t let him fool you, there is Beer in that there jug ^  Cool

Fet and I had a BLAST from the moment we met. He is a good laugh and has a good heart. 

I didn’t know which way to point my camera, there was so much action, so many sights and things to gawk at..

People are STARVING and yet us American’s still invent and drive these obscene gas guzzlers that destroy the Ozone at an alarming rate, just to show off and be “cool”. Yell

I am at a loss for words….

 Doesn’t that look like a beautiful day to you? LOVED it.


This is where the naughty behavior started; the statues were oh so inviting.

 “Ride ’em in RAWHIDE!” 

  < A gift from Danny

Danny insisted I give Simon these silly collectors card, which pokes fun at him. I wasn’t sure how he would act, but I love to push people’s buttons, so I handed it to him and he just laughed. Simon and I chatted for a half hour before I started the massage, I guess so he could get some insight as to what I was like as a person. After a while he realized that I was extremely cheeky, very sarcastic indeed and he said “wow, and I thought I was mean. Dr. Dot you should be on my show; you would even make ME look nice”

Ahh, music to my ears. Heh heh. Yes, I am MEAN. Love it! The Grinch all year long in fact.

Anyways, Simon even posed with the silly card, as you can see below. He is so fucking cool. Some celebs are stuck up or stuck on themselves and refuse to pose and some even snicker at giving an autograph, but Simon was fine with me taking his pic and signing an autograph for me. What a sweet heart.  

Danny is over the moon about this ^ fyi

You can tell he is a nice guy by his smiling eyes..

I STILL can’t figure out the f*cking self timer on my camer, so I took this one with my left hand ^

I don’t have a scanner here, so I had to photograph it ^ Doh! 

 He is for sure one of my favorite clients now. SUPER polite and generous; an English gentleman. 

Typical situation here ^ All bed clothes on the floor, where I sleep, and Pooh close to my heart (I have had him over 20 years & can not sleep without him)


 work, work, work, it never ends  ^  and since I LOVE what I do, it doesn’t feel like work.


On my way back up to NYC, one has to pass through Cherry Hill, NJ and I was speeding along, on the phone when this guy above, caught my eye. I nearly caused a major car crash by zipping over a couple lanes of traffic at full speed as not to miss the street closest to this amusing Diner. I even went up a one way street, the wrong way and pulled an illegal u-turn to get into the parking lot. 

This is one of those old fashioned diners, where the people still eat in their cars. ^  I couldn’t BELIEVE it. That old couple couldn’t believe that I have never seen one before.

 The Elvis impersonator was out there, alone, with a TINY boom box and an Elvis cd, singing away, to NO ONE. He was so sweet to perform for me and pose. I gave him a massive tip and a hug.  It was around 90 degrees out that day, so he must have been sweating his great balls of fire off in that red polyester jumpsuit. Poor fella. The stuff I come across is so bizarre, I am So happy I have my camera on me at ALL times now a days. Wish I did that when I followed the Grateful Dead. That was a nonstop freak show. I was too care free to carry a camera or a cell phone or even a beeper. If it didn’t fit in my back pack, it didn’t come with me (and yes, Pooh was there with me too). 

It was so fun to meet the photo-shop King in person (Fet). Look at the funny things he makes me ^

ps. The Elvis impersonator can be contacted at:
and/or 1-856- 665- 2249


Super excited about the fact that Simon Cowell of American Idol has been using my team for massages. Yay! The word on the team is he is super nice, polite and generous. Our team rules.