Massage in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA

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Hello my name is Jenny, I live in Northwest Iowa in Fort Dodge, the Des Moines River runs right through it. We also host the high school State softball tournaments in Iowa.


   I have been a Massage Therapist since 2005. I take great pride in my clientele base, ranging from deep tissue, stretching, repetitive use therapies and reflexology. With very little “fluff” in my technique. My passion and dedication has driven me to be the best massage therapist that Northwest Iowa has to offer, (my opinion) With my continuing education in Repetitive Use Injury Therapy, Stretching and Massage, Injuries of the knee and ankle, Reflexology, and of course Swedish and relaxation. I have learned early to maximize relationships with my clients to understand their needs. By using my experience, continuing education, and passion I have helped them feel like a younger and newer them. I love my job and love helping people get out of pain!


   When I am not massaging I love to travel, scuba dive (yes there are places for this in Iowa) lifting weights, bike riding, and playing with my spoiled baby at the dog park, Tyra, an English Springer Spaniel.