The Squirrel Highway

SO HAPPY to be back home in the USA, I LOVE NYC! Since I have been back from Berlin (not even a week) the sun has been shining every day but one. SUPER warm, breezy, gorgeous!!!! Great to be back around smiling, happy people (you may call them superficial, I call them HAPPY and easy to relate to). I regret staying an extra week in Berlin. 3 weeks was enough, but no, I had to push it and change flight and stay another week. NEVER again. Always stick to the plan or Murphy's Law kicks in and pisses on your parade. 

I am laying on my deck today and FINALLY I got some good shots of the Squirrel Highway in motion. They are so f-ing cute I just wanna snuggle them!!!





Massaging the SCRIPT in NYC


 Obviously I didn't take this picture myself, I just borrowed it for my blog πŸ˜‰ 


 Singer ^ Danny O'Donaghue said he really enjoyed the Deep Tissue massage I gave him. He said it was "the best massage I've ever had in my life!". Not bragging, but I hear this from everyone I massage yet each time it still makes me feel happy, grateful and content. 


The Irish band The Script are in the USA on tour and have already been on the TV shows 'Ellen', 'MTV total request live' and 'The David Letterman show', all in one week! They are really on their way up to the top. I thought to myself, while in their company with all the buzz around them, this is what it may have felt like for the Beatles on their first ever US tour. Not to that extreme, but I could sense they are about to explode into the BIG time over here in the USA. They also spend most of their time in hotel rooms as they have been touring non stop for the last 2 years, which is really hard on a person. I toured a couple times with bands and it is HELL on the body. Irregular sleeping habits, eating habits, different beds every night, people around you wanting to party every day and night- and I can only imagine how hard it must be to always be away from friends and loved ones for touring artist. They must feel lonely in the hotel rooms. Everyone around them being overly friendly and kind, superficial, always wanting something from them. 

 (read their Biography  HERE )


During his 2 hour massage, his iTunes were on shuffle and lots of lovely music was coming out of it. A few songs that came on were completely new to me. They sounded great and the singer sounded a bit like Stevie Wonder. I asked him "who's this?" and he said, humbly "this is us". I was like WHAT!!???? They sound great! When I told a couple friends I was on my way to massage the Script on the first night, they told me "oh, the boy band from Ireland" – so I was expecting a Back Street Boy situation, you know, lots of dancing, rather tedious music but I was very pleasantly surprised to see them, hear them, meet them. My friends were wrong. They ARE a band from Ireland and they ARE male and do have thousands of screaming females at their shows but that is all they have in common with boy bands. They write ALL of their own lyrics and music, just three members in the band (as I said, the bassist is a touring bass player). They don't wear matching costumes on stage and/or dance like 'Dancing Fools', they are fantastic. They opened for Paul McCartney on one whole tour (ugh!! jealous!!). They all praised Paul and said how nice he was to them etc. Swoon. 

Guitarist Mark Sheehan got a massage from my assistant Michelle. I will give him a beating personally next time though πŸ™‚ haha


Fame is not as wonderful as one may think it. I have been around famous people most of my life and most seem trapped by their fame. Isolation and panic are always present. I feel for these folks. The least I can do is make them feel good with the best massage I can possibly give them. That is exactly what I did for the Script. I know they will never forget my hands of steel. The bassist was a bit afraid of my hands haha, as he heard how strong they were, but I showed him that I adjust my strength according to whom I am massaging and how their muscles feel to me. The bassist, Ben Sargeant , from the UK,  is a touring (and studio sometimes?) member for the band, not a core member. He is a sweety-pie too. They all are. In fact my fucking face hurt from laughing after being around them. 


Ben the bassist ^


They are all so down to earth and ALL have their heads on straight; no bullshit. They are very driven, honest, HUMBLE and just plain fucking NICE. They are fun, hilarious yet not sarcastic or mean (like some up and coming bands I have met in the past). They are NOT letting success go to their heads. None of them seem to have a vain bone in their body, just plain cool. Their Mom's did a good job raising these guys, that is for SURE. Their tour manager (not mentioning his name even though he is a close friend) keeps things running super smooth too, they are on a roll!



 Glen Power, the drummer ^ 




I really sound like a walking add now for the Script lol. If I didn't like them or if they were pricks to me I would surely write about it, but I only have nice things and thoughts about these guys.  I just have a feeling they will be the next U2. But not as Pompus as Bono, haha. Snap!

If they are heading to your area, check them out, then  you will see what I mean:


Nov 19 2009 Peoria Civic Center       Peoria, Illinois
Nov 20 2009 Horseshoe Southern Indiana     Elizabeth, Indiana
Nov 22 2009 Mercy              Nashville, Tennessee
Nov 23 2009 Tabernacle         Atlanta, Georgia 
Nov 24 2009 Saenger Theatre            Mobile, Alabama
Nov 27 2009 Mahaffey Theater         St. Petersburg, Florida
Nov 28 2009 Hard Rock Live            Orlando, Florida
Nov 29 2009 Nova Southeastern University              Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Dec 1 2009 The Fillmore        Charlotte, North Carolina
Dec 2 2009 Constant Convocation Center @ Old Dominion   Norfolk, Virginia
Dec 4 2009 House of Blues Boston, Massachusetts
Dec 5 2009 TLA       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec 6 2009 Terminal 5          New York, New York

The Happy Mondays on tour again (playing in NYC this Friday)

My old pals the Happy Mondays are back and I love them more than ever. Check them out on tour:


Oct 9 2009           Roseland Ballroom                           New York, New York

Oct 10 2009         House of Blues                  Boston, Massachusetts

Oct 12 2009         Newport Music Hall                        Columbus, Ohio

Oct 13 2009         Royal Oak Music Theatre                              Detriot, Michigan
Oct 14 2009         Koolhaus                             Toronto, Ontario
Oct 15 2009         Olympia de Montreal                     Montreal, Quebec


Massage in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA

 Email me at and put "Jenny/Iowa" in the subject line to reach me fastest. 




Hello my name is Jenny, I live in Northwest Iowa in Fort Dodge, the Des Moines River runs right through it. We also host the high school State softball tournaments in Iowa.


   I have been a Massage Therapist since 2005. I take great pride in my clientele base, ranging from deep tissue, stretching, repetitive use therapies and reflexology. With very little “fluff” in my technique. My passion and dedication has driven me to be the best massage therapist that Northwest Iowa has to offer, (my opinion) With my continuing education in Repetitive Use Injury Therapy, Stretching and Massage, Injuries of the knee and ankle, Reflexology, and of course Swedish and relaxation. I have learned early to maximize relationships with my clients to understand their needs. By using my experience, continuing education, and passion I have helped them feel like a younger and newer them. I love my job and love helping people get out of pain!


   When I am not massaging I love to travel, scuba dive (yes there are places for this in Iowa) lifting weights, bike riding, and playing with my spoiled baby at the dog park, Tyra, an English Springer Spaniel.



What happened to the band ‘Happy Head’? I love their song “Baby USA”

a tiny piece of america
nearly blew me apart
driving on the wrong side
of my english heart
i found myself caught in mid-stream
i had a dream of a brand-new start

phone lines lie across the atlantic
i guess it's time to fly trans-romantic

are you lonesome Baby usa?
i heard you cry 3,000 miles away
go west young man you said
and i was on my way
don't shoot-i love you baby usa

once upon a time my world
was an open book
the pages turned but i stayed put
now like a pilgrim on
plymouth sound
i'm america bound hand and foot

that's the pull of love's

a continental drift in my direction
a yellow cab from here to eternity
a fifty-floor building points
to all things heavenly
down the roots of high anxiety
there's just another story
from the naked city

don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa


Lyrics by Happy Head

Chiropractor in Milwaukee Wisconsin


Hi – My name is Dr. Tim and I'm ready to help you feel like a new person! I've been a licensed chiropractor for 15 years and have practiced in the Milwaukee/Madison area since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic. I first became interested in chiropractic care as a teenager when our family chiropractor helped me get back on the football field after an injury.

Touring and traveling can take a toll on your body and spirit. Chiropractic care can help restore your energy and relieve pain fast.

I am licensed in both chiropractic care and nutrition in Wisconsin. I practice both regular and light-force adjustment techniques which are safe, effective and comfortable. In addition to aligning the spine and removing subluxations, I also work on headaches of all types and extremities like shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, knees, and ankles. I am trained in several techniques like Applied Kinesiology, Gonstead, Palmer Package, and Trigger Point Therapy allowing me to tailor your treatment to your specific need.

I have experience working on professional sports athletes from the Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Brewers and know how important it is to get people back to a peak performance level.

Whether you are in Milwaukee for a concert, meeting or event, email me today to help you feel better and relieve pain: and write "Dr. Tim/Wisconsin" in the subject line please. 

Massage in Raleigh, North Carolina


Meet Rae, the newest member to the Dr. Dot massage team down South:


"Having a chance to blend 2 of my biggest passions is a dream come true, and I am ecstatic to be on Dr. Dot’s team!!  
I was raised by hippie parents on all the right music—Beatles, Zeppelin, Moody Blues, etc.  Today you can find everything from Aimee Mann to James Brown to U2 in my collection.  I am a music fiend!  Much of my youth was spent watching MTV (when they still played music), and I mastered every Janet Jackson routine and Motley Crue drumbeat there was.  I decided early on that I was going to either be a rock star, or marry one.  

The night I met my husband, he was playing guitar onstage.  Trying to impress him, I offered to massage his hands, even though I had no training.  I guess I did well, since we’re still together!  Soon after we met, I chose to leave social work behind for massage school.  My first day, a fellow student let me practice on her.  She told me it felt like I’d already been doing massage for years, and I knew then I had found my calling.  I spent the next 18 months learning massage, yoga, reiki, and anything else I could get my hands on.  

Looking back, it now seems obvious I was meant to do healing work.  Growing up in an affectionate family taught me power of touch, and it seems from an early age I had a natural gift of intuition.  Using massage and energy work enabled me to heal my body and mind when I developed problems that doctors and medications couldn’t fix.  Now I live a full life without any meds, not even a multivitamin!  It is so important to me to continue sharing this gift with others, to help them take charge of their health.  

My approach is intuitively and holistically based, treating your whole being.  I consider myself a channel, working where my hands are guided.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs, and I can provide anything from a soothing Swedish to an intense Trigger Point session.  If you need healing and I’m not available in person, I can send you Reiki as well.  

Chances are, I’ll be at your show anyway, so it would be an honor to have you book me:  (put "for CHANDRA/NC" in subject line).


Thanks, Rae"

Gas prices (still higher here in Germany)

I am STILL mad that Al Gore didn't win. I voted for Al! Bush won and as you can see, America has gone down the fucking toilet since then. Everyone I know has financial problems now. It is so sad. I hope NOW America finally wakes up and sees how much of an idiot he is (who the FUCK voted for him anyways!? I do not know ONE person that voted for Bush. NOT ONE). He didn't even really WIN, it was fixed!! The whole voting circus is just a SCAM. People only listen when they get hit in their wallet I guess. I mean, I watch the news online every day and I have to laugh at how shocked America is about having to conserve. "Oh my GOD, we have to conserve! We have to walk, we have to shut the lights off, we have to recycle, we have to build smaller houses and drive smaller cars!". NO FUCKING SHIT! Welcome to REALITY. I mean, no wonder the whole world hates us so much. We waste soooooooo much energy. It's not fair to the rest of the world. Air conditioners, clothes dryers, omg, don't even get me started.


When I visit family down in Georgia, they tell me they don't recycle because it isn't available out there. Hello? The Government needs to get off their fat lazy asses and sort things out. Instead of spending more than $10,000 per SECOND on arms, they should be figuring out ways to run cars on solar energy and how to make sure EVERY town in the USA recycles. RECYCLE OR DIE. Polar bears will become extinct, floods, fires; the world is going mad because of the greenhouse effect/global warming. American's need to VOTE. Get involved, protest like they do in Europe. If I had my way, Al Gore would be president and Michael Moore would be Vice President. That is just MY dream. We all dream. That's mine. 


Just want to say, America whines about gas costing $4.50 per gallon. Hello! Europe has been paying LOADS more for years already. LOADS! Right now in Berlin, a LITER (4 liters to a Gallon folks) cost  1.60 euro.  1 Euro = 1.5853 U.S. dollars. So one GALLON of gas over here cost about 6.40 EUROS! 6.40 Euros = $10.12


Ok folks? In Germany, a Gallon of gas cost $10.12. This is not new. It's always been extremely expensive, that is why they drive smaller cars here. They use less gas. Less energy. It cost even more in the UK. So please, stop whining and learn to conserve.