Massage in Los Angeles California ( a little Rock and Roll Royalty here)

If  you want to book me, email me at: and put "Julian/LA" in the subject line. 

 My Name is Julian Vai, and I live in Los Angeles, California where I enjoy practicing massage therapy. I discovered that I have a unique talent for being intuitively aware of the needs of a tattered body, and applying the right touch for its rejuvenation. I attended Kripalu in Massachusetts as well as the National Holistic Institute in California, where I attained over 1300 hours of massage therapy training.

I am now attending Santa Barbra City College and plan to become a chiropractor. I always had a passion for the healing arts and am now ready to explore deeper therapy for the whole being.
When not massaging my guilty pleasure is being a computer nerd who browsing the internet for hours, listening to music and seeking interesting people. I also love traveling and have recently logged 13,000 miles over a 4 month trek throughout the USA and Canada.

My dad  is a musician (Steve Vai) so I am  accustomed to chilling out back stage and know when to get out of the way. I understand people are busy and need the maximum benefit from their massage and that’s what I love doing.

I specialize in deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and happiness. I am thrilled to be working for Dr.Dot because she rocks hard. I auditioned with Dot personally in NJ and after two hours of my massage, she didn't want me to stop. She said it was one of the best massages she has ever had. 

She sent me on my first gig already and I massaged the singer of Judas Priest. He LOVED my hands so I am confident you too will enjoy my massage.