24 hour Massage in Manhattan

Email me at: info@drdot.com and write “Amanda/NYC” in the subject line to reach me faster

Hi, my name is Amanda.  I currently live in NYC, and love it!  Massage, music, ceramics, photo, and rhythmicity, have led to where I am today.  Music is my life, it has been a lifelong passion that has given me strength, wisdom, and balance. My current passion is massage, I love helping people release energy, relax, and let their mind and body be uplifted.  I tailor each massage towards your individual needs by using multiple modalities.   These include:

-Circulatory Swedish

-Deep Tissue

-Trigger Point Therapy


-Lomi Lomi

-Table Thai

-Hand, Foot, and Scalp

Combined they improve blood flow throughout the body, release tight muscles, reduce swelling, provide physical and emotional support, and relieve tension and release toxins through the deep muscle layers. I am a professional and compassionate healer who offers an intuitive, deeply healing massage. Next time you need a massage in the NYC area, call Doctor Dot and book an appointment with Amanda.