“I kissed a girl and I liked it” (Katy Perry packs the Fillmore in NYC)

I only knew THAT Katy Perry song until last night when I was backstage massaging at her concert. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her show is very rock and roll. She has a going ON! Young, hot, sexy, cheeky and a voice that will bring her really far in the music biz. I sat in her dressing room and couldn't help but watch her get undressed, dressed and undressed and dressed again (I was trying NOT to look but the room was too small to swing a cat it and she is NOT shy). I thought to myself, how many men would DROLL watching this scene here?

She, her super tight band and whole entourage have been using the Dr. Dot team for massages for months now and I finally got to meet them all. It is so cute how there is always one manager who introduces me to everyone that walks in “This is Dr. Dot, you know THE Dr. Dot, the one who runs the whole shebang, the whole team, the guru!” Everyone is always so nice to me after such an intro. Naturally I show them what all the hype is about by whipping out my oil holster and getting down to business by rubbing everyone down with gusto. By the way, I am not sugar coating things here, the whole entourage are super friendly and helpful. Very cool bunch.