Kid “ROCKS” New York City

It is 9:30 am and I am STILL UP! NYC is sucking all the juice and energy out of me but I am getting a lot done. Too much I guess. I don’t have the time/energy to write a full blog right now, but Kid Rock was in town because he sang with the Allman brothers Friday night at the Beacon Theater. He texted me the next morning for a massage. I was fast asleep but got back to him a bit later as you can see below. What a HILARIOUS guy he is. OMFG. Down to earth, generous, polite and funny as FUCK. Anyhow, I will try to write more soon, but I have to get my ass to bed.

ps. My German cell has only rang twice since I have been here. When I land in Berlin, it taakes a couple WEEKS to get back into the loop, get my friends and clients going again. In NYC, I am not even out of the fucking plane and my blackberry is practically on fire from too many calls, texts, emails. I am immediately back in the loop/swing of things. Clearly the best place for me to be for my career/business is NYC. I do love Berlin too, but omg, I will never decide. going to bed for real this time. Surprised